Special European Nights

European nights at Celtic Park are very special, many a person will tell you this Celtic supporter or not.

From players to managers, to opposing supporters and media throughout the world –

“Every professional footballer should seek to play at least one game at Celtic Park. I have never felt anything like it.” – Paolo Maldini

What makes Celtic Park so special during European ties?

The fixtures under the floodlights?

The passion from the home support knowingly accepting that we are the underdog but more importantly knowing that we have the ability of making things happen?

You see what needs to be remembered is that it is we the Celtic supporters that create these special occasions, Fergus & all those fans who put their hard earned into the club may have given us what we call paradise today however it is the supporters that make it special.

I love a European night at Celtic Park, everyone does whether it is in actual attendance or watching from afar we all love a European night at Paradise. We love being able to stand proud, take in the adulation from afar, chest puffed out and say – I was there or I am a Celtic supporter and I’m proud to call those in attendance on that special day MY SUPPORTERS.

All across the globe will we be approached by people recognizing our world famous hoops with tales of how they witnessed our great feats at home in European competition, the list is endless.

When someone asks me what my most memorable games are, I don’t refer to any domestic games, for me it’s Liverpool 2-2 in the UEFA Cup and last season against the might of Barcelona, a bit part team overcame all odds and shocked the world. Where Paradise shone with a terrific display and later became a cauldron of thunder.

It is with these moments that I urge every Celtic supporter – IF you can attend this game, be there.

I more than most recently understand that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for supporters to get to games – various reason’s make it more challenging however I feel that if we all want to continue this great tradition of great European nights, we need to make sure Celtic Park is full to capacity, giving that little bit extra for the players and leading them onto more qualifications and more memorable nights.

You never know – it doesn’t matter the opposition – this might be considered years in the future as a tie we can all say – I was there.

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  1. kraljski

    I have not been fortunate to attend in recent years due to health and distance but being among friends I have tasted from afar much of what you speak of. However, if you were of my generation you would remember many fantastic domestic occasions too against the likes of Aberdeen or Dundee United where the atmosphere was as intense as on any European night (Barcelona possibly the one exception). The semi final in 88 against Hearts and the final against United were among the most memorable for me and are up there with any European game. Mind you, in those days we stood at games and could share our excitement and our celebrations with anybody and everybody and in any way we wanted within reason and I am certain that added to the experience. I am not convinced seating lends towards freedom of expression. It would appear in actual fact to have the adverse effect. I have also been to European games where the atmosphere was as thin as that on the top of Everest. Basle under Martin O’Neil is just one that springs to mind. But let’s not allow the past to dampen or lessen our enthusiasm for the present. Today, the C.L. games most certainly do stand out as special occasions. However, it may be wise to remember that that could be as much if not more to do with drab domestic matches than a new excitement in European fixtures. No matter what, I hope the walls of Celtic Park are shaking like those of Jericho tomorrow night and that we can be blowing our trumpets as victors and not decimated like the vanquished.

    Your rallying cry is much appreciated by an old fan, kraljski, and if you listen hard you may even hear me croak, or should that be creak, now and then 🙂

    H H

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