Safe Standing Poll

Safe Standing Poll

Over the past year or two more and more fans across the UK have been calling for the introduction of Safe Standing Areas in football stadiums  For Celtic fans this has become a bit of a hot topic again after the club announced the disbandment of section 111.

We would like to gauge just how many Celtic fans would like to see a Safe Standing Area in Celtic Park. Also we would like to get an idea of how many of you would prefer to stand at games.

Please vote and share our two polls below. You can get more information on safe standing HERE or check out the video under the polls.

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4 thoughts on “Safe Standing Poll

  1. I didnt vote as i wont be at celtic park folks, however, If safe standing tickets were more expensive than seated tickets would fans/clubs opinion or stance change? I’m all for the safe standing areas by the way – forest fan 🙂

    1. Cheers, with the increase in capacity in a safe standing area the tickets should be cheaper as they are in Germany.

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