Green Brigade. Part 1 – Lwords View

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Right so the Timeratti go ballistic over Celtic’s position on 111.
Celtic did not ban supporters, they did offer alternate arrangements and yes, they did issue warnings over behaviour at games including but not exclusively, in the case of lateral movement.
It appears legal requirement has forced the issue to a head as a matter of urgency.
Celtic supporters appear split on the GB issue, some calling for complete backing of the group, others stating that in comparison to supporting the club, there is no real decision to be made.
It’s the club every time and I agree with that, supporters, groups, sections, indeed trends will always come and go, but Celtic won’t.
Now either you will believe the club or choose to believe a section of it’s supporters. 
Unfortunately in recent times it seems to be becoming more and more difficult to vocally support the club stance as opposed the supporters in question, as that inevitably leads to shock horror, certain levels of abuse and then questions over one’s true Celtic colours. 
On many occasions I have heard the numbers of actual GB members range anywhere from 30 up to 60 or so, although who really knows for sure. But if so, those sorts of numbers for me do not seem reason enough to get overly worked up about the current closure of the section, unless of course they are far higher than is usually stated ?.
On atmosphere at games, well now there’s a question that maybe a proportion of fans that have known nothing before the GB can be qualified to judge, for they may insist the silence of the GB might be the end of the Celtic game atmosphere. I disagree.
As far back as I can remember which is quite a long time, there has always been an atmosphere, maybe not on the constant noise level of a beating drum or constant singing, but when atmosphere was called for, it was there. 
You see for me there is a difference between noise and atmosphere.
On the road to Seville there was no shortage of atmosphere in every game back then, pre-GB days in case you didn’t realise, and for sure there will be again. 
The GB can be quite a spectacle but then again can also be a constant scource of irritation depending on one’s perception of how the individual expresses his/her support for the club. Expression that is as valuable as the other I’d submit. 
Silence sometimes has it’s merits and a leaf from that book should perhaps be taken in many a format.
There is no doubt the GB would be much welcomed where they to do as is required, by the club and by law. So why won’t they(if it is them) just accept rules apply as with anyone.
Other supporters who pay their way, manage to do so regularly, with no problem at all. So what’s so bloody difficult ?. 
The simple truth of the matter in my opinion of course, is, although colourful and noisy, the GB are not the be all and end all of the Celtic support. 
Personally, frankly, cards on the table, supporting Celtic is not and never has been dependent on the GB, for me they are just like any other Celtic fan.
People conveniently ignore the fact that the best displays are when the entire crowd becomes involved, usually without a banger, firecracker, smoke bomb or lateral configuration, all of which is blighting the club, in sight. 
You see most fans don’t need directed or guided or led by a conductor or collective throng assuming the mantle of leaders of the pack, their passion will get them there regardless, but importantly, as they choose in their own time. 
That you see is a matter of choice, supporters pay for the privilege of choice.
The GB don’t make me feel that I need them to support Celtic, and as I mentioned earlier, for 60 or so people to have that much of an effect on a stadium doesn’t seem right or even believable to me. 
I can actually think and act for myself thanks very much. 
I will decide which game I go too, when I want, I will decide when I sing or dance, bawl, piss my pants, agree or disagree with the GB or indeed the club, as so many times past.
If I wish to sit quietly, actually watch the game and eat prawn sandwiches whilst wearing a romper suit and wetting my pants, I assume I could do so. (Discreetly and offensively of course.) 
That does not mean I am less a supporter than anyone else, contrary to some contentious opinions.
There can be little doubt a majority of supporters although often challenged as being no such thing, (supporters), by a vocal minority who consider themselves ‘Realer supporters’, than them, have gradually become sick to the back teeth of the bleating and beating drums of disagreement which seem always in a constant struggle, undermining the club itself. Well anyway that’s how it feels and has felt for some time, to me.
