AC Milan Vs Celtic – Preview


Here we go
Here we go

The Group of Death they call it, whoever they are, I see one of the so called “Big 3” having a nightmare and us remaining in Europe. Happens most seasons with these “Groups of Death” If we can maintain our home form, the other three sides will take points home and away from each other and with a home record like ours, why not?

10 wins, 4 draws. 9 clean sheets. 18 goals scored, 5 conceded in our last 14 games, you can thank Wullie for the stat’s, looking at it we have to be positive, six games, no matter the result on Wednesday we have to keep believing in our home form where the stands become an extra man

Team news for Ac Milan is not all that good, again thanks to Wullie for the stat’s, here is how AC Milan are shaping up

Game’s 2013’14
PSV 1 – Milan 1
Milan 3 PSV 0
Milan 3 CAGLIARI 1
Torino 2 Milan 2

Last 5 games
Torino-Milan 2-2 draw
Milan-Cagliari 3-1 win
Milan-PSV Eindhoven 3-0 win
Verona-Milan 2-1 loss
PSV Eindhoven-Milan 1-1 draw
* 2 wins, 2 draws 1 defeat

Here are the comments from Massimiliano Allegri on the last game AC played:
“The performance is no surprise as the team needs to be tweaked; we have to find the balance that we lost as we’ve changed the way we play. From the point of view of the commitment of the payers, it was a good match. Kakà needs to get match fitness and to get to know his team mates better. Matri gave us more depth. Torino won’t be happy with how the game finished but we did what we had to do. It was along the lines of the match we played with them back in the spring. We did n0t concede then but tonight we went two down and came back.”

Scores this season for AC Milan



So that is the low down on AC Milan, what about Celtic, We know Forrest and Kayal are out, Steven Mouyokolo will be out for six months with a complete rupture of an Achilles, but it looks like Adam Mathews will be fit to play in-front of Lustig on the right should Lenny set up this way. We will all be guessing on the starting 11, we NEED the strong players who play with no fear, players who forget the occasion, so here is my 11 for Wednesday night. I don’t think we will play Van Dijk, Should Mathews not make it, Common’s on the right, Ledley starts. I may be 1 player out, I may be 10 players out, I think Lenny bought some players for these games, I am not 100% he trusts Van Dujk just yet, I may be wrong. The way I see it is Commons holding in front of Brown and linking things up left and right also, Mathews and Boerrighter will attack when we get the ball, Samaras and Commons will link things up and hope we can get the ball to Pikku. If Pikku doesn’t start, then Stokes, but Pikku I think may start and Stokes come on late. What do you think?

Lustig, Ambrose, Mulgrew, Izaguirre
Mathews, Commons, Brown,  Boerrighter
————————/– Samaras
———– Pikku /

Pointing the way
Pointing the way

I think this would be my 11 starters, to play Ledley, who do we drop? Lenny has said Boerrighter and Pikku can cause them problems; of course this could be mind games. If he goes with the above formation, everyone will defend when we don’t have the ball, I know with no Ledley we may miss something in the middle, but Lenny might just tell his back 4 to sit and let Brown sit in front and use Mathews, Commons, Boerrighter and Samaras to support Pikku. More or less a 4-1-4-1 with Samaras playing from the left and Commons tucking into the right. It is bold, but do we go 4-5-1 and sit in? I think we have the bodies to counter them. AC Milan are not firing on all cylinders just now, and maybe, just maybe Lenny will sit with 10 and attack with 5 on the counter.

Be you there, the pub, in the house with mates, wherever you are, enjoy the game. Feel free to throw your 11 up there and we can see who got close just for fun. I just have a sneaky feeling Lenny will be bold in the away games, he knows sitting in and inviting teams on to us doesn’t work.  So please, give me your 11 below.





16 thoughts on “AC Milan Vs Celtic – Preview

  1. I think VVD will play at CB with Ambrose… Mulgrew, Brown, Ledley, Sami & Commons making the 5 in midfield with Stokes up top.Pukki, Derk, Matthews on the bench. He may swap Matthews for Mulgrew or Ledley or Derk for Sami in starting line up but shape still same – strong, hardworking & solid middle! Stoked must start, he’s on fire just now as both creator & scorer of chances. Hoops to win 2-1 … Hail Hail

    1. Good shout..Hard one with Stokes, Lenny never plays him in the big games and is on record saying “Pukki can hurt them” Could be mind games. Would be unfair on Stokes if he is dropped, but we need the better player for this game. Who has most experience for this game? Stokes or Pukki? I think this will sway Lenny.
      Either way a good team you picked Sparky. Sami has to play as does Commons. It is healthy, we have injuries and we still will have to leave out 2/3 good players. But I would rather we were in this position that celebrating 2 hat tricks in the 3rd division 😉

      PS: Hope you keeping well

      1. Thanks mate – your spot on, great to have some options & good ones at that! Lenny often surprises us with his final selection … whilst not afraid to tweak it when required! In Lenny we trust 🙂

        Smashing article .. all the best!



