Resolution for AGM – Please Read

A fellow Celtic fan has asked if we could help out by making the following resolution document available for download to Celtic shareholders.
Extract from Supporting statement:
We the undersigned request this course of action, from our clubs custodians and corporate representation, responsible to protect our
interests in line with corporate law. We consider the SFA governance has displayed a disregard for the rules and spirit of fair play,
contradicted FIFA, UEFA & SFA mission statements and acted in contravention to the spirit of the rules of fair play outlined in FIFA,
UEFA & SFA Rules, Regulations and Supplementary documents of which the SFA are signatories, such as;

If you support this proposal. Please print this off, fill it in, scan the first page then return it by email to
The document can be downloaded HERE

3 thoughts on “Resolution for AGM – Please Read

  1. Is this just for shareholders ? if so what can the average fan do to complain ?. Because I wont be stepping foot into Paradise again till the board do/say something about this situation. Their silence says it all to me , they would have voted Sevco into the what was SPL at the time …….. money is all they think about these days =(

  2. Let’s hope not all fans are very important CELTIC need to keep fans happy &making sure they come back with family & friends.AGM is a good thing if construcktive discustions are listen to & resolved CELTIC need to keep moving forword & not forgeting what wee are all about can’t afford to make mastakes by ignoring the ordenery fan & keeping charitys going like the Kanofoudation whitch as you know helps the young people to come to parkhead &see THIER TEAM THE FAMOUSE GLASGOW CELTIC.Listen to haihail media on MONDAY KNIGHT 29-08-2013 when one off the preseters said about a youg ghirl with tears in her eyes as she watched her beloved CELTIC ,after the game she turned & took her scarf off to hand it back,when she was told that she was to keep the scarf. again the poor ghirl burst into tears as i am righting this i’ve got tears myself because that is what CELTIC is all about. GODBLESS HH KTF.

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