What we see now in my opinion is the club flexing it’s muscles to remind supporters, all supporters that the stadium is to be respected, it’s not really ‘your’ section, not really ‘your’ seat, for all intents and purposes it’s rented on an agreement and understanding, it’s a rented space in which you are welcome and in which you support. 
You see they, (the club) are in effect as a landlord granted that position by trust, and any misbehavior or damage to the amenities or reputation of the property will not and should not be tolerated. That’s common sense.
Don’t shit in the property for it’s a certainty, you will be shown the door. Not difficult is it really?.
Fair notice has been served on several occasions of the possibility of serious consequences should unacceptable behaviour continue, but little heed has been taken it appears, and the result is now apparent. 
As is true to life, one often reaps what one sew’s.
As a Celtic supporter over many years, I endorse fan unity but I do not endorse group mentality. 
I do not endorse collective indifference on supporter issues, but I do support the club and the protection of it’s reputation by those charged with that wider responsibility. 
To do otherwise for me, would be a fanciful folly.
Responsibility is a key word.
It is the responsibility of the board to look after the interests of the club and all supporters, not just some of them because they bring more noise and colour or indeed that much stated atmosphere. 
It is the responsibility of the supporters to accept that that need is essential and to act accordingly by, for example, conduct becoming of the club according to it’s legal requirement to all supporters. 
‘Take a telling and wind it in or else you could be ejected or evicted’. 
I have no doubt that could come, should heed not be paid for the hard of hearing folk with bee in the bonnet and unnecessary grinding axe.
If certain supporters cannot act in conjunction with Celtic requests, then it is the responsibility of those persons tasked at CFC to make sure adequate measures are taken to guarantee the continued enjoyment and most importantly safety, within Celtic football club for all fans and that will be their priority like it or not.
The so called silent majority of Celtic fans might perhaps not be so very silent for too much longer. 
You see all Celtic fans pay their way and all must be included in the thought process of the club, the GB are not extra special, they are not one jot more important and they certainly do not speak for me as an individual nor I for them.
I am a Celtic fan and I also support any Celtic fan, but never to the detriment of the club, for me it’s as simple as that. 
Fans not so long ago spoke out against the club, but that as we now know was for the benefit of the club, lest we forget.
We need not look too far geographically at the present moment to see how wrongly that could be misdirected. 
But rules and regulations are in place for a reason and the club must adhere to them and then so must the support.
The GB are but a section of the support, albeit sometimes appearing or assuming to be that support in it’s entirety, but for me the numbers cited do not stack up as being truly that important to the whole.
The GB do not hold higher value than any other fan and this is now being qualified by the clubs actions. 
The argument of what constitutes what a real supporter is, might now be truly tested. 
Will the GB members or the so called hangers on who allegedly pretend to be GB, rip up their tickets, stop going, take actions against the club ?. 
Would that be classed as being the true, real, better supporter that they may claim to be ?. 
Is it really a case of choosing the GB or Celtic ?.
Is there a choice ?.
Does there have to be ?.
Can’t there be both with a mutual respect for each other and an understanding that rules apply and accepting one of them is a part that is actually more important ?.
Celtic will evolve as always, sections of noise will come and indeed go, haven’t we seen it all before ?. 
The one constant will be that the true supporter will support in any and all ways he/she can, now and with the generations to come.
In times past, indeed recent times and no doubt future, I had and have little sympathy for those that get too big for their boots and start to believe wrongly that they speak for all supporters or are indeed bigger than the club itself. 
That would be a catastrophic assumption in my opinion.
Just as I now am speaking for me and not for anyone else, I assume nothing for you. 
You have that same ability to voice how you feel, disagree with me or not.
It is my opinion that the club is now safeguarding it’s own reputation and ours, on behalf of us all, and I do understand why.
After 125 years of combating far worse trials and tribulation, the current action is therefore, no real surprise !.

