Dundee United 0-1 Celtic

Brilliance from Stokes and 3 points at the death

After a brilliant Paradise Wednesday in midweek the worry was always how would Celtic play after a hard midweek game, we all expected wholesale changes, but there were three and all forced, Forrest (Ankle) Samaras (Personal) and Mulgrew (ill)

Today wasn’t brilliant but before the game Lennon would have taken 1-0 with an OG in the last minutes, in the end it was a sublime free kick from Anthony Stokes

Celtic started strong against Dundee United with Lustig having a powerful shot blocked then the impressive Van Dijk coming close twice, once with a brilliant run and shot over the bar and another with a long range shot and a brilliant take from Stokes taken from the chest and volleyed wide, the signs were the side were on form, Lennon said after the game the park was very dry and this is maybe why our good passing players like the superb Chris Commons were unable to string 2 passes together with any runners throughout, we missed natural width today with the three missing from midweek

Dundee United came back into it with new player Ciftci testing Forster in goals with a decent free kick. Not long into the second half and it was a fright for Celtic when Lustig went down with what looked like a nasty ankle injury, the word is no hospital needed and possible ligament tweak, with the International break upon us, he may be back for the next game, but for a while it looked bad.

With the clock running down and Celtic looking tired Stokes was clever after a clumsy challenge from Watson in the United defence, free kick on the edge of the box, the ref put the ball down, turned round, Stokes pulled the ball back a few feet to give him more space to move the ball and it worked, brilliant free kick floated into the near post came off the inside of the post hit the other post and went in, 1-0, 3 points, job done

During the game we heard Celtic had signed Finnish striker Teemu Pukki from German side Schalke hot on the heels after signing Israeli midfielder Nir Biton with the promise of two more coming in before the 11pm deadline tonight

All in a good day for Celtic and topping off a brilliant week for everyone connected to the club

Finnish striker Teemu Pukki
Israel midfielder Nir Biton



6 thoughts on “Dundee United 0-1 Celtic

  1. Saun

    Do you realise how much I missed these summaries. It truly is a joy to have you posting again. It’s the detail and opinion that makes the difference so much so I almost feel I am there like in the old days when every individual had a different view not only the game but of each player. Of course in those days you could have it out with him or her right there and then as we all stood next to or even face to face to each other. There were the scary moments, of course, when a Schwarzenegger or a Hulk held sway but generally speaking, we all ended up hugging before heading home.

    Keep them coming when you can. I know it is a big ask sometimes but your commitment is infectious.

    H H


    1. IT’S Yourself! How are you. Well, I hope.
      Just glad to break the cycle of writing and blogging and talk about a passion again.
      Writing has become a big thing for me. I am still crap at it and still get confused with “of” and “off” I don’t think I will ever get that, but the spelling police can take a run lol

      And every game, that is the deal, look forward to it. Missed it a lot

      Glad you are well Arthur


      1. Saun, I don’t think you need to worry about “of” and “off”. I didn’t even have the nous to know when to put either of them in mine “different view not only the game but of each player” 🙂

        H H

    1. Glad to be back Wullie. Been a strange week, but a brilliant week also..
      I am due you a, thank you, and also a certain Edinburgh Tim, and great friend for, lets say, helping.
      Life never been better…
      …Well apart from when I was like 4 or something.


  2. Good to see you back Shaun. I have always enjoyed your match reports and news not always readily available elsewhere. I see you have not lost the knack. Great stuff kid.
    H, H.

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