James Cameron Steps back from TCN

Message from James.

Hail, Hail everyone. First of all thanks for all the support over the past few years I have really appreciated it. I’ve met some wonderful people through TCN, many that I hope to keep as lifetime friends.

I’m currently relaxing on holiday just now after two years of solid work. I decided a few months ago that due to business and family commitments that I could not give TCN the time and attention it and your good selves deserve. Therefore after discussions with my close friend Wullie I have decided to step back from the front line.

Although I will continue to own the site Wullie is taking over the day to day running of the site and our social media outlets. The big man has been involved in the development of TCN from the start and has posted on my behalf over the past 2 years both on here and on Twitter. So you may not know him but he certainly knows all of you. I’m sure he’ll do a cracking job in further developing the site and our relationship with our partners.

Once again thank you all for a wonderful 2 years. God bless and Hail, Hail



Please note that the ethos of this site will not change. James will still be in the background keeping me right.


10 thoughts on “James Cameron Steps back from TCN

  1. Jas

    What can I say. Boy, we have had some incredible conversations on the site over the last couple of years. So much so it is almost impossible to adequately express my thanks. However, priorities in life are constantly changing and you have obviously had to make important choices. Your enthusiasm, commitment and determination have been inspirational and I have long admired your uncompromising and unwavering stance on important Celtic issues. So thank you for all of that. Remember, we promised to meet for a wee drink one day. Retirement will not eliminate that plan. Take care. Enjoy more time with your family and stay happy. I hope to read some of your opinions sometime in the future. H H.

    To Wullie, if, as James says, you know me, you will be reading this with dread thinking of all the drivel you will now have to digest instead of James. Chin up. I will be brief, at least to begin with. Seriously, I am sure we will have as good discussions as James and I have had on a whole range of topics. Good luck and I eagerly look forward to your blogs.

    H H

  2. You’ve done a crackin job & provided a crackin service, wish you & family all the best Jas & look forward to Wullie progressing the great work forward as I am sure with the best support of the best support available will be the case. The Celtic support. .
    ‘Now go and celebrate the start of our new CL journey’.
    Beer on tap when you return Sir. HH.

  3. James
    You have created something here which will stand the test of time. I lift my hat to you.
    Keep a quiet mind and enjoy the break.

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