27 thoughts on “Green Brigade. Part 1 – Lwords View

  1. Hmmmmmn. Yes. Celtic(the board) make the rules and complain vociferously about 20 broken seats here. 30 broken seats there. Not a single word about the sub human hordes from across the city who deliberately smashed hundreds of seats, if not in the thousands. Not a single word about the apparent condoning by strathclydes finest (not to mention participation or encouragement) when tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage was caused to visitor toilets. Not a mention of thanks for the hundreds of thousands raised through the great#JCGE swindle. But, most of all, not even a whimper when the greatest swindle and scandal, cheating on an industrial scale, was discovered then swept under the carpet. So yes, Jas. Fans come and go. The atmosphere rises or falls depending on the game and Celtic will always be a constant. But, just as a fans group is not bigger than Celtic, neither are those who rent the position of power in the boardroom. The board have accepted without question that it was acceptable for RFC(Rip) to cheat our support and players out of the glory of victory. By virtue of this, they are complicit in extorting our money. Make no mistake, the people running our club do not respect us any more than RFC isrespected us. So yes. I will always support Celtic. My Celtic. And the supporters of My Celtic. Sadly, MyCeltic is in the Wrong hands. I have way more affinity with the GB than the PLC.

    1. Your argument makes no sense mate. What rangers have to do with this is beyond me? No PLC could,would or indeed should tolerate fans who constantly flaunt safety rules and are then told to feck off when they challenge it! I love the GB but this quasi persecuted republican mentality is becoming a bit embarrassing now.

    2. 2 wrongs dont make a right Gav…the GB would still be there barr 2 or 3 wreckless continuous incidents …u think UEFA like fining a club they awarded – the only club in history in fact. We’re all Rebels at heart my man, but we’ve managed to control it and still be recognised and saluted in our time – whats changed? We’re Celtic supporters and quite frankly i think the board are lookin out for the Majority – its their duty and obligation. The Strathclyde bacon bites would love to contribute to our closure along with the rest of the bigots…for years we’ve know and rose above that. There will always be room for the GB but after all they have to honour our reputation…a reputation that has been formed over years of great players, great achievements and above all GREAT supporters – thats why we’re welcome world wide…becauce we’re fcukin GREAT!!! TAL

    3. Obviously Gav, s point is, the board would rather put the boot into their own fans than even voice an opinion about the industrial scale cheating across the city. Having attended matches since the the end of Stein era, I stood in the Jungle for many years, an atmosphere yet to be surpassed IMO, fan groups come and go, boards come and go, but in this case more discussion from the board, may have helped matters to come to a compromise, just an opinion.

      1. Joe the bottom line is that lateral movement and body surfing are not allowed. As much fun as it looks it would be difficult to argue that both are not potentially dangerous. No custodian of any venue could or would accept it. As far as I can tell there has been ample dialogue about safety issues and the GB stick up two fingers and taunt the board as soup taking bastards! I have no beef with youth and all its follies but its time for their leaders to grow up or shut up. As much as I will miss them, and still hope this can be resolved, I’m with the club on this one. Be like you say Joe this just my opinion. HH

        1. Agree it is health and safety issue JP, but that board never stopped the police filming certain supporters which led to charges being brought against some of them.
          Not one conviction followed, so waste of tax payers money. I can see that the GB has an axe to grind regarding this and could possibly be a reason for two fingers to the board.
          But as they say, no individual or group are as big as the club. HH

    4. One could argue that such damage from visiting and opposition supports, especially of the Sevconian persuasion is far more serious, that however does not deflect or qualify excuse.

      Whatabouterry just will not do.

      I might also add that on damage sustained from opposition clubs at the hands of such damaging supports, do receive bill for said damage. Celtic insisted Sevco pay up front for damage sustained not so long ago, before obliging with tickets when Sevco Oldco entered administration, and those where paid in full I believe, which would not be the case with damage caused by ones own support ‘accidentally or not’.

      The entire Celtic support I am afraid foots that bill, which to me would seem rather unfair over the odd 30 or 50 seats as you put it which I also feel you state as so apparently unimportant. Those that damage should pay, simple.

      I agree Celtic could be more involved and vocal on issues regarding Sevco and the apparent disparity on treatment/punishments or the lack of them which do appear more favourable toward Sevco than Celtic or indeed any other club, and I have said so many times.

      On policing matters, Celtic like any other club, business, employer and structure cannot interfere in matters law, they can only apply laws as given to secure their own licensing. To ignore those would be to the detriment of the club and all it’s supporters, who ultimately pay for the consequences of actions.

      Yes they should be supportive where possible, but doing so whilst remaining within current legislation, it is that legislation that is flawed, not Celtics adherence to them. In my opinion of course.

      To say Celtic do not respect or appreciate it’s supporters is quite frankly nonsense, for their would be no logical point.

      I personally have never felt unappreciated or disrespected, but then I might not be looking to do anything other than abide and apply myself to the requirements as requested by the club in my support of the club.

      Honestly I see no witch hunt, simply requests (now demands) for a behaviour conduct as deemed by laws, (flawed though they may be) to enable us to progress as a club and a support the envy of the World.

      It’s actually quite simple, by supporting your club, you are in effect supporting their right to make sure we stay within the boundaries of what is legally acceptable.

      If they (The Club ) say NO, it is not allowed, then it is that simple. Don’t do it.

      If the other lot or any other for that matter, decide otherwise, then that is for them and at the end of the day, they will ultimately pay.

      Remember that without supporters there would indeed, be nothing at all and we are all supporters none more important than the next.

      Thank you for stating your position and feelings, opinion welcome.


