Disappointed And Upset

Disappointed And Upset

Strange headline considering our club are going through a bit of a golden era again. Decent team on the park, good manager and great financial results. I suppose this makes what happened today harder to take.

I’m still speaking to people via phone and email to try and get some perspective on the closing of section 111 today. Bearing that in mind I don’t yet have anything to say on that subject. I don’t think there is any point adding to the debate via a blog until I’m satisfied that I can give a fair account.

So here is a wee list of why I’m disappointed tonight.

  1. Section 111 has been closed
  2. A growing distrust between sections of our support and the clubs board
  3. Fans openly falling out on social media
  4. The club issuing statements that look as if they have been put together by a team of solicitors
  5. tensions brewing between different elements in our support
  6. still no feedback from the club on fans being openly harassed by the Police
  7. My Twitter timeline being full of Celtic fans banging on about a zombie club and their ex chairman while we actually have some problems to address ourselves.

Why am I upset ?

I’m upset because I hate it when my fellow supporters are fighting with each other. The past few weeks it’s been one thing after another dividing our support. All the money in the world is no good to our club if we don’t have clarity and unity going forward.

I hope all parties can sit down and sort this out.

Hail, Hail




9 thoughts on “Disappointed And Upset

  1. Jas

    Sorry for the recent silence (not the norm) but I am not keeping great at the moment. More painful than serious and getting very little sleep. Surfing the various sites is helping to distract a little but find it hard to concentrate or type. However, I could not resist making comment on your article. Like you, I am not prepared to say anything till there is more clarity but also like you, it grieves me there is so much friction at many levels in our club and yet all that most want to do is gloat over events elsewhere. If we do not look out, a whole turnaround could creep up on us. This is like a festering sore that is eating from the inside out and could end up making us incurably ill.

    H H

  2. On the button Jas, all we need now is for the MSM to drag out a ex-celtic chairman & say its not the ‘Celtic Way’ a big sit-down is needed between all involved. HH

  3. there has always been conflict in opinion with celtic fans as with any club with huge supports.
    the difference today compaired to the past is that we now have all the social networks online which we can easily put our thoughts and points of view to the world in a second.
    the way i see it is that celtic had no choice but to close section 111. rules r rules and like them or not u have to obide by them. celtic were obviously told that if they didnt act then the whole stadium would be closed.
    the GB were told many times that they had to sit during the game and were also told what would happen if they didnt, sadly they didnt listen , why ? u would have to ask them.
    for me i think we have a fantastic board of directors that run our club and we should be thankfull fo r that , u just need to look else where to c what can happen if u dont.
    its up to the GB to wise up and come to a compramise with celtic because they r a very important part of the club as for what they bring to match days is so special and needed.
    i hope this can be sorted.


  4. The singing and chanting, the displays, all fantastic, great support for the club,what you love to see at a football match.

    However,in an all seated football stadium, what’s the story with Body surfing and Moshing, !!
    How mindless do you need to be to justify 190 seats broken over 4 games and say it’s down to the boisterous way we support the club, wrecking an average of 45 seats a game is beyond boisterous.

    The Clubs five main complaints,
    Overcrowding, Moshing (mock fighting/jostling causing crowd disruption)
    Body Surfing,Lateral Movement, Broken Seating.

    I have started to get the idea that been seen to be an ULTRA is first for some in section 111, been a Celtic fan is not their Number 1 priority, if your priority is to body surf, Mosh, vandalise seats take it elsewhere.

    1. Good points and I agree with most. However there is strong evidence to suggest that the broken seat numbers is highly exaggerated. I am waiting for confirmation on actual seat breakages in section 111 as opposed to total damage around the stadium.

      Hail, Hail

      1. Ok, lets cut the number by approx 50%, 100 broken seats in one section, how many other section report an average of 25 broken seats a game, does that make it better,

        a spokesperson for the GB wants to argue numbers but puts the breakages down to the boisterous nature of how they support the team, i would imagine it’s not the GB that is picking up the broken seats at the end of a game and paying for the repairs, if they are then, ok then by all means argue numbers, if not, then stop challenging the club on the numbers

        What is the need for moshing in an all seated stadium, how much of the game are you watching as you body surf along the heads of others that are trying to follow the team, just can’t get past the idea all this stuff is more important, to some, than watching Celtic play football

        1. Firstly I’m not a spokesman for anyone. Secondly I’m questioning the numbers after speaking to Stadium maintenance and the SPFL match delegate from Saturday.

