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mackenzies celtic topWe would like to draw your attention to 9 year old Mackenzie Furniss’s brave fight against Neuroblastoma. Mackenzie and her family are trying to raise £350,000 to allow this brave wee girl to have Haploidentical Stem Cell transplant treatment in Germany. It’s shocking that there is no relapse treatment protocol for neuroblastoma available in the UK, hopefully that will change one day. Until then we asked that you join us in supporting Mackenzie and her family and friends to raise the money required for her treatment.

Mackenzie’s Story

“My name is Mackenzie, I’m nine years old and I love playing my guitar. When I grow up I want to be a nurse and help other people”.

Mackenzie has been diagnosed with relapsed neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive childhood cancer. Mackenzie’s best chance of beating the cancer lies in Germany.We have launched an urgent appeal to raise £350,000 to cover the cost of the clinical treatment she needs to give her a chance of life. Please donate to Mackenzie’s appeal so she can grow up and realise her ambitions.

Mackenzie, who has already beaten neuroblastoma once before, found out that the cancer had come back in November 2012.

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There are no relapse treatment protocol for neuroblastoma available in the UK, so her parents, Kimberley and Jason, have launched Mackenzie’s NCCA UK fundraising appeal to raise the money needed their little girl to have clinical treatment in Germany.

The NCCA UK helps children access clinical neuroblastoma treatments that are only available abroad. We also support research to bring new treatments to the UK.

Mackenzie was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk neuroblastoma in October 2009 when she was just 5 years old. Mackenzie was treated at the Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children. After gruelling treatments including chemotherapy, surgery and IL2 immunotherapy, Mackenzie completed her treatment in December 2010 and scans showed no signs of cancer.

Devastatingly, less than 2 years later, a routine MRI scan showed that the cancer had returned.

Mackenzie’s mum Kimberley said, “Our beautiful daughter Mackenzie had relapsed! Since November 2012 Mackenzie has again had to endure more chemotherapy and two stem cell harvests which will be used after she undergoes her MIBG (a radiopharmaceutical treatment) at hospital in London in May 2013.

MIBG is the very last treatment option available to Mackenzie in the UK. This is why we are fundraising with the NCCA UK to take Mackenzie to Germany for Haploidentical Stem Cell transplant treatment which costs £350,000.

Mackenzie is a very special nine year old who has overcome so very much in the past three and a half years. She has never complained, she just does what she knows she has to do. When Mackenzie grows up she really wants to be a nurse. Her daddy and I will do all that we can to make this happen.”Mackenzie photo

Please help us to help Mackenzie by making a donation to the NCCA UK.Please give as much as you can afford to help us save our beautiful daughter Mackenzie. Every donation made for Mackenzie, no matter how small, will make a difference.

If you can help us by holding or organising a fundraising event to raise money for Mackenzie’s Appeal please contact the fundraising team at the NCCA UK

on 020 7424 7263 or email us at

All funds raised for Mackenzie’s Appeal will be used for her treatment and its associated costs.  Any money raised above Mackenzie’s target will be kept should she need help in the future.

With our heartfelt thanks for your help.”

Kimberley and Jason Furniss.

Please Visit and consider donating. You can also follow Mackenzie on Twitter @macstartanarmy

There is also a petition you can sign to urge the Government and NHS to provide more adequate treatment options for children with neuroblastoma and relapsed neuroblastoma in the UK. HERE



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