A comment on Charlotte Fakes’ revelations and their effects on Scottish Football

Yes, I accept this is Champions League week and we have an exceptionally exciting football match coming up on Wednesday.  That, I confess should be what occupies our minds and hearts at this moment and one would expect nothing would distract from it.  But, unfortunately, in the midst of pleasure disturbing news can sometimes disrupt our enjoyment.  No one is more aware than I that Rangers, Sevco, The Rangers and the whatever Rangers saga has us all frustrated and “cheesed off” beyond forbearance but the latest letter revealed by Charlotte Fakes can not be ignored. It is not simply a Rangers or Sevco or whoever story. It strikes at the very survival, the very lifeblood, of Scottish Football. And, like it or not, for the moment, Celtic Football Club are part of it and have to live with what it is. On the other hand it might not and it might at last decide to do something about it. The question is when and how? I have my own reasons why a serious question about the whole shoddy affair and the consequent upheaval should be forthcoming.

Charlotte tells the world

The whole issue of Charlotte Fakes’ revelations raises a question that has long puzzled me. Why have Celtic FC and other clubs for that matter, remained silent? This is the very soul of Scottish Football governance that is being stained here and, as members of these “illustrious” – or should that be disastrous – bodies, should Celtic and others not have made some sort of challenge. For the moment let us forget that the latest revelations in the current Charlotte secret letter that there was collusion, legitimate or not remains to be seen, between the old S.P.L., the S.F.A. and Sevco.  Let us also forget it was conspired more secretly than a James Bond, secret agent, “For Your Eyes Only”, mission.  With all that in mind, one could excuse the lack of questions about it from clubs.  But surely any non-gullible human being could not fail to detect a stench of unbridled intrigue being brewed at football headquarters, even if fermentation was taking place in illicit stills somewhere in Hampden’s deepest unknown cellars. The stink could have been picked up by a blind man with a blocked up nose easier than he could the choking fumes from a fire in a Pirelli tyre factory. Yet, a great big nothing from Parkhead and elsewhere. In truth, it does make me somewhat uneasy.

Smoke everywhere
Rescuers working in smoking factory

If this latest revelation of a secret letter is true, and as many others much better qualified than I have confirmed, it looks to be so, as it is not in any way challenged, then surely all Scottish clubs are bound in justice and integrity to hold the Scottish Football authorities, every twig and branch to account. Office bearers from mahogany desk to executive loo, must be made to leave voluntarily or be thrown headlong. For a long time there has been a groundswell of opinion among ALL Scottish Football supporters that those in charge of our game are embarrassingly and shamefully incompetent. Many go beyond that complaint to accusations of underhandedness. If Charlotte’s revelations are true, then the latter is proven beyond all doubt. The whole governance edifice would need to be demolished and a completely new structure erected. But will this happen? Will this be allowed to happen?

Lord Nimmo Smith
Should I be disbarred?

When serious doubts are raised about the judgements of the pillars of justice in Scotland, one has little confidence that anything in the country is clean, never mind squeaky clean. Is there trust, can there be trust in any institution, large, medium or small, legal, political, religious or sporting when corrupt or unconscionable men are in control? Yet, this is the HD transmissions being released or revealed to us daily, though significantly, not by those in charge of the Scottish media. Not that I intend that last comment to necessarily contain any implications. A much more serious situation is the possibility that perhaps Lord Nimmo Smith was as duped or deceived as those throughout Scottish club football and, indeed, throughout society. If so, is his competence in question? Should he, from his lofty and apposite position, not be capable of recognising deception? Here, the very basis of upholding our law is brought into question. Worse still, if he knew what was concocted in the private chambers of the Hampden nobility and judged it acceptable, then he ought himself to be judged.

The Judges
Let him go? Let him tarry? Let him sink or let him swim, m’ learned friends?

Whatever the case, Scottish Football, it would seem, has been ill served all round. The time for all clubs to demand explanations and justifications is long, long overdue. If Scottish Football is to move forward as our stalwart protectors of the game continually proclaim, it has to have a complete transfusion. The blood that flows through the veins of authority has to be pure, uncontaminated and red. Preferred colours are no longer an option. So, I suggest that all Scottish clubs develop an anatomy that has attributes not used solely for exhibition but for enforcement, not just for pleasure but for purpose and not simply for personal gain but for sporting progress. Failure to take action now is guaranteed to be the death knell of Scottish Football. The coffin lid could well be on the verge of being nailed down. It is whatever corpse is laid out inside that may finally determine the future of football in Scotland.


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  1. Many have already turned there back on the game refusing to place not another thin dime into the coffers of Scottish football. I have to declare after many many years of doing so, I am one. I will not provide finance toward the Scottish game in any fashion until the windows board and renovation begins by a trusted contractor.

    There are those that say ‘ but you will be punishing your own club ?’ to that I say you aren’t assisting them in any case ‘your own club’ by assisting conspiracy or corruption, if that is what you believe lies at the heart of current fiasco.

    But my common sense tells me to consider this whole shebang as a direct result of long term financial mismanagement and then the continuous turning of a blind eye for a favoured one as brandy glasses are chinked and expensive cigars dragged. These are celebrations of abject failure and fan misery.

    I expect more and more will turn from the game in it’s entirety, perhaps preferring to spend more wisely that hard earned money which could be spent more wisely on for example, one’s own family.

    Things you see are tough out there.

    These are my opinions and others will have their own, but for me there is a relatively simple solution, stop paying.

    For me these people who wield rule books at us yet appear to follow none, are not supporters, they are in the business of supporting each other in the pursuit of our cash, nothing else matters. Not integrity, not respect and certainly not justice.