  5. I am a Celtic supporter,and being a Brigton boy from a non-denominational schooling background it wasnt an easy road to travel in the 50`s but the 1 mile walk up London Rd.or the occasional “hudgie” on a passing caur to enter Paradise made it all worthwhile.
    The Jungle was my choice to watch the action from and I now sit in approximately the area in the North Stand that I stood in the Jungle.But things change ,or evolve,I had to get a season ticket for the Terracing to ensure my place on a Saturday,then they put seats in the Jungle!! I got a season ticket for that as well but it didnt stop me being a supporter!I have listened to some on CQN come abusive with ageist claptrap which is supposed to exclude me from opining on the GB,they do great stuff to enhance the match experience and I love it,but they are not Celtic,their self-indulgent antics are not what gave us 125 years of History,
    We didnt need the GB to gain awards in 2013 for Celtic supporters in Seville,from the same UEFA they hold in contempt.so gie yerself a good talking tae and get back tae supporting the team we are first and foremost a football team!!

  6. I think it’s just a power play. As an analogy, most of us when we grow up talk about how our school was the best, but if we’re honest, when we were at school we hated the heedie and all his/her top people who ran the place. We hated them. Similarly, the guys who run our (or almost anybody else’s) club would have a heart attack if the fans got control, so it’s probably inevitable that they find a way to show their power. Human nature, really.

    As regards the fans themselves, I’ve been in London for (feckin) years, but i have had the pleasure of being with the Green Brigade at pre-season games – they are a joy to behold. But it’s not just the green Brigade – ALL Celtic fans give a good account of themselves and are excellent ambassadors for our club, culture, country (mostly – let’s be honest, we’re talking about fitba fans!).

    For example, walking bac through a particularly nice middle class part of west London (towards Kew) after the Brentford game wearing my “O’Neill’s Army Marching On Spain” Celtic top, this particularly lovely and very posh woman with her kids, stopped me to ask what supporters had been making “such a lovely noise” (we had been at our loudest doing the “COYBIG/Glasgow is Green and white” back and forth chant) and said all her guests stopped to listen during their garden barbecue that afternoon – she and her friends loved it and wished me and my team well.

    It is fairly safe to say that this is an extremely unusual thing to happen to your typical supporter of any London-based football team (for reasons of taste I will not speculate what that chance meeting would have been like if Brentford had been playing a certain team from Govan).

    Having said that, we are talking about football supporters here, not some group of downtrodden miners or some such. Not only that, the vast majority are, like me, fiercely identifiable as Glaswegian Celtic supporters, so there are certain things we really do not give a sh!t about – namely, the feelings of others that do not see the world the way we do.

    I do think that one thing that gave the ‘establishment’ (our heedie Peter Lawwell and the rest of the Celtic board) a reason to rein in this lovely band of Celtic brothers was the use of flares. the “lateral movement” stuff is, I think, nonsense. But as many have pointed out – not least the ever excellent Phil Mac G in his recent interview with a disabled supporter – the flares issue is the easiest thing to nail the fans about. Flares, after all, are illegal, and very dangerous to our disabled fellow tims. Not only that, I think the reaction of the Brigade, while moistly sensible and erudite, has actually been devoid of any ‘sorry we fucked up’ sentiment which would have gone a long way to keeping 111 as it is.

    I do think it’s a shame, and quite possibly a very stupid decision, marketing and branding wise at the very least, that Celtic plc has decided to break up 111. It may be a political/power move, but if they had bothered to look at all the top ‘branded’ European teams’ fans (Dortmund, Barca etc), they would have seen that the Green Brigade is a very good vanguard group helping to enhance Celtic fans’ already very high standing in European and world football (eg, all my English football-mad mates love all the Green Brigade displays I’ve shown them).

    I reckon the Green Brigade is an asset – such obviously shrewd people who run Celtic FC have missed an opportunity, I think

    Hail Hail

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