The Walfrid Way

The Walfrid Way

Having walked from Newcastle to Celtic Park, cycled from Swansea to Celtic Park, climbed the six highest peaks in Britain and Ireland in a week and walkedTYNESIDE CSC the West Highland Way from Fort William to Celtic Park, this Saturday sees us walk to Celtic Park from Newcastle once again as we begin our fifth annual charity venture……”The Walfrid Way.”

7 Members of Tyneside No 1 CSC will set out on our fifth annual charity challenge as we walk from Newcastle to Celtic Park. We are raising funds for the treatment & care of young Sam Bradley, through the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children, as well as Celtic Charity. Sam is 2 years old and was diagnosed with high risk Neuroblastoma in January 2013. The net proceeds of this event will be collated by Celtic Charity and split evenly between the 2 charities. Your support will be invaluable. You can make a donation here

You can read more about Sam here and the work of NICFC here .

If anyone would like to join us at any stage they are more than welcome. We would especially like a number of folk to join us for our final stretch from outside Doherty’s in Hamilton to Celtic Park. The fixtures haven’t been kind to us and a lunchtime away game at Tynecastle will mean an 8.30 start (rough finish time 11.30) and then a dash to find somewhere that’s showing the game with the Gallowgate looking favourite.

2 thoughts on “The Walfrid Way

  1. I used to be well acquainted with a lot of you guys in TNo.1. I had the T shirt presented to me when I was ill in the Freeman (I confess to having donated it to a fine Celtic publican in Sligo to hang in the bar with other cherished Celtic mementoes. I hope you do not mind). Not that I remember much about getting it anyway. As some of you know, I was a bit far gone at the time. I do not get into town much these days, but like a lot of Celtic things those pub crawls, or dashes more like, round Newcastle, looking for a pub that was showing a game, bring back fantastic memories. I trust you will not have that problem in the Gallowgate on Saturday. I promise to join in with a little personal support. You do a great job, PETS! Every best wish in your endeavours.

    H H

  2. Good luck for all doing this. Hope you make a shit load of money.
    I would join in, but I would crumple to a heap just thinking about getting on a b

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