What writing about Celtic means to me

This is why we are different, we are ONE, we are a cause, we win as one, we lose as one


Somewhere someone will read this and old thoughts will come to mind, and to be fair I wouldn’t blame you, Jas = Wullie was a shock to many, I knew Wullie when I was on Twitter, he was kind and always decent, thanks to him and a friend we share I was given the chance to do something I love more than many things, writing about my beloved Celtic

Ever since I was a young kid something sparked my imagination with Celtic. My big brother is a Hearts fan, he took me to a LOT of Hearts games when I was 6/7 years old, I always remember the disgust on his face in 1986 when we piped Hearts to the league and I was dancing all over the room, he felt hurt, but I didn’t care, MY TEAM had won the league

I wrote about Celtic for around a year while on Twitter, I came onto Twitter due to being in pain, an invisible disability, this is why I am here today and also blogging and writing in other places about non Celtic related things, as fucked up and as strange as it may sound I am a published columnist, but looking back, if I hadn’t joined twitter, never gave in, never stood up, I wouldn’t be the happy lad I am today. If truth be told, and from my heart to yours, if I was to go pay to watch another team, it would be Hibs, I have a soft spot there, I lived in Leith nearly 20 years bringing my kids up and starting a new family and learning how to be a man, a real man, before I was a dick, these days others may decide I still am, I only ask you realise how ill I was on Twitter, it was bad, but I wouldn’t change it, it put me where I am today

How the fuck did this happen? I pinch myself most days, all these months ago I was on Twitter I was a really ill man, and I will freely admit it now. I am still ill, but pain is my issue, back then the medication and getting used to being someone else, not on Twitter but in real life I took very hard. But during my time I loved nothing more than sticking it to them, something I don’t think I will do now, I want to write about the club I love. “They” will be liquidated again, but 1000 other people know this and write about it, so good on them, for me, I want to write about my club, the only time I will write about them is if by some miracle they are still alive and we play them and beat them on the park, that is what football is to me

Blogging on my own then with another site then here, then stopping and starting my own blog, then getting to columns on world affairs was perfect for me, I am still learning to write, I strive to become better, so what better chance to write for a club and a set of fans I admire more than any word can tell. When I did my first blog here a few weeks ago I got a ton of emails asking if I was on twitter again, people saying good to see you again, and friends I still keep since twitter days saying “Told you so” Many never gave up on me. I took my fair share of abuse, but I deserved it, I was ill, I shouldn’t have been on a site doing anything.

But let me just say the love, compassion and forgiving nature of Celtic fans is why I am one myself, people do care, they give a shit, and the emails and chats on Skype over the last few weeks have shown me why I should write about Celtic, and reinforced my love for the fans. Not one single person can claim to be Celtic, it is a team game, and as a team we are the best, we are unique, we are a cause, they are because. We sing about our history and heritage, we are a very forgiving people. I pride myself on being a Celtic fan, but to anyone trying to get me to write about them or show ANY interest in what happens to them, please don’t waste your time, I mean that with total respect,  I am not interested, others do it and do it well, so let them

I will feel privileged to do Match Reports and a blog here and there about the club and its fans. Had it not been for certain Celtic fans I would not be writing this just now, so the point is proven, we are the best fans in the World. But listen, opinions vary, and one thing I did learn over the last year is people will have opinions, and we all must allow them, otherwise debate turns into sour distaste

I learnt a little more about writing, but I am still very average, I don’t make a fortune from writing, I do it for the love of wanting to, the main reason I can do 10 blogs and articles a day on various sites is I have to push my mind to another place or the pain comes.  I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, as well as Chronic fatigue and Insomnia, figure that one out and I will give you my Lisbon Lions poster lol

It is good to be back writing Celtic, last time I allowed myself to be offended, people were telling me left right and your aunty to not bite, but I guess it was in my nature, these days, not so much. I found myself, I found love within my family through my Daughters especially, having two young girls changes you as a man, it brings love and a caring side, same as anyone who suffers ANY kind of pain will tell you, being like that opens your mind to be a caring person. I speak to hundreds of people on a few places and the common theme about this bastard disease it takes and takes, but it also gives, it gives love, I would like to thank Wullie and a good Tim from Edinburgh who I class as a  VERY good friend, he stood by me, he never gave up, he told me to keep writing, I owe this guy a lot, you know who you are, if you want to say who you are, feel free buddy, but thanks (Again) for making this happen. I won’t be on twitter, not my thing; I won’t be on Skype, waste of time. But Wullie asked me, sorry after me getting in touch through a mutual friend, Wullie said,  “Yeah, Welcome Home” That welcome home meant more to me that I can say or find a word for

More love, less hate, something I just started one day, some will laugh at it, others won’t, when you write, your put your neck on a block, I realised that also, you will never keep everyone happy nor will you get everyone to agree, if you think this stop writing now, it just doesn’t happen this way. Even when I do articles about the USA and how the have become a War country and the World Police people say I am wrong, but this is my opinion, I stand by it and take what shit comes with it, if we can’t accept the shit, we can’t write, we lose sleep, we get lost, kinda like the last time for me, lol

The world truly is a better place with that saying, I won’t say it again here, but I say it on most of my blog and articles and people respond to kindness and just being a human being, doors open and close in life, we just need to know when to walk through and when not to. I turned 40 when I was away, and  I grew up a lot, I had to or I would be dead, I tried suicide, thankfully I am shyt at that also. But life is good, Celtic are in the best place they have been as a club for a VERY long time, exciting times ahead for us all, so lets unite, and win, this is what we all want, we do it together better than we do apart, this is football, this is how it works best



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6 thoughts on “What writing about Celtic means to me

    1. How you doing pal? Hope you and the family are well, hope the wee man is doing well with his football.
      Good to hear from you again.


  1. Saun

    You sure know how to make an auld man greet! I have always felt your deep, deep passion but this is deep down. Well done to you and you know I have been a fan, a follower and a supporter for quite some time now and always will be. Keep it going, mate.

    H H

    1. Love how you call me Saun…I feel important :0)
      And I was just being honest. With great pain comes great honesty…pretty much way I see it and feel it.

      Besides it is International week :0(

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