  2. is this what weve came to celtic fans helping police put the boot into celtic fans celtic family dont make me laugh o and lord trevelyan on the board

  3. Safety is important for everyone attending a public event both inside and outside the venue.Compromised safety leads to two things,firstly a fine for the venues owners and then,if problems continue.the ,venue shuts down.I.personally,am sick and tired of religion and politics being brought to Celtic games home and away.I don’t think football is a platform to parade banners.flags and sing and chant about matters that have nothing to do with football.I started supporting Celtic because Jock Stein had Celtic playing attractive,fast and attacking football not because people display banners in Janefield St. protesting about injustices in N.Ireland and elsewhere.Come and support the team on the field and encourage the team win,lose or draw.Leave your politics and religion at home alongwith your banners and bangers.

  4. Silence has no place at football. And I’m sorry but lateral movement doesn’t disgrace the club

  5. I agree entirely JP.
    We all know what a shambles a board can make of a club…and I’m not talking about RFC here. Our club was damned near to extinction at one point. Whatever you may think of Lawell and the board they have righted the ship financially and along with Lennon’s pragmatic approach to squad building we are here to stay. The GB have done some great stuff in the past. But what they continued to do was transgress and push the envelope of tolerance.
    JP is right they’ve become a cult group preaching their own beliefs while feeding off the perceived slights and persecutions. At the same time fuelling the them and us culture of David and Goliath. That just isnt healthy. This isnt a war…this is football and we are Celtic.
    Lets get back to being what we are good at…good natured passionate supporters.

  6. Superbly written…well said…i dont need anyone telling me how to support my team!… In my opinion…they are like spoiled children…desperately wanting attention and wanting to be loved…pathetic!

  7. Its not about the “lateral movement” its about bringing attention to our proud past in a wreckless manor. My father is right on this one…no one can sing “the rebels” better than my family, so why is there so many questions gettin’ asked these days…its bad enough the authorities would love to shut us down in a flash without acting like like thugs wi fcukin “squibs and bangers” let alone wreckin’ paradise every bloody visit. Get a grip…we are the fans everyone wants to be after Seville…ah sang ma heart out durin the Larsson days and stoppin 10 iar…I love the GB but they have to act like Celtic fans not OTHER fans, there’s a difference..a BHIG difference. We Are Celtic Supporters…Let the People Sign…we’re good at it – we’ve been doin’ it for 126 year HH

    Ps best article yet and true voice of the REAL TIM’s TAL

  8. I think the GB have brought great colour and atmosphere to the stadium on match-days and in the main have made a positive contribution to the occasion, because that’s what it should be when we go and see The Celtic, an occasion. we need only cast our minds back a few seasons and matches under Strachan (I’ve no axe to grind with him incidentally) and the atmosphere was eerily quiet and definitely lessened the match day experience for this Celtic supporter anyway. However, the GB have been living life on the edge for some time now and almost seemed to want to rile Celtic officialdom for some reason. I think it’s true that it’s Celtic Football Club that must prevail in all of this as no-one is more important than the club itself. This will sound a bit confusing and contradictory but I actually had several meetings with my MSP over the kettling incident on The Gallowgate as I felt the GB et al were indeed being criminalised for no reason and I still believe that. I also think the club could have done more over this and certain other matters concerning the GB. Notwithstanding this I find it hard to see what else the club could have done prior to the decision to close Section 111 as they had given the GB several opportunities to adhere to the rules that were laid down. I would suggest that perhaps what the GB need is a grown up to liaise and negotiate with Celtic and perhaps this unfortunate situation would not have arisen………

  9. Thank you for all comments so far, may I say whether in agreement or not, it is refreshing to read the different views so well put and without the usual hints of dismissal or intemperate language. Proper debate and reasoned opinion is the way forward. Again thank you all. HH.

  10. Spot on Joe.
    My point exactly. For me the Celtic board did nothing to stand up for the whole of Scottish football and were complicit in their silence. The are happy to take the GB generated pound yet treat our fans with contempt. They make noises about no place in sport for politics then appoint a former secretary of state as chairman. They charge over-inflated prices for already overpriced merchandise. They bring out three kits almost every year to screw hard working families whose kids badger them for the latest kit. I know the world is different now but Celtic were always a peoples club, even through the dark times of the late eighties and early nineties. Now, the spirit of the club sits solely with the fans. The board are merely temporary residents, very few of whom seem to understand what it means to us. They collude with the police by providing information freely, without crime or warrant so that strathclydes finest can harass and hassle young guys going on holidays, or to their work, or in the middle of the night. These are not the actions of a peoples club. My Celtic was always one where the fans stuck together, sorted out the eejits amongst us in-house and presented a united front against those who tried to divide us. The old boards, charlatans though they were, understood this and fought our corner. The suits in charge now will only fight for a pound

  11. “It appears legal requirement has forced the issue to a head as a matter of urgency.”

