What To Do With The Klan Ibrox ?

Shame Of Klan Ibrox

Scotlands Shame Klan Ibrox
Scotlands Shame Klan Ibrox
Klan Ibrox went into overdrive yesterday in their pathetic obsession of trying to show the wonderful Celtic support in a negative light.
It all started off early in the day when news filtered through that the Sevco super bus had been burned to the ground. Immediately the Klan Ibrox a collection of right wing fascist pavement pirates swung into action. Regardless of the fact that this was a large fire at a bus depot the hoards decided it was a sectarian attack. At this point they openly called on the media to report it as such.
Now I don’t know if I’m missing something here, how do you determine the religion of a bus ? Do you ask it ‘what Garage do you go to’ ? As suggested yesterday on twitter. So right from the off we have a demonstration of sheer ignorance from people who should really read a dictionary.
All in all that was really fun the super duper bus was no more. More to the point thankfully  no one including the members of the fire service were killed or injured. Who knows what was behind the fire, that’s now down to the Police.
Sadly as the day went on Klan Ibrox decided to shame themselves by inventing disgusting lies about Celtic fans in Brentford gleefully singing despicable songs about Lee Rigby. As the day went on this nonsense was consuming most of my timeline of Twitter. One so called ‘Celtic fan’ claimed to have a video of about 40 Celtic supporters belting out a song about Drummer Rigby outside the New Inn, Brentford but for some reason refused to share it. I’ll tell you what If I had witnessed something like that I would have plastered it all over social media and shamed those who brought shame on our support.
I decided to do some investigating and could not find one other Celtic fan who was at the New Inn to corroborate the claim made by the ‘Celtic fan’. Eventually I got this on my timeline.rigby tweet
Now this is something I’m more inclined to believe is closer to the truth. Also it flags up two important messages. 1. We as a support need to be constantly vigilant. 2. It demonstrates once again the great level of ‘self policing’ within our support that has contributed to the fantastic admiration we are held in. It would be naive and quite frankly stupid for us to believe that every member of our support were whiter than white, there for we must tackle idiots within our own ranks. Even if it is just a few.
The main question I would like to raise here is; Who is worse, the idiots who would sing derogatory songs or the Klan who would use a innocent man’s murder to point score over their rivals? Both are as bad as each other but one is certainly more sinister and morally repugnant.
What kind of lowlife ‘associate’ members of the human race would use the death of someone as a means of slandering other football fans great reputation ? Here’s  a hint. The type that would use the sexual abuse of innocents to attempt to smear the name of a great man and a club. Indeed Klan Ibrox know no depth of depravity. They don’t care about the victims of child abuse and they certainly don’t care about the feelings of Drummer Rigby’s family. To use the mans name in such a vile way is morally indefensible. But hey, who said they had any morals ?
Congratulations to all our support who did the club and us fans proud again yesterday. We’ll take no lectures from Scotlands shame.
Hail, Hail, oh and lest we forget:

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  1. When the announcer at the end said that the old man was grabbed by the cubicles I could feel his pain so to speak, the legacy of the ‘Carry on Films’ lives on. Ooh er missus. Finbar Saunders ‘fnar fnar’ and his double entendres. Do they still print Viz.

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