    It’s simple as I see it, continue to pay then complaining about unfairness or product will get you nowhere, try stopping the funding and see who blinks first.

    Remember money talks, the lack of it even more so.

    The game is indeed dying, those tasked with ensuring it’s good health are kicking every last breath out of the round ball, only the supporters can save it but to do that will be painful.

    Good piece Sir.


  2. PB, Thanks for this article. I was thinking about writing something up myself regarding these latest revelations. However personal circumstances are keeping me away from my PC at the moment, also I doubt if I could have put the case as well.

    For a long while now I have been concerned about the depth to which our own club has either been compromised and indeed complicit in this, what can only be perceived as corruption of our game.

    The last year has proved that Celtic do have a ‘stand alone’ business model ergo we don’t rely on any other club to survive. That being the case, why did the Celtic board not do everything in their power to tear down this kabal ? Also why are Regan and Doncaster still in a job ?

    Now back to Celtic’s business model. Due to EBT’s ,no sporting advantage aside our revenue potential has been damaged every season that those EBT’s were in place. How many lucrative Champions Leagues did we miss out on over those years? I suspect quite a few. Why did Celtic not pursue this? It clearly damaged our ability to compete on a level playing field as well as damaging our business.

    The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Every club in Scotland has been damaged by this affair. My big question is. How many were complicit in this deceit and subsequent cover up?

    Thanks again

    1. I have long been questioning the silence of Celtic in this sorry affair, but being fair & accepting that actually our club has done no wrong and in fact strove to carry the can for Scottish football both in play and in financial benefit for other clubs, the benefit of doubt I have afforded.

      I would submit that Mr.Lawwell only recently added to the SFA table of mismanagement be allowed to get his feet underneath the table, but for sure now the time is coming where questions must be answered as true extent of this fiasco, that hands on information may well become available to him and the test of his actions at that point will then be at hand.

      Rome after all wasn’t dismantled in a day..

      1. Sir. I have always gave our board the benefit of the doubt. They are far from being stupid people, on the contrary the are very clever. I’ve had several discussions with Phil Mac among others regarding this silence. We have always been of the opinion that they had a game plan in place.

        However as is now becoming sadly commonplace a lack of communication and clarity has left a vacuum which you are only too well aware will be filled with speculation and rumour.

        I sincerely hope that our club have not been involved in any shenanigans or are party to any subsequent cover up. However we will never know if this cloak of secrecy is allowed to blind football fans from the exact truth of what has gone on since and prior to Feb 14th 2012.

        Be in no doubt I lay the blame at the doors of the SFA,SPL,SFL, both Sevcos, MSM and RFC. However clarity is needed and drastic structural changes are required before I spend One Thin Dime.

        Hail, Hail

  3. My view is that Celtic FC are complicit in the whole fiasco.I came to this conclusion as our club have remained silent on every issue raised so far.

    I can understand there may be a game plan here , however surely the very least we could expect, is for the club to at least inform us they are looking at every aspect of this farce.

    For years, those of us paying for season tickets, merchandise, in fact anything associated with the club, makes it obvious that due to the blatant cheating by the authorities and Sevco, every last one of us has been fleeced.Years where we received less European money than Sevco and lost out on titles and cups has made our season books, strips etc more expensive than they may have been.

    Don’t forget, the clubs are the SFA, our own club is part of this hence my thoughts above.

    For 2 years now, I have not invested in the club in any way.That for me is a sad state of affairs but until Celtic do something , things won’t change. There is still cheating going on, things such as transfer embargo rules being changed to suit Sevco. Shocking really!!

    1. Peter

      There was a problem with the comments yesterday so I was not able to respond to those below. I hope you do not mind my covering them in my reply to your good self.

      Can I just begin by saying it is a subject that obviously occupies the minds and hearts of many, many fans and I am certain I should not restrict these numbers to Celtic supporters only. My gut feeling is the anger is spread far and wide throughout the country though, being most sinned against in all aspects, Celtic fans feel resentment most and, I feel, rightly so. Part of that anger, for me at least, is the total submission of all Scottish clubs to the suggestions from the Hampden corridors. They come into effect without challenge especially from our club whose support is and has been since the start, to the fore in asking questions. Surely that same club should be at the forefront of demanding at least explanations for the actions of Regan and Doncaster. It is insulting to imply there is no cause to do so. In fact, it is disgraceful.

      What is also disturbing beyond belief is the possibility of Celtic being complicit. To say nothing because there are only suspicions may be regarded as diplomatic but to agree to duplicity is dishonourable and contrary to all that Celtic is and was established for, equality and justice for all, but especially the oppressed. I am honestly among the most willing to support the Celtic board for acting cautiously with regard to certain issues. I have not, perhaps without justification, called for boycotts or financial embargoes simply because I have faith that Celtic will do what is right in the end. But surely we are now beyond caution with the revelations of recent months. The train is now completely out of control and drastic measures must be taken to prevent total annihilation of the game. To still affirm that what we all feel now is simply paranoia or supposition is to say that because green is a mixture, Celtic’s colours are actually blue and yellow and it does not really matter. You wish, I say. Can I just say to Peter Lawwell that when an empty coffers tin batters you between the eyes, it will hurt, hurt a plenty actually. If that means no Celtic, then perhaps that is what has to be. After all, how can there possibly be football if there is no sport.

      Peter (Mullen not Lawwell), actually all of you who have commented, I can feel the scorching heat from your anger all round. And yet, for me it is not a difficult situation for Celtic to resolve. For God’s sake just say something to us to restore some trust. Use the f***ng force. That is why we built it for you over 125 BLOODY years!

      H H

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