Our Thoughts Are With The Knox Family

Fearless Oscar Knox
Fearless Oscar Knox

I only just found out about Oscar’s relapse this morning. On behalf of my family and The Celtic Network partners I would like to offer our full support and prayers to Oscar and his family. To his mum and dad, as a parent my heart breaks for you both. Take strength from the wonderful love and determination you have shown so far and be sure to know we are all standing with you and Oscar.

Can we ask all our members and visitors to visit http://oscarknox.blogspot.co.uk/ and support this wonderful family in any way you can.



On behalf of The Celtic Network




2 thoughts on “Our Thoughts Are With The Knox Family

  1. Jas

    The prayers and support of all my family too. What a struggle. It puts all other problems into perspective. God bless the Knox family.

    H H

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