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Being Honest

Deception does not sit easily with me. When I started this site I knew it was a good idea I just didn’t realise how quickly it would grow. The ย visitor numbers the site gets now is crazy compared to what I thought it would be. For months now I’ve been struggling with a problem. For better or worse it’s time that the truth came out.

My name is William Brown. I live at XX LumXXXX Street, Balornock, G21 XXX. You might think that it’s crazy releasing that limited info but it is easily found on the internet if you do a ‘Whois’ search. Over the past few years both sevconians and Tal fanzine punters have published my details online. They wanted to shut me up and intimidate me. It did not work.

Years ago I ran a site with a mate, it was called Not The Beeb. It was an ‘old firm’ forum which was meant to bridge the gap. In the most part it worked. 90% of the members loved their clubs but never had any malice towards the other. Unfortunately the 10% were nasty bigots. This was borne out when a combination of bigots from both sides not only published my name and address online but also the names of my wife and two daughters along with the Primary school they attended. I was also attacked because I was honest about suffering from depression. That proved too much.

I finally chucked social networking as it was known then. A few years later I joined Josh Gaffney’s Celtic Talk and met Jackie Campbell/ MarmarisBhoy. We got on well and decided that we should start a new forum called G40 Celtic Chat. The reason was that JC and I were old skool and we just wanted a site that focused on Celtic and not X-Box or PS3 games. We were too auld in the tooth for for that. Josh had built a brilliant community but we were only interested in Celtic. Nothing Else.

I told my wife Katie that Jackie and me were starting a site. She as usual supported me however she was scared that idiots would act like idiots and once again publish our personal info on the web. Funnily enough JC had the same idea, afterall we had decided that we would take the Klan on and expose their sectarian and racist behavior. Therefor I made up an alias ‘James Cameron’. ย Basically it was a pen name that shielded my family and business from the vile elements in the Rangers support.

For those reasons I decided to keep that pen name when I started The Celtic Network. As I said at the start I never expected the site to grow so fast. However it has.

For a good while now I have started to feel uncomfortable regarding using a ‘pen name’. The site has allowed me to meet so many decent people that I started to feel that I was carrying out a deception. There are some who always knew my real name but that was only because I knew I could trust them.

I know that most people will realise that there was no deception meant but It’s time to come clean. I had this mad idea that I could phase Jas out as you can see from the recent blog. But I would still be living a lie kidding on that Jas Cam was real. That disnea sit well with me.

Anyway. My two girls are adults now with their own successful lives and are hardly in the house. I don’t need to protect them in the same way. Due to that basic fact my wife is now comfortable with me using my real name. As for me I respect people like Tommy Sheridan and Neil Lennon who stand up for what they believe is right. Therefore I will now do the same. I will continue to name and shame bigots and racists, I’ll continue to challenge the Celtic board , Police Scotland, Politicians and those who think Celtic FC is a political vehicle for remembering the troubles. I’m Scottish , I’m from the Irish but most importantly I’m William Brown and I support Celtic FC.


wullie and Martin

36 thoughts on “Being Honest – Jas Cameron

  1. ‘remembering the troubles’, what does that even mean?

    Irish history involves resistance against British occupation, you can’t pick and choose your history.

    1. Pick and choose what history ? Celtic FC are an Irish club born in Glasgow, Scotland. We remember our roots, we remember the ten but that is not the be all and end all of our club.

      1. Fair play to you mate. My time on Twitter, I was fucked up with depression and suicide shit, it got the better of me. I tried to be honest, but wasn’t totally mate (It’s Shaun from Edinburgh by the way)
        You are a good man Wullie, I have always held you in the highest regard. I am now “Better” and blogging and am published. And being honest helped me no end. Shit happens for a reason, sometimes we never know what that reason is, but it will become clear I guess bud.

        Good on you, honesty is a virtue mate, so respect from an old mate who once wrote the odd thing on your site and gave me the platform for what I am doing now. I always wanted to call you and say “Thank you” What I did here, news now, got me noticed elsewhere. I still do the odd Celtic blog here and there. Being a busy writer takes a lot out of the best of us, I have no idea how you cope running a site as big as this buddy.

        Anyway, good on you for doing what you thought was right. I always admire people who just say it as it is.


        Shaun, Gaffa, ShaunGibson1888, Mulder, Scully, and fuck knows who else..
        I still speak to a few friends of yours on Skype, this is how I got this link. You are a popular lad, and you deserve everything coming your way with this site and any other ventures you may do mate.


