Feeding Hatred


I have been reading blogs and articles and books now for more than a decade on hatred between Celtic and Rangers. As I see it we sing about out past and what made Celtic “CELTIC” We sing about heritage and culture and who we are and where we came from

THEY don’t, they sing about hatred and laugh in the face of the hatred of Catholics. Is this a new thing? No it’s been going on for longer than most of us have been alive, stopping it seems impossible, so what can we do? Do we fight fire with fire and keep the hatred or do WE become the better people and turn our back on it? I know many will have opinions and THAT IS GOOD opinions will one day perhaps help stop this hatred coming from them, a hatred that is taught from birth

But I won’t tire you all out with what has already came before us, I will try (All anyone can do) to offer an alternative. How about we stop feeding the hatred? Just don’t reply, don’t go on fishing trips to their sites and just stop. I am only asking, could that be possible

I know hatred runs both ways, but it is hard to NOT hate them when we see this







Viewing these images made me angry, and I am sure these images and more like them will make you angry. But they WANT to make us angry. We live in a country where Catholics are treated like 2nd class people, I did a blog about this a year ago and got sexual feedback, I said we are a CAUSE they are BECAUSE. I would rather put all my energy into singing about my team, I would rather not argue with them or about them. When I was on Twitter before I blocked a Sevconian as soon as I seen one, not because I needed to, but because they had nothing that would interest me.

Over the last 8 months I have done match reports ONLY on a few places I blog and write and it is refreshing to just support and love Celtic with none of this fucking baggage that people throw at us. We have choice, we can CHOOSE to put the hatred behind us and leave it there. As I said in a reply to Wullie on one of his blogs, we feed a bear we keep it hungry, we starve the bear and walk away, we kill it

So let’s kill it and just support the club we all love, I know for many this would be hard and impossible for others, but we all ask “Why” and say “When will this stop” or “Why are they like this” How about we stop and just support our cause our ways and rejoice in what we KNOW is the best club on the planet. Look back to last weekend; is there another club on earth that could pull 60,000 for a charity match? I think not

I am going to support Celtic and say “To fuck with the sub-humans”

We do have choice, I choose  this

11 thoughts on “Feeding Hatred

  1. Hi Shaun

    I kind of gave an opinion on what you say in my comment to Wullie in the previous blog. Somehow you hit a big nail full on, on the head. I am an ardent follower of Paul McConville and not just for the football stuff. I really enjoy, in spite of not always if not rarely understanding, his very personal but impartial (in spite of accusations to the contrary. The truth hurts, they say) approach and his style of writing. And no fair minded man could not admire his bold attempts to allow total freedom of speech. Personally I believe his interpretation of this idiom to be excessively liberal and I am certain many of the comments on his blogs justify my opinion. One thing they do for sure is confirm the statements in your blog. Anyone not aware of the effects of reaction and counter reaction would be advised to trawl through the comments on Paul’s site (Random Thoughts Re Scots Law by Paul McConville) on any given day. Most of them reflect the attitudes – on both sides, I might add – of ignorant and silly school kids having a “my daddy’s bigger than your daddy” go at each other by dredging up the most insulting, hurtful and degrading assertions they can “imagine” – for they are certainly not the product of intelligence. However, they are actually adults (of a sort) and the vindictiveness and downright cruel language is nothing short of shameful at times. The pro Celtic contributors would probably be unrecognisable if you came across them in the street (helping an old guy like me across the road :)) or sat next to them at Celtic Park. It would appear that the rage extracted by an internet comment creates the perfect Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde scenario. Ordinary folk are transformed into posting demons slinging all the fire and brimstone they can lay their normally innocent hands upon. You are correct, therefore Shaun, that confrontation rather than being the perfect reaction is in fact the perfect storm. It is better to be Christ-like and turn the other cheek or if you are not good at pain be a sage or even a coward and turn away. I do recognise it is an extremely difficult challenge for most of us, me very much included, and no one should under-estimate the superhuman effort required sometimes in the face of downright ignorance and abuse. On the other hand should one ever abandon the Cause simply Because?

    Moved by your passion and sincerity once again, Shaun.

