Check out and Tune in !

Check out and Tune in !

And so as some of you prepare to tune yer radio’s in for another non-exciting season explaining fitba’s most fictional characters in the struggle to convince
usual suspects
usual suspects
us fantasy is reality, just be aware of what it is you are so looking forward too.
The season ahead just as the season before, may well be filled with delightful studio pundit, frustrating household names by now. 
Un-Insightful un-intelligent and anything but honest appraisal could well be dished out even more frequently this year, in between blow by blow accounts of a game that may well be being fought out behind some hedge row in the most wind swept of towns, and yet still to marvel at what’s on show. Much ado about nothing.
Household names such as Dalziel, Johnstone, Wishart, McCall, Guidi and of course who could forget the Shugster, Keevins, the Mr. Armageddon of Bampottery himself, will be on hand to beat up your common sense with fictional tale, revelation of the free half time pie delivery, long lasting schoolboy friendships intermingled with high jinx and boisterous childish laughter, all the while your phone bill may spiral completely out of control. 
All of this sure to be supervised by the Delahunt fella as Captain of the crew. 
He I imagine sitting in Kirk’s chair guiding the Enterprise through a Sevconian meteor shower with protective shields on max and the bridge in total disarray. 
‘ Engine room, Scotty, we need warped drive !.’
Perhaps a comedy night spent drunk in some run down city pub might be more entertaining and more value for money, even if not quite as comical as the radio pundits version of the coach trip.
These guys and an assortment of others considered to be on the pulse stalwarts of invalid punditry and second rate information by the majority of listeners past, will be on hand and busily beavering away inside your head with more nonsense than the average bloke can imagine. That is if they decide to accept your calls, allow you to speak or actually attempt to answer an uncomfortable question or two. 
The listeners may well already know the answers deep down inside but, remember the cut off switch is most hyperactive if a raw nerve is trapped. ‘Sevco Sciatica kicks in’
You might stare blankly at the wall with ears turned on as the pitiful pundit continues with dire prediction result, the forfeit perhaps even being a semi naked trot down an empty city street of a cold morning. All in the name of so called entertainment, oh what a good sport. But I won’t. 
The very thought of an open line to that vision does make the cockles hastily clam up. 
No, be prepared for the usual state of affairs, the adoration of all thing Smith and McCoist, the cringe-worthy sounds that resemble the creasing jacket, the ruffling hair, the slurping of salivated laughter, the group hug, as they wax lyrical in between sounds that could be described as licking one’s own eyebrows in the mirror of self appreciation.
These sounds may well await those who may have a question or two on club or company existence but of course there will surely be an unbalanced act pushed in the form of mock horror by any infraction that may raise it’s usually meaningless head, usually on the subject of Mr.Lennon or indeed Celtic football club.  
‘How’s the view from the stand Lenny !?!’ titter titter..tee hee hee..
Can’t you just hear them giggling like naughty little schoolboys right now ?
But don’t be too surprised, aren’t you used to it by now ?.
So anyway, before you get too downhearted at the prospect of that doom and gloom sneaking into your otherwise sensible World, remember there are other options. 
Sevco radio stations as they are now more commonly perceived in growing numbers, are not a must listen, must engage event. 
If your a Celtic man or woman the chances are you will require balance and fairness as a part of your informative diet and by turning off the stations that feed you horse manure as caviar, much like the refusal to cover your hands in the ink of tabloid tripe, will be a start to your journey back to reality.
Turn off the voices of the one team band and tune in to proper discussion, proper insight and proper analysis, find the Celtic channel that suits you and quite simply, leave them to it. We Celtic supporters have our own one team bands !.
Let’s face it, the pals act pacts displayed in those studio’s deserves for them to be left alone with their own wee thoughts, in their own wee World, out of their own tiny wee minds.
Check out and Tune In, you know it makes sense.
The Rebel.
Tune in to these guys for proper and honest debate.

2 thoughts on “Check out and Tune in !

  1. I couldn’t agree more, I used to listen and my blood would boil, sad to say SOME of the celtic fans that phoned in weren’t to bright either, thankfully the minority, I used to get in a state when listening, also I no longer buy the newspapers, they are no better, I just look forward to the Alternative View, even my doctor has noticed a difference in my blood pressure, so I urge all celtic supporters to do the same, when sales of newspapers go down , unbiased reporting will be restored, so keep away from clyde and tune into cowan and cosgrove as they are tounge in cheek

  2. Agree with all of that Jas. I have been a frequent caller on Snyde but the last tear in particular has been an eye opener. Now that we know of Media House intervention its important that we tims turn it off as we have enough avenues of our own to say our piece or gain information on our club.

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