  2. I would go with


    Lustig, Ambrose, Van Dyke, Izaguirre

    Matthews, Commons, Brown, Ledley Samaras


    A flexible 4 – 4 – 2 which can switch to 4 – 5 – 1 with Samaras cutting in from the left when we attack.

    Milan like to play 4-3-3 so if we can shut the midfield down and cut off supply to Balotelli, Matri etc then we have a good chance. It’s a big bonus that their capt Montilivo will miss the game. He’s a top player and makes Milan tick.

    We have a good chance but we have to be on our best game.

    Hail, Hail

    1. I think the teams people are posting here, emails, boards and people I speak to, we are all about 2 or 3 players away from opinions. I still think Pukki will play. Stokes, to be fair to the bhoy, with a year to run on his Contract is showing he CAN replace Hooper, so yeah maybe deserves a start, but we all seen Lenny drop Stokes for the big games before. I think Stokes and Commons are building the same relationship Stokes/Hooper had, so that can only be good.

      Least everyone agree’s on who will be in goal’s 😀

      Good feeling about this one. And I never usually do away from home.
      With the info you gave me Wullie about AC Milan and checking myself, they are VERY short in the full back area and leaking goals there also. Check the goals they lost in the 2-2 game with Torino, both goals lost at the left back area, so get Boerrighter or Samaras attacking that area. I think we will score.

      Torino 2-2 AC Milan

      Verona Milan 2-1 AC Milan

      Milan look suspect on the wings and very poor in the air!!
      Lenny will have watched all this and will know where to attack them. BUT..They are good going forward also. I really do think we will score over there, maybe more than 1

      1. Wullie. I can’t seem to embed these 2 video’s, showing the weakness in AC… Have I tagged wrong?

  3. As always my biggest concern is Forster. Afraid the big fella doesn’t fill me with much confidence in him at all, I know others disagree, but we can never be sure which performance is turning up… Decisive or all at sea …

    1. Yeah, he is either out of this world or leaves us biting our nails!!
      Hopefully he will raise his game for Europe like last season L.

      PS: Hope you doing away mate

    2. Hi Lorenzo

      Agree on this. Sadly, consistency is a key element of goalkeeping. Consistently bad is in a way better than inconsistently good. At least with the former everybody knows what to expect. With the latter, nobody has any fingernails left.

      H H

  4. Hi Shaun

    I have never been into predicting line ups. Growing up with Big Jock, you could never predict if you were getting into the game never mind who would play. To be honest, I am convinced we now have several equally good options, all of which I think have been listed. I have to admit I am a real Adam Mathews fan and really believe he and Lustig are forming, if not quite a partnership, then a strong combination. I hate to see Charlie being sidelined. He is my kind of committed player. In the end though, I still prefer Adam and Michael. I would not have a problem with Charlie at centre back but he will have a job changing what looks like a winning duo, Effe and VVD. Whatever the choice, I think we can put p a decent show and I agree we can not be written off by any of them in spite of their papaer superiority. It is interesting that all the “great” players in our group are the ones who give the team and the club “respect”.

    Fun selection:


    Lustig, Ambrose, Van Dyke, (Mulgrew) Izaguirre

    Matthews, Commons, Brown, Ledley, Samaras

    Stokes (Puki)

    The ones in brackets are the unlikely starters but have a good chance of coming on sometime. Stokes has earned a start and needs to earn his spurs at this level. That could just be his incentive to perform.

    No matter who plays and no matter what happens, it is all good stuff. Hopefully Lenny will ignore the feeble attempts at “mind games” (Big Jock would have laughed his head off at their efforts to copy his so outdated subterfuge) and prepare for all the supposedly walking wounded showing up on the front line.

    Nowadays the whole CL experience reminds me of the old days when the fair came to the village just once a year. For us young ones it was simply one big joyride every night for a week. We had a whale of a time even if we missed all the coconuts.

    H H

    1. As good a choice as any. I think it’s good fun guessing the Managers mind. I don’t think anyone will get formation/starting 11/tactics spot on, but we have an educated guess. Virgil I think will be a top, top player, I just think Lenny will (In his mind) trust Mulgrew quicker, the videos I posted show AC are fairly poor in the air, and Mulgrew is one of our better crosser’s of the ball, in saying that, Boerrighter looks like he can throw a good cross in also, and looking in You Tube we see Virgil is a fine free kick taker…

      …It’s Monday I am am 5p/10p bum already 😀
      As I say, I rather we hear than not, The more we hear, the less we have to qualify in coming years and CL football will become a yearly thing, allowing higher wages and more good signings. We don’t over spend as a club, another team or 3 did this and 1 looks like dying, so we need CL football, if we can get to the stage where it is a given each year, maybe we keep the Wanyama’s and Hoopers of the world?

      And we are learning well to play the ball and not run around like headless chickens, I love the direction Lenny is taking us, We are learning as a group that keeping the ball, passing it quick saves energy and tires teams out and we are seeing the fruits of this with late goals in games where teams are tiring


  5. “Least everyone agree’s on who will be in goal’s”

    Aye, Sean, and as a result, I have ordered extra inconstancy pants.

    H H

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