The Green Brigade are pleased to announce that a positive outcome relating to Section 111 has been reached after constructive discussions with the Club. All relocations away from our block within Section 111 have now been reversed with all of those affected being returned to their original seat.

As always we must thank the Celtic support who once again rallied around our Group and section when it was needed. We would like to especially thank all fans within our block for their patience and resilience over the past few weeks as we tried to reach a positive conclusion. We are now satisfied that this has been achieved and look forward to returning to Celtic Park on Saturday to resume normal practice. Furthermore we look forward to working together with the Club on a project to introduce a Safe Standing section to Celtic Park.

Given relocations have already taken place – and the late nature in arriving at this conclusion – current/original season tickets will no longer be active. For Saturday’s match paper tickets will be issued for all within the block and will be distributed before the match. Tickets will be available for collection from 1pm at the ticket office behind the Superstore and will only be issued after presenting your 111 teamcard. We understand that this may be problematic however will strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

Until The Last Rebel


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  1. Apply [and receive go-ahead] for safe standing in 111, close the section. do the work, re-open two weeks later and boom, there’s yer lateral movement denner.

    Leave the bangers and crowd surfing out though, eh?

  2. Well done GB and hopefully what happened recently will in the long run help Celtic Park achieve a standing area were we can create an even better atmosphere.
    Till the last Rhebel

  3. Brilliant outcome, GB, and Celtic F.C. Let us hope this is the template for club/fan solutions in the future. This will be a major factor in our rise to the top of the heap of the world’s best supporters. It shows the rest that club and fans can sit down and resolve even the most difficult problems if only there is cooperation and understanding on both sides. This is a massive step forward in the club/support relationship and proves that, with a little more foresight on everyone’s part, the agro of the last months could have been avoided. It gladdens the heart of an old green and white soldier. Now it only remains for the spoilers to desist and for the GB to root out those that tarnish their good name – and they are, often as not, not from within. Chuck them on the spoil heap and keep your reputation unsullied.

    Do you hear the people sing?
    Singing a song of angry men?
    It is the music of a people
    Who will not be slaves again!
    When the beating of your heart
    Echoes the beating of the drums
    There is a life about to start
    When tomorrow comes!
    (Les Miserable)

    Let Saturday be the start and then on to Wednesday.

    H H

    1. Also meant to say that I am 100% behind the standing area campaign. To me, all seating is the root cause of many of the current problems and certainly has been instrumental in dampening supporters’ enthusiasm over many years.

      H H

  4. I’m please the GB will be at their usual place on Saturday – except the cnut with the bloody drum!

  5. LETS look forword get the supporters supporting thier team.WHY not get the police on board by showing them all banners that way no more problems ,if no dialog then thiers somthing got tobe done as the proof is thier victimization or discrimination &not forgetting paranioa the mind bogels.they have many cctv so why not catch the culprets who are doing wrong, or isit infiltrating as wee know they are allegedly establishment employees in attendance is that the reason the cctv did not catch the culprits WEE asA CLUB need supporters to go to & from games with out all the hassel CELTIC should be pushing away from all the rubbish u get in scottih football & stop all this infighting ,on wedneday lets get behind the famouse CELTIC GLASGOW HH KTF GODBLESS.

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