The International Break


So it’s that time again where we all worry our arses off at who will come back fit or with a broken face or something, International football. Opinions will vary on the International game, this is competitive so meh, friendlies do my head in, especially at the start of the season

International week (And please excuse the way I see it) is like having GREAT sex with your partner then her getting her period for a week, it’s just got that type of feel. Other things can happen, but it’s just not as enjoyable, and if you go ahead and do it, it can get messy, like when Belgium hammers Scotland

I don’t know what others think of International week, for me the only upside is it gives players who are injured or not playing a rest, on the downside we have many away on international duty, I remember a week last season, Lennon had Hooper and Kelvin Wilson available for a week, I think this week we have 7 players from our whole squad at Lennoxtown, so training must be crap

I have never been a fan of the national team, in all honesty if the game was in my back garden I would close the curtains

Anyway, harrumph I say, just as I start to write Celtic, BANG, International week

Least I can rest my fingers, saying that I don’t know what time of the month it is in terms of Mrs Shaun


Watching Paint Dry
Watching Paint Dry

12 thoughts on “The International Break

  1. Personally I love my club AND country & it gives me immense pride to see Broony, Forrest, Mulgrew etc represent the country of most of our births. I can only feel sad for Scottish people who are denying there birth right yet are happy to stay & take the coin, or who are glory hunting as there used to our club winning our SCOTTISH championship. I feel the time is right to let go of the ancestry & the supporting of our friends in Ireland as how many Celtic players ply there trade for them?

    1. ” I can only feel sad for Scottish people who are denying there birth right yet are happy to stay & take the coin”

      Where did that come from ? A bit racist if you ask me. Can you explain what you meant ? If not kindly desist from that kind of stuff on here.


      1. Certainly not racist, just sick of people constantly putting down our country, which I assume is yours as well as mine? I’m very proud of having Scots/Irish roots but at the same time I respect the country of my birth and what it’s done for me & for others of different donominations, colours & creeds. How you possibly bring the race card into this simple comment just shows the way the PC brigade are turning the country into a nanny state.

        Hail Hail

  2. I just dislike International football..
    I have no other motive other than it stops Celtic playing, really..
    We are allowed opinions Mark Bud


    1. Totally agree its a killer when the bhoys are not playing and I respect your view on international football. Did not mean for anything to be taken out of context.
      Anyway I hope Broony scores a hat-trick tonight and gives him confidence going into the Champions League!

      Hail Hail MTH

      1. My worry would be how many get INJURED for the Champions league due to internationals..I was delighted when Commons called it a day…
        And never an issue here Mark, football is about opinions. Total respect mate..
        We all want the same thing..


  3. Saun

    I am on your side regarding Internationals. And it is not an ancestral thing, at least not in the sense Mark says. I am not INTO the Irish agenda. If I have an international allegiance at all, it is to Scotland. If I am honest, I do not believe anyone has an entitlement to any place on earth. Our belonging in a particular stretch of land is much more an accident of birth than a birthright. I recognise and respect Irish Celtic connections to the founders of Celtic and to the club’s original aims and objectives, but I am not into specific Irish causes. I stand up against injustice, abuse and support human rights anywhere in the world but not especially in Ireland. No, I simply do not like internationals full stop whether it be Scotland, Ireland, England or The Virgin Islands – to slip a bit in for your metaphor, Saun. To me they have been boring for even longer than I have and that is some time-scale, I can tell you. However, I would never decry a player for grasping the chance to represent his country. It is no doubt an honour for that individual but I would point out to Mark it was an one very often denied in past years to many Celtic players, even exceptional and outstanding ones. Check the records for the number of selections of certain players against their standing in the football world. Take Jimmy McGrory, for example. He still is the top all time goalscorer in British football and recognised as one of the greatest goalscorers in world football. His professional career spanned 25 years. His international appearances amounted to 7 for Scotland and 6 for the Scottish League. Surely these figures are nothing short of derogatory if not downright insulting. Does that not then raise some questions as to the source of such an anomaly? I would be a liar if I did not admit that such bias played a part in my lack of interest too. But, at the end of the day, for my sins, I am really only committed to Celtic. Any other professional football, at any other level, holds little but a passing interest for me. If that is wrong then I must live with my weakness but I am afraid I will not change.

    H H

    1. holds little but a passing interest for me <<
      Pretty much my take. I agree if a player wants to play for his Country, fine.
      I live for Celtic, International Football means 2 weeks of nothing interesting ..

      Well said

      1. SHAUN. I just realised I’ve been misspelling your name. I have no idea for how long, mate. My apologies. Habit, I guess. What a numpty and no concentration. Up my own … too much probably. 🙂

        I’m on a break myself over the weekend. I am celebrating the wife’s 60th. You will have guessed, I’m into baby snatching 🙂

        H H

        1. Don;t worry about it, lol :0) All fun and games…
          And Happy Birthday to Mrs Pensionerbhoy, I hope you both have a great weekend.

          From Dawn, the kids and myself


          1. Thanks. I’ve just said and she told me thanks for telling the world. I corrected her and said I wasn’t it was a bloke called Saun. So you’re safe, Shaun 🙂

            H H

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