    Appearances are deceptive. Glasgow City council has issued nothing to evidence the PLC deception.

    1. Not into the conspiratorial crusades myself, but pray tell the need for such a deception Tony ?

      I might be a tad naive here but why would Celtic wish to deceive their own supporters or even ‘dupe’ them in any way ?

      (please excuse the dupe term)..

      Sorry but I do not get it.?

      I would have thought Health & Safety regulations would be standard practice at any sporting arena or the like and those standards would be considered by GCC for all.

      1. Lorenzo.

        The premise of your piece is built on a deception. Your response suggests that you may be a willing partner to that deception. It is not for me to explain why I or most other Celtic fans believe the PLC have acted to remove the GB, although there is plenty of evidence to suggest they have been working towards that. Harrassment of fans for years, collusion with police, silence when the police have acted outwith their remit etc.

        It is up to you to provide evidence to back up your premise that “It appears legal requirement has forced the issue to a head as a matter of urgency.” Otherwise it is just an opinion. So please do.

        GCC, despite much alluding to the fact by Celtic have issued no warnings about health and safety. So what legal requirement do you refer to?

        Celtic fans stand by other Celtic fans who are being unfairly treated. At least that is how I was brought up. Not sure I recognise what some people who pass themselves off as Celtic fans are about this weather.

        1. Willing party to that deception ?

          Firstly I take offence at that comment, I have no collusion with either side of the debate and secondly I ask again, what deception ?.

          Tony, you suggest there is one (a deception), where-as all I see are several requests from the club for a change in attitude and behaviour from a section of the support, I repeat (a section) that appears to have been repeatedly ignored.

          It is not for I to produce confirmation that legal request on safety certificate or otherwise was under threat or even issued, rather it is those with the deception angle to show there was no such thing. One might think UEFA threats of action/ sanction on any number of issues, might be enough though.

          For a normal Celtic supporter like myself, I cannot in all conscience back a small group of supporters against the club based on supposition, assumption, ill feeling, paranoia and perhaps a sense of entitlement that may well be a sore point for many other supporters who feel no such umbrage.

          (note: above I said many, where below you state most)

          You say “I and most other fans” which I doubt is a statistic you could possibly know unless of course surveyed.

          It may therefore be helpful to discuss in terms that remain factual on numbers, for I would then consider myself out with that ‘Most’ category and could therefore assume ‘Most’ may well agree with me, quite as easily.

          There is however basis in your assertion that the PLC have indeed acted to close the section (albeit the offer of refund or re-location is not quite the same as ‘removal’ as you put it and I have no issue with agreeing with that premise.

          The question therefore is, why would that be ?.

          Is it the conspiratorial underhand tactic to which you seem to allude or simply the actions of the PLC who feel they have no other option given that frequent request has fell on deaf ears.

          For me it is the latter and that is but my opinion, not a boardroom collusion that has drawn me into a deception as is often cited to almost anyone that appears to stand or speak on the opposite from the GB mindset.

          I am strong minded, very opinionated and comfortable in my view and I will not be placed into a convenient box or collectively bullied into not voicing my concerns or opinions by assertions of my prawn or panty habits or whether I find a suit more comfortable than a poncho.

          Those terms produced almost on a minute by minute engagement, for me, simply reduce the force of the argument on behalf of the section in question. I am aware you have not delivered those terms Tony, I am generalising from communications on many forums.

          You go on : ..

          “It is up to you to provide evidence to back up your premise that “It appears legal requirement has forced the issue to a head as a matter of urgency.” Otherwise it is just an opinion. So please do.”

          The use of the word “appears” is important for that signifies that yes, it is indeed ‘just an opinion’ therefore you seem to have answered that for me..

          Funny thing that though, for if I where a willing partner to this great deception, it would not be merely opinion for then I would know for sure, would I not ?.

          “Not sure I recognise what some people who pass themselves off as Celtic fans are about this weather.”

          Well Tony, for me that just about sums it up and I thank you for it.
          It suggests that not to support, back up or agree with the GB position then belittle’s one’s Celtic-ness.

          It’s a tactic becoming more and more frequent and I am noticing more used.
          Quite frankly it actually displays a trait unbecoming of Celtic-ness itself, in my own humble opinion.

