Personal Attacks Are Not The Celtic Way

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This sites primary social media outlet is Twitter and as such I spend more time on there than any other social platform. Twitter is a great place to get the latest Celtic news and gossip often well ahead of the MSM. Unfortunately something nasty has been seeping through for a while now. Personal attacks and abuse.

This isn’t something new and it certainly did not just arrive with social media however over the past while I’ve witnessed more and more of this stuff sneaking in. It’s really unfortunate to say the least and for me it’s certainly not the Celtic way. In many ways it’s a form of bullying, the same petty and nasty bullying that should have been left behind in primary 3.

As a support there is no way on this Earth that we will all agree with or in some cases even like each other. What we should not be doing is carrying out petty vendettas or throwing abuse at fellow supporters over social media just because we don’t like them or their views.

In the real world Celtic supporters have a magnificent reputation, this has been well earned and we deserve that. The ‘cyberworld’ should not be any different. On the internet we should also lead by example. It’s pretty simple. If you don’t like someone or what they say just don’t follow them. Don’t hang about waiting to be offended or watch their comments just so you can jump in with some petty personal attack. I certainly don’t want to see stuff like that on my timelines. What I love to see are people with different points of view respectfully arguing their points.

The good lord knows we have enough idiots outside our support waiting to fabricate and spread lies about us. These peepil love nothing more that watching us turn on our own. Don’t give them the ammunition.

The Celtic online communities are second to none. Lets keep it that way, we’re better than your average bear.

Hail, Hail and by all means feel free to disagree.


8 thoughts on “Personal Attacks Are Not The Celtic Way

  1. I find ths support in general too critcal , negative and abusive toward the club, management and players. last night’s match an example. instead of suporting the team we critise the pkayers and abuse a current player who through no fault of his own is played.
    the defence didnt concede, the weakened midfield were strong and up front we created 5/6 good chances to thier 1 great shot ! which team had played the most games was hard to tell . But more heckles than praise, not the way I remember as being the Celtic way ?

  2. Frankly such behaviour is disgraceful.

    It’s no secret that the authorities are at this time looking into methods to eradicate the abusive tweet etc and rightly so.

    One can’t help but visualise a social media ghost town filled with redundant hands and minds in due course, should this nasty trend continue.

    On all fronts of course, not specific to football fans.

    These online tantrums and distasteful traits are encouraging social media censorship on freedom of speech and expression, offered by gross stupidity, which will have serious consequences for all who use them in the proper fashion.

    Well done for posting this important piece, let’s hope it sinks in.

  3. TBH I’ve found in the Internet Celtic community there’s quite a bit of elitism by some supporters. Just because they write blog podcast or whatever and the age old at least I go to Celtic games pish. I can only really speak about twitter I find sometimes that I’m deemed not Celtic enough to get a reply god forbid a follow


  4. I did think your criticism of the ‘wolf whistling’ was a bit over the top Angela but the vitriol of some of the posts was disgusting. I was also shocked last week at the reaction by some to blogs regarding fireworks. We like to think that on the whole we are different to fans of other clubs and we are, but regrettably, we also have a percentage of supporters we would rather that we didn’t. The same loudmouths you hear in the stadium are the same people who think they can write what they like on social media.

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