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Celtic History Podcasts

Celtic History Podcasts
So you think you know about a lot Celtic ? Me too until that is I started listening to the Celtic History Podcasts hosted by Lost Bhoy Chris McGuigan.
The podcasts provide what I feel is the best insight ever into the birth and the story of our great club. They paint a fascinating picture of not only Celtic FC but a social and cultural history of Scottish society throughout the 125 years of our club.
So far in this series we have great Celtic People like Jim Blythe and Paul McQuade from the Celtic Graves Society, Harry Brady from Celtic Underground ,Paul Larkin,Tom Minogue from the Celtic Wiki, Marty Flynn from the Belfast Celtic ,Paul Brennan from the Celtic Quick News and Stephen Sullivan from the Fifa.com guiding us through the history of the club.
Chris has also managed to get contributions from various ex-Celt’s who give a great insight into playing for our club. There is as is usual for most Celtic fans media projects an endeavour to raise money for charity;

To continue on in the footsteps of the Club’s Founding Fathers, we are asking for donations to the project from all the listeners.  Each guest will nominate a charity and at the end of the series, we will divide the funds raised among the ten charities of choice.  ALL monies donated will go to these charities and no-one involved has either asked for a penny in return or will receive a penny in return despite the huge amount of time committed or product supplied.

Overall this is the best piece of fan media I have ever listened too. You can catch up with the podcasts here http://www.spreaker.com/show/celtic_history_podcast .
Further information and instructions on how to donate to the charities can be found on Hail, Hail Media website here: http://www.hailhailmedia.com/celtic-history-podcast/
Tune in and #BeCeltic
Hail, Hail

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