    H H


  2. Paul and I grew up in the same area as kids, he is a decent lad.
    Paul had a different life and surrounding than I did. But total respect to Paul.

    As for the blog, all it is, is an opinion. Some will always say “My Dad is bigger than your Dad” but if people TRULY want to end it, then it has to be ended by the people. Fire with fire leads to more fire.

    I learnt the biggest lesson in my the last few years due to whatever, offline stuff. And with it came a dislike of hatred and a move towards Catholicism again. I HAD to re-find God, and by doing so I just see hatred for what it is Arthur. Hate.

    Others will see it as something else, but like I say, accepting opinions is something we must do, even if we don’t agree with them. When we don’t agree we talk, when the talking turns to hate, this is where we have the problem. Better people than me have tried to speak about this and solve it, I was just giving an opinion.

    Will it end? I don’t think so.


    1. Shaun

      I struggle to argue with your points. In the end it IS hate that can eat the heart out of us all and it is more destructive to the hater than the hated. I have to admit I am at least some way towards your ethical stance. I can still get very angry about the injustices and the inequalities in life but I try never to allow that to become personal vindictiveness. I worked for many years with offenders and to keep myself in check I relied on the long established adage “condemn the sin but never judge and try to understand and forgive the sinner”.

      However, even given our ethics we must still be wary. “Ignore it at your peril…………That,s why we have arrived at this situation,Face it,fight it,always defend our position……” (comment by tccokey3 on Wullie’s post Sept 13th). I think this must not be excluded, no matter what principles we hold.

      But be assured, Shaun, your words do make an impression and that alone gives them inestimable value.

      H H

          1. You never know. I might be drunk enough some night or I could develop Monochromacy. Hope not, I would miss the green 🙂

            H H

      1. No argument, people who hate usually are people who have never known love Arthur. Like any man I am ageing, growing, learning and understanding life as I go. I don’t do hate. I do self defence, but only if it’s in my face. But I stand by, hatred CAN ONLY BE if LOVE HAS NEVER BEEN. I see this a lot more, maybe I look more? I don’t know. But I just see, wherever there is no love, lives hatred.

        And you (We) can all make an impression, it is if that impression is allowed. See I found God again the last year As I said and it just happened. Almost over night, I asked and it was given. I asked again, looking up with a smile, and it was given, 3 things happened, 3 events I can’t explain. So I had to look back to God. By doing so you open your heart up, probably too much, but these days I would rather speak from my Heart than from my Arse. :0)
        So I mean not to make impressions, rather just speak from where the words come

        Cheers Arthur.. I love our debates

        1. Shaun

          “I love our debates”. No more than I, I assure you. As for your spiritual journey, I can empathise, very much so. I believe those of us that undergo the Road to Damascus experience are privileged and are in some way unable to ignore the path we are shown. It is not about obligation or force but rather enlightenment. For myself, it is also a door to personal freedom and potentially unlimited understanding. I am with you all the way, my friend.

          H H

          1. I think the word Freedom is a word I took more there, freedom of mind, before where my mind was not my own, you don’t realise you are doing things or saying things, once you get your mind sorted, life kinda falls into place, well it is for me. Being told you have to renew your life is hard, but through love, patience and friendship, may I add from many Celtic fans who I stayed in touch with also helped. One in particular from Edinburgh. Many knew I wasn’t well, I was an ill man, but when people know this, real people. people without hatred, it makes things easy. The support was superb and I come back as I should have started all these months a go when I came onto Twitter. I learn hatred on Twitter and I acted upon it also, so we live and learn Arthur. The journey was hard but one must be pulled through a bush to see the roses (Or some saying like that, lol)
            Life is good, health sucks, but I breath and love life. No hatred is a good place to be. I wish more from the Dark side would give it a try, our World would be a better place. Again, only opinions Arthur as you know, I wouldn’t dare try to tell people how to act. Each person lives and dies through their actions and when they face the big guy, they will be judged. As you know…
            Always my pleasure mate


    1. Just something that came to mind Peter. I think the level of hatred I am talking about here, PURE VENOM, for me you don’t know what love or compassion is if you have that shit in your heart and soul. Just opinions here,

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