New Sports Radio. Will it be more of the same ?

eklipse FM new sports radio
Something New, or more of the same ?
Delighted to see that Central Scotland will soon be getting a new independent radio station. The new station called Eklipse Sports Radio is to be available on DAB and online. The station will broadcast 24/7 and will cover the Central belt and launches next month.
The big question is : When commenting on football will the new sports radio station be free from the shackles of Sevco and Jack Irvine ?
The football shows that we are currently served with are nothing but mouthpieces for Sevco with ‘pundits’ being bought and paid for by the promise of scraps from Media House and the Sevco table.
The new station has a great chance to break with the tradition of succulent pundits and offer a fresh service that will finally give football fans what they want, open and truthful debate and news free from ‘interference’ of the Sevconian kind.
We wish Eklipse Sports Radio all the best.
You can get a taster of the Station online here

2 thoughts on “New Sports Radio. Will it be more of the same ?

  1. ‘Unveiling his team later’… Mmm, that could be quite telling.
    So will sports fans, especially fitba supporters, be subjected to more of the same sort of Sevco minded prop?
    You know the stuff listeners have to endure season by season, Sevco devised doctrines designed to tell us they are the same club and all is well in the house of parasite, or will it be an open, answerable factual, truthful and balanced format where they call it as it is and as it should be.
    The clue may indeed lie in the unveiling of his team.
    For me the very word ‘Scotland’, brings doubt and with it deep reservation.
    Hey come to think of it, if this self serving Sevco media turns anymore anti Celtic, then that’s exactly where we might feel we are living soon, on an isolated reservation !.

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