Big week ahead as we refocus

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We did it before, and I think we have a better more experienced side now


The brilliant memories of the Stan Petrov game will forever live in our memory, international week is all but over, we seem to have got through without any bad injures so far, Lustig played so that was good to see

Ac Milan away on the 18th at the San Siro more than wets the appetite, but first we go to bottom of the league kids side Hearts on the 14th, they are a very young side this is a game we can afford to rest a few players but I don’t know if Lenny will do resting players as he did last season unless they are really unfit or injured, the Dundee United game proved this perhaps with 3 enforced changes, so I predict a good win and an easy game, if we are focused and on game we could win this 3-0 at least, Hearts are a very poor side and very young, it will be hard, never easy there due to the crowd being so close, but I think 3 safe points

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This should be an easy game, we could get through this in 2nd gear


Then 4 days later Champions league football, reality is we are heavy underdogs for this, it is an amazing stadium against a top side, on paper we stand no chance, but there is something about this Celtic side just now, we seem to deliver and our away record in Europe has improved, anything can happen over there, we could win, draw or get a doing, but I think Lenny has a Euro ready squad just now, a group of players mostly playing decent international level, players who know what hard games are and how to play them and handle them. Will he throw Teemu Pukki into the game in Italy, for me give him some time against Hearts and if he looks ok, we play him, he has played a high level, scored again Spain not long ago, we have a readymade player to play in high profile games. If we can go into this with no injuries I think we could do ok. In reality we need 3 home wins in this hard league and if we get the 3 wins we have a chance as don’t forget these teams, AC, Ajax and Barcelona will all take points from each other, our home form, if we can keep it going, we could sneak out of this group, we are there, so why not, we are more than good enough

But let’s not underestimate where we are going and what we face, we need 11 players up for this one and not fazed by the support or the game, one thing is for sure, I would rather be playing AC Milan than playing in some park with half a stand somewhere 🙂

If you are lucky enough to be going, lucky you, I am nervous already


4 thoughts on “Big week ahead as we refocus

  1. Shaun (I just might revert to Saun. I had kinda got used to it :))

    A very precise summary of our current situation. I only hope the players are not duped by the young Hearts team. It is so easy to be lured by immaturity and with dire consequences. Barcelona might well have had that experience with us. I am sure our present squad is waking up to the pitfalls for overconfidence and will see us safely through. The San Siro is definitely one of those intimidating arenas, as you say, and even being used to nuclear occasions such as the previous European game or Stan’s day last Sunday may not be sufficient preparation. I only hope the players do us proud and, for God’s sake, play up and down the way they did for the most part against Shakhter Karagandy. This cross park system they had drifted into was not only fruitless but absolutely not the Celtic way. No matter, I have come accept that for now the journey is far more pleasurable than the arrival at any final destination and the distance is not important.

    All the best. Arthur.

    H H

    1. Well said, can;t add much more to that mate. We are there, what will be, will be. Lets just all enjoy the tournament, anything can happen. I still think if we win all 3 home games, we still have European Football next year. Anything away from home is a bonus. They will all lose/draw, take point from each other. Our home form is 2nd to none.


      PS: Saun is good 😀

      1. “They will all lose/draw, take point from each other. Our home form is 2nd to none.”

        I have to admit it is something I always tend to overlook when just looking at the difficult task for ourselves. Many a successful leader gained his supremacy by simply waiting till the opposition annihilated one another. As you say, Shaun, who is to say our fate does not depend on the battles between others as those we have to participate in ourselves.

        H H

  2. Yeah this is my hope, we win 3 home games and leave the 3 other sides to batter each other to death
    I think we can get out this group. Sometimes when we get hard groups we do better.


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