How Did We End Up Here ?

How did we as a support and a Club end up in this place where we are turning against our own ?

What is actually going on now ? A section of our ‘family’ has been deemed not fit for purpose by the ‘custodians’ of our club. And for what ? Jumping up and down, singing and occasionally blocking a passage way ?

This is an utter nonsense, I’ve seen some rubbish on the web in my time but questioning fellow supporters for bouncing about is a new one for me.

Going by some of the comments I’ve read on social media we have a section of our ‘family’ who have never jumped off a seat or hugged each other after a goal. In a matter of weeks the former heartbeat of our stadium have become persona non grata. Seemingly it’s ok to get injured during goal celebrations against Barca. Now that’s a bit strange considering there are no recorded injuries in  the one section the Board have chose to ‘disperse’.

All I would ask is that the accusers provide real documented evidence against those that they have convicted. If they have a genuine case then I’ll shut up and be suitably humbled.

I won’t hold my breath, I’m still waiting to hear the ‘custodians’ of our club stand up for a man in his 70’s who was held in a Kettle by Police Scotland.

This is my personal view. I do not speak for our partners.


13 thoughts on “How Did We End Up Here ?

  1. This only a thought, so I don’t want people sniping at me. Next year we as Scots will be asked to vote on Independence and if Independence is achieved, then it does not take much foresight to see Scottish Republicanism rearing it’s head quite quickly aftetwards and we know certain factions of the Celtic support have a good chance of involvement. Perhaps the powers that be at Parkhead are apprehensive of this and are making arrangements to stop Celtic, and Celtic Park, being associated with such things before they start. It would not be good for anyone if Paradise turned into a Scottish Republican HQ. Just a thought but not completely out of left field, so to speak.
    BTW have you ever read Scotch on the Rocks trilogy by Douglas Hurd and Andrew Osmond. It starts with,’Send Him Victorious’, ‘The Smile on the Face of the Tiger’ and ‘Scotch on the Rocks’. I know you like a read. They are a bit, in fact very, dated, but they are worth a wee read if you ever find time, before Independence. You must be run off your feet.

  2. Spot on Jas, there are people inside the club that know more than they are letting on about this, there are also external sources who could, if they wanted, dispel a few myths that Celtic PLC are spinning……..if they felt it was in their best interests to do so. UTLR

  3. I’m sorry to have to say this but some of the stuff being written by defenders of the occupiers of area 111 is amongst the worst conspiracy theory nonsense I’ve ever seen written on the web.Do you think maybe the club are at the end of heir patience with a group who have caused the club maximum embarrassment with ill conceived banners,including one that ended with a UEFA fine and another UEFA investigation ongoing.Have you thought about that before engaging your fertile imaginations???
    Have you considered the fact that we are not all rabid republicans or plastic Trotskyites and have no wish to see our clubs good name tarnished on the front pages as much as the dying club across the city.
    Most of us stopped singing rebel songs in the 90s when fergus rightly asked for it to be stopped,the GB are taking us backwards to a blacker place,I don’t need to sing rebel songs to validate my ethnic identity,I am proud of who I am,do any of you consider that there are very many strands to the Celtic support who are not happy with the constant drain on the clubs resources and good name that a self appointed group of plastic rebels is inflicting on us.A lot of Celtic fans are just plain fed up with the immature behaviour of a very small group of fans more concerned with their own agenda than the overall good of the club.Is that a good enough explanation of how the silent majority feel.
    Oh,and the safety concerns are very real,because its not the GB who will be held to account when the inevitable accident does occur,it is the club they profess to love.
    The club cannot ignore the laws and health and safety regulations of the land,unless you wish to see large parts,or all of the stadium closed due to the loss of a safety certificate.
    And as for UTLR,give us a break,get a life and support the team,sing football songs,don’t bring flares or fireworks,no political or foul worded banners,and stay within your area when jumping about and problem solved,welcome back 111,now that wasn’t so hard was it?

    1. The moral high ground can be a dodgy place to stand when you are not in possession of the all the facts. Your reply just reinforces what I wrote. I do a lot of work with FAC and I can assure you that this board are not always upfront and honest.

      1. That’s rich considering the GB obviously are trying to occupy the moral high ground.

        Watch the football, support the team just like the rest of us and there will be no problem.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. The GB can be amusing, funny, and create atmosphere, but once they start the IRA stuff and political nonsense, they overstep the mark. I go to see Celtic now, as I have for the last 60 years to watch football, not indulge in political dogma.

      There’s a time and place for that, and its not in a football stadium.

      1. And who are you to tell people what they can sing and can’t sing ? I wouldn’t sing anything other than Celtic songs but I have no right to tell anyone else what to sing.

      2. got tae admit i think the GB have overstepped the mark at times and it has harmed our club but for atmosphere they create at celtic park is great

  4. the green brigade are both an inspiation and a embarrasment in equal measure there run ins with uefa could lead to a champions league game being played behind closed doors

  5. The worlds gawn mad jas, the web can be a nasty place,
    Full of lies and misinformation. People like tae live in
    Their black and white wee worlds.also every team
    Noo seems tae have ultras, diddy teams the lot, having
    Fun, being a wee bit naughty but only FOCUS seems tae
    Be these 80 guys.they set oot tae wipe them oot, which
    Is scandalous in itself but these celtic fans if they are
    Celtic fans wae their sweety wife outrage makes me

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