  2. I was with you all the way there James until the ‘to remember the troubles’ bit. What does that mean?

    1. It means we have a great history but that is only a small part of it. You want the truth ? I supported the IRA and the PIRA, I still do support what they fought for. However my main support is behind Celtic FC. Cast your mind back a few weeks. Who had the largest support in Dublin ? The Irish have moved on, time we did the same.

  3. I admire your total honesty and agree wholeheartedly with your stance on the “political vehicle” issue. Keep up the good work chief ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You did what you had to do. Anyone who doesn’t understand that is dull in the head. Good luck William Brown..

  5. Wullie I will get in touch with you through a friend if that’s ok, would love to come back and do at least Match reports, Would be honoured buddy. Your a good man Wullie, one of the best pal.

    1. “Your a good man Wullie”

      And so are you, my dear friend. It is a joy to read this. You too always spoke from the heart. I really look forward to reading your work once more.

      Take care.


      H H

  6. Since we’re being honest Wullie, I’ll let you into a wee secret too…..

    …… name’s no’ really Althetim…

    Keep up the good work mate.

    Hail Hail

  7. Jas Cam

    What is in a name?
    Nothing, if the man remains the same.
    It is not his title nor his art,
    His reason nor intention.
    What makes a man are not his words,
    His wisdom or his station.
    His friends shall know him by his deeds
    And the beating of his heart.
    If his robes be silk
    Or his rags be tattered,
    To us it is no matter
    For be it Wullie, be it Jas
    Be it Broon or be it Cam
    He is still a Celtic man.

    My secret is I am no poet but I really am an auld guy ๐Ÿ™‚
    I look forward to many more surprises – last 16 maybe!

    H H

    PS I agree, J-W-C-B. It is heartening to hear from Saun and I wish him well.

    1. How are you bud, I miss our chats. I hope you are keeping well..
      And it wasn’t a bad go at a poem .. lol


      1. I am fine, Shaun. I am sure we can pick up again now that Jas, or James or Wullie has given us new impetus. If nothing else, your match reports would be much appreciated.

        “Wullie” Shakespeare – and you never knew ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. So glad you now feel in a position to be Wullie instead of James, was forgetting your name myself sometimes. As you say our girls are now older and the people who threatened in the past can have their own wee sad lives. I have and always will support you with this 100% .Carry on and HH. love U xx

  9. I have just joined looking forward to joining in the patter/banter/arguments……….It,s great to be a Tim.

    1. tccokey

      I hope that’s your real name!! We don’t do Charlotte Fakes on here, you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As a regular visitor, welcome and thanks for joining in. I look forward to some “fresh” contributions. I am sure you will learn a lot from the good, interesting, sometimes controversial but always entertaining information and opinions from Wullie and many other contributors. Two golden rules I have always admired on this site are freedom of expression and respect for each other’s point of view. I am convinced that is what you will find appealing most of all.

      H H

  10. Pleased to meet you, Wullie. Keep this under your hat – I always had my doubts about that James fella. But I sensed there was a good guy in there somewhere. Turns out it was you. Here’s to a long and prosperous relationship. Well, until I reveal my true identity to be Ally McCoist. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Wullie

    It has just struck me that that photo reminds me of Hen and Joe (Broon). I never thought Oor Wullie was one o’ that family too. Why did he have his own page and annual? ๐Ÿ™‚

    H H

  12. Well I have to say Wullie you have thrown a stone in the pond and the ripples are still hitting the shore.
    Tribute to you is the support you have received from the family. PB…Great poem. WB that is why you did all this so us Tims have a forum which increases in its influence day on day.
    TCN grounds me….truly grounds me.
    Even when I am in some crazy far parts of the world.
    Good to meet you finally…whats in a name anyway.
    Thank you once again for what you have believed in and continue to believe in.

  13. It is heartening to see all the messages of support you’ve been getting after your revelation. And again all I can say is good luck and it is good to read the names of the old guard again. Oh yes, I forgot to say what a spectacular job you do, whether as Wullie or Jas, and have done for ALL Celtic fans with the tireless work you have put into making this the best, most informative and by far the broadest ranged football club forum I have come across. And giving us another reason to be proud of our club, it’s style and the best football fans on the planet. Let no one forget you have played a major role in bringing the broader Celtic family closer to each other and to Paradise than anyone else, although it may not feel like that at times. You have always deserved more recognition than you have had in the past and it is to be hoped that now that your yourself, if you see what I mean, you will get it. Although now that I’ve seen your photie maybe a plaque rather than a statue though eh?
    All the Best.
    H, H.

  14. Great to be on board Wullie, sorry to hear all you and your family have been through. Keep up the mate hh x

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