When Will The Intimidation End ?

When Will The Intimidation End ?

Over the past two years three Scottish clubs have entered administration. Fans of Hearts and Dunfermline did not sit back and wait for a sugar daddy. Their supports organised, raised money and bought control of their respective clubs from the Administrator. I’m not a great fan of Hearts but I wish them and the Dunfermline fans well for the future. Both sets of fans showed humility and dignity throughout their ordeal.

The third club Rangers FC are now going through the liquidation process, they died in 2012 after their fans decided to go down the sugar daddy root aided and abetted by the mainstream media in Scotland. In their place after having to apply for membership of the Scottish Football League is a new club. As such they are treated as a new club by UEFA and FIFA. The only association to muddy the waters is the Scottish Football Association (SFA). Regardless of what the SFA say or refuse to say there is a real life test as to whether the club now based at Ibrox are a new club. It’s straight forward. If the current Ibrox club win the Scottish cup in 2014 they will not be eligible to play in any UEFA competitions. End of story.

For years this country has been embarrassed both at home and in Europe by the Rangers support. The late journalist  Ian Archer once said “This has to be said about Rangers, as a Scottish Football club they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace. This country would be a better place if Rangers did not exist.”  However what we have seen since Valentine’s day 2012 has moved their nastiness into a new orbit.

Managers, football fans, club directors, football administrators and journalists have been threatened to the extent where the Police have had to give them either protection or advice on their safety. Raith Rovers were informed of a serious plot to burn down their main stand after Chairman Turnbull Hutton spoke the truth. Jim Spence is just the latest in a long line of people to have been threatened and bullied by the Rangers support. Is it any wonder when you consider the following ?

Charles Green invoked the ‘it’s not our fault, everyone is anti Rangers ‘ tactic to sell season tickets last season and Craig Mather employed the same tactics this year. Their manager Ally ‘the joker’ McCoist has publicly demanded to ‘know’ the names of those in power who passed sanctions on both oldco and newco. McCoist was well aware who ‘these people’ were but that did not stop him putting these peoples safety in jeopardy by whipping the support into a frenzy. Only weeks ago the ‘cheeky chappie’ tried to blacken the names of other players and officials because one of his players was caught betting against his own team.

On top of this we have serial fools like Chris Graham spreading lies about Celtic supporters regarding knives and bus fires. Why the mainstream media allow this guy near a TV or Radio station is beyond me.

In any other country the press would have hammered Messrs McCoist, Green and Mather for stirring up anger and let’s be honest hate towards innocent people. Unfortunately the people of Scotland and it’s football supporters have been let down. Let down by a cowardly press pack hoping for scraps from the Ibrox table and football’s governing bodies who’s lack of courage has let this dangerous situation occur.

As for the Police they only seem interested in “The Offensive Behaviour At Football” part of the new act. Unfortunately it seems they have forgot the “Threatening Communications” part. They could have a field day on Rangers message boards.

So when will this intimidation end ? I don’t know, I can only hope it’s before someone is seriously injured. It’s time for the decent law abiding people to stand up and let the authorities know that we are not prepared to accept this nonsense any longer.

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  1. Great read buddy.
    I think we have read, blogged, talked, shouted and sung about this for as long as I can remember. I was brought up with different hate, when I realised this was going on I didn’t get it. Now I get to the stage where, you can only be offended if you choose to be (I am speaking in general here) We can only be offended if we choose to be. What are our options? What can we do? A willing media who hates us, A police force so racked up with Masons they won’t do their jobs properly, what do we do.

    Well I decided (Just me) to ignore hate, to walk away, and look away. If we feed the lion we keep it coming back for more. If we starve the lion it will still want to eat, and eat us, but if we starve the lion and walk away, the lion dies.

    Just my opinion.

    Good blog

    1. Ignore it at your peril…………That,s why we have arrived at this situation,Face it,fight it,always defend our position.the dam will break,but only if we resist.Willful ignorance will be looked back on as capitulation,by those who matter to us.It only takes one person of honor to question the “peepel”be it jurnos,police,local gvmnt.when that happens they will(in the interest of self preservation)turn and devour each other….Look at sevco/died club/,now tearing up the boardroom.that in itself is a microcosm of the future for them……ktf………your,s in Celtic TC.

  2. I agree with Shaun to an extent that they are best ignored, but it is so frustrating that they are getting away with this which in turn gives them the freedom to vent their “We are the people”. Can’t see anything ever changing when the country is run and policed by Masons 🙁

  3. Wullie

    What you say is a repetition of so much that has been written on here and elsewhere over the last 24 months. But, sadly, it still needs repeating. It is not unlike The Holocaust – not that I would wish to degrade that tragedy by mentioning it in this context. But I hope people will understand and appreciate how the seriousness of those evil events in WWII have a proportionate resemblance to the seriousness of the evil events in Scottish football in recent times – in that what occurred was and is denied by many perpetrators and it must never be allowed to happen again. It has been accepted, therefore, that one of the most effective ways of achieving this is to continually bring it to people’s attention. It is simply mind boggling how a section of Scottish society can be given such exceptional regard as to make them different, if not even special. Or is it simple fear that drives the policies as in Hitler’s Germany? Perhaps either or both of these attitudes is the very root of the problem. It seems those who ought to, who have the influence to and most of all who have the power to act appropriately, do not have the balls to take any proper and effective action. Yet should someone step out of kilter, the same people seem armed and “ever ready” to block their efforts.

    Shaun, I also spent many of my youthful years away from West of Scotland influences in England where the divide was a complete unknown and where I was able to mellow the tainted impressions of my childhood at home. However, when I returned years later, I witnessed and heard first hand so many instances of the effects of this divide in much of my day to day living that it did not take long for some of my mellow fruitfulness to turn to a thankfully, mainly controlled anger. I wish it had not been so and that I did not have to tirelessly battle against my anger even to this day. But, like Wullie and an inordinate number of others, I find it difficult to experience this continuing division without reacting. It is incredible that many of the injustices overtly perpetrated in other countries and so indignantly and vociferously condemned by our country are subversively and furtively committed under different guises and with complete impunity on our own doorstep.

    Can I just mention, Wullie, that I read an article recently that stated the Crown Prosecution is investigating collusion between police officials at various levels including the top brass (who, I have on good authority, are the root cause of all police activities that so annoy everyone in Scotland and whose orders are in the main, based on personal and specific agendas) and Rangers P.R. representatives (most likely the J. Irvine fraternity) to “influence” the actions of H.M.R.C. during the tax cases. There are fireworks in waiting and I am not so certain they are for the 5th of November. My only real concern is that The Crown Prosecution Service may be sharing the very same bed as the people they are investigating. I may be in danger of being repetitive but “watch this space” though it might well be a fruitless vigil.

    H H

    1. Cheers PB, I also read the article re: Crown office investigation. Like yourself I fear collusion at the highest level. This is the establishments club and they will do whatever they can to protect it and themselves. You only have to look at Lord Nimmo Smith’s ‘No sporting advantage’ to see how this all works.
      So we’ll have to just keep chipping away at them and hopefully change things for the better. Hail, Hail

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