          Language used in such context can only widen a divide rather than bring it back together and is uncalled for. It betrays an underlying message for me, but that is for another day. So…

          Indeed Celtic fans do stand up for Celtic fans, but then so do they also back their club.

          It’s a quandary at the minute, but from what I see, those self same fans see a minority of fans, a section, at issue time and again with the club despite much publicised warnings and those fans might well see that as the greater wrong.

          I’m afraid to say, in my lifetime of Celtic-ness Tony, I do.

          I do thank you for expressing your thoughts/opinions though. Thank you.

          1. . The club is not the PLC, we are the club. My ‘assertion’ that the PLC has not been speaking up for fans has some merit eh? It isn’t an assertion then if it is factually correct.

            The reluctance to even acknowledge the ‘Irish Tories’ have some failings says it all really, anyway I’ve no intention of prolonged response to obfuscation.

            The article is premised on a deception. The subsequent waffle does nothing to hide that. Glasgow City council have issued no safety warnings.

            We shall very shortly see where Celtic fan’s loyalties lie. I assure you it is not with people like you. I repeat I do not recognise fans who don’t support fellow fans suffering unjust treatment.

            No amount of deceptive hand wringing can ever justify that.

  12. Judging by the comments on the GB forum, they do indeed see themselves as an elite group of fans better than the rest of us. Anyone who disagrees with them are abused as middleclass fannies, green huns and soup takers who have no place in Paradise. Lads you are not the IRB nor are you on the blanket . Singing about the PIRA at Celtic Park will not unite Ireland and besides the vast majority of the aforementioned group have signed up for normalisation, remember? I have no problem with politics in football but please at least study the subject before you spout about it and declare that you would die for it (or happy to see the club suffer over it) Your just Celtic fans right? Just a bit of fun on a Saturday right? If you want to see yourselves as some elite secret society or attempt to rubbish the Celtic credentials of all who disagree with you then you can go fling shite at the moon! Then again I shouldn’t really be surprised by their attitude as Republicans never were keen on democracy or compromise.

    1. In what way are Celtic suffering for some people daring to have political opinions there JP? I must say your bitterness is coming through loud and clear regarding fellow Celtic fans. I always find such negative thoughts attract similar. Perhaps that is where you are going wrong.

      1. I stated that I don’t have an issue with politics in football Tony? Enlighten me Tony, in what way is singing about the PIRA, in a modern context expressing a political opinion? The people who led the likes of Bobby Sands (who I personally think was one of the greatest socialist revolutionaries of the past century) abandoned armed struggle and now advocate normalisation in the north of Ireland. The GB mission statement says that whilst not supporting any particular group or political party, they are in favour of seeing a 32 county socialist Ireland by peaceful means. The same view as John Hume, Gerry Adams etal, a view one suspects may not be shared by Bobby had he survived. As for your question in what way do such songs harm the club? You know the answer to that! As for my perceived bitterness, pot and kettle spring to mind mo chara. I have expressed an opinion whilst they verbally abuse and spout personal attacks. I don’t like some of the language used by fellow fans in their criticism of the group but its nothing compared to the hun like shite some of them dish out. From what you’ve said about the board you seem to think people should be able to sing what they want and behave as they wish. There used to be a club with a board like that other side of the river and we all know how that panned out Tony.

  13. What Sevco or Oldco have done, has no relevance in relation to the issues at hand and bringing that lot into the mix simply dilutes the argument.
    I am with Lorenzo on this , as I am with the board on these issues.
    Being an asthma sufferer and twice been in the midst of the pyro demonstration,I can honestly say I was in a bit of distress on each occasion .
    Health and safety is a prime concern and the club have outlined its position and set the rules on acceptable behaviour within the stadium.Each time this has been ignored in the main and some fans seem to think they have the right to behave as they wish at football grounds.
    I have watched Celtic since 1963 and cannot comprehend why anyone would wish to go against the club rules particularly at this time and cannot recall a time (Old board stuff apart) where some fans of our club have a particular dislike or respect for the board as they do now.
    Division at this time is not good, not good at all.We have an opportunity to stand together as one and behave as most fans believe we should and if we are to bring our city neighbours name(s) into the debate, it should simply be as a measure of what is good at CP and what is nothing but a disgrace elsewhere.We seem to have lost our way since Seville and we need a collective and cohesive stance from our fans and that means simply getting on with supporting our club and in line with rules laid down.
    In my opinion, singing Celtic songs along with magnificent GB banners is the only way forward.It always has been , why change it now?

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