2 late cruel goals deny Celtic what looked like a win


This is how we all feel tonight
This is how we all feel tonight

Cruel is not the word here, Celtic were looking like getting a point and I think we were all thinking “If we get a point great, but we deserved 3” Lennon brings on Boerrighter and  pikku and we lose 2 goals, at 0-0 when the subs were made, I thought here we go, 1-0 win and 3 points. Before the game we all felt we could do something tonight, and with 10 minutes to go, a point was looking like it should have been 3, very hard to take, but we did good tonight, we can hold our heads high

We had chance after chance on the counter attack, the game plan worked, but a deflected shot and lazy defending cost us. For 80 minutes Celtic HAMMERED AC Milan and shows we can do it, but we lacked in the final 3rd, in and around the box we lacked clinical finishing, this is such a cruel game and my heart goes out to Lenny and the boys

We had many half chances
We had many half chances

I say again, at 0-0 I was thinking, if we get the point great, but we deserve 3. We beat them on possession; sadly we just couldn’t get the ball in the net. We hit the bar, we had several half chances. AC Milan know they got lucky tonight, Celtic were not expected to get anything tonight, but after watching for 80 minutes, we were in full control. I don’t understand why Mathews and Commons coming off changed the game. Izzy stuck his foot out at a shot going wide and the dream result turned into a nightmare

Let’s be honest, we played brilliant, we controlled the game, and we will learn from this. We are growing under Lennon, and he will be as sick as the rest of us tonight. What could have been is exactly how I feel right now, I feel sick

This is one of the best performances I have seen from a Celtic side away in Football against a so called GIANT of European football, we looked like a proper European side, and 2-0 from the onlooker who never seen the game suggests what was expected.

We gather our stock, Ajax got beat, so we now need to win our home games, and we knew this anyway

We gave it all we had
We gave it all we had

Unlucky Celtic, you showed tonight the future is bright; this was a street wise performance where the Managers tactics were working. Did Lenny make the substitutions at the wrong time? Mathews was doing well, his crossing was not the best but he was solid, Common’s was linking things up. When they went off, the game just changed. But no blame is being attached here

We are still in it, we still can progress, and we know we can hold our own, we didn’t look like mugs, and it was a great performance.

Next game, heads up and let’s look forward to still being in the Champions League

Although the hurt will last a few days, in the cold light of day after the hurt goes away, we will look back to a terrific performance against a superb side. 


Like us, he is thinking "How did that happen"
Like us, he is thinking “How did that happen”

11 thoughts on “2 late cruel goals deny Celtic what looked like a win

  1. Cheers Shaun. We need to learn to score goals…kill teams off whether in Europe or at home.. However we have had some personnel changes, so we’ll have to wait a couple of months before we have to mention ‘The Elephant In The Room’.

  2. Hard match report to write this one Wullie…
    Around the hour mark the home fans were booing and we were attacking in waves, we get a goal there, we win the game. I don’t think we had any real CLEAR chances. Brown was through he should have touched it to the side, Commons also 1st half. . Stokes should have gone back post at the end of the 1st half, Commons gets a tap in, Stokes hit the bar. We just didn’t seem to have bodies in the box when we broke forward. Mathews was OUTSTANDING and my man of the match, the kid did good, we had them on our right side, Sammy wasn’t in the game or was marked out the game. And yeah the changes take time. I thought the big Dutch lad did well, for the 2nd goal he was the only Celtic player to react to the 2nd ball.
    Still can’t believe we never got at least a point, even if we got a point I would (Strange as it is) still feel as if we deserved more.

  3. Shaun

    Thanks for your summary once again. I have to agree with all the comments even though seemingly contradictory. For me the one big success is that we should have won even though we did not. As Wullie says, we had personnel changes and as you say we are growing. Even though we were up against a weakened side, and if we are honest it was not Milan’s strongest 11, we stepped up to the mark and were overall the better team. I agree we need to learn to score more. For me that applies domestically too. In the end, we felt we might only be in it for the fun and but we actually got a lot more. We got real potential. I do sympathise with all the pain, mind, but having bled my heart dry with similar nights of frustration and robbery for countless years, yes it is a Celtic habit or destiny, I find myself not in it for the ride but simply enjoying being on the horse. We are overachieving against the money-pots of Europe and that in itself is extremely satisfying and almost a cup in itself. However, it certainly ain’t over till the fat lady sings and, hey, I know a few of them, one being in Amsterdam where she may be well lit in the window but is not too sexy playing the field at the moment.

    H H

    1. I meant to add that the wee team found themselves equally hard done by this afternoon. Mind you, I felt that game raised a few questions too and I might just find a blog to cover them.

      H H

  4. Well I’ve tried to punt this on Twitter etc but no one seems interested. But I put that down to most people feeling a bit deflated. Another glorious failure and lets be honest we have seen enough of them.

    This season in Europe is really about holding our nerve and building on what we have learned over the past few years. Remember the game away to Udinese in the Europa League ? That was another game we should have won. But if you look back that was a springboard and I feel tonight’s match will be the same. The good thing is we are now a far better team than we were then. Hopefully in another two years we’ll be even better.

    It’s a long hard road for us considering the league we play in, we don’t have a sugar daddy in the shape of TV Revenue, so we’ll just have to keep learning at the school of hard knocks.

    I’m optimistic and that’s not too bad a place to be. 🙂

    Hail, Hail

    1. Wullie

      Ignore this if it appears. I am just testing to see if my comments are being processed.

      H H

    2. I thought we kept the ball as a team as good as any Celtic side I have seen in many a year. On the hour mark, we were in utter control. AC Milan had sub’s playing worth £30M, we didn’t. We boxed above our weight with determination and we were very confident with the ball My Reply to Lorenzo I said about Hooper, I think we missed that kind of link up play.

      Like you, I am VERY optimistic about what Lenny is doing here (Not saying nobody else is here, btw)


  5. Think we could have won that by taking bull by horns couple changes earlier and going for it, played it too safe when we had em by the knackers.

    Still think we need a keeper that can jump, dive, stretch, catch, punch, kick, organise a defense and be decisive, oh it would help if he could run as well.

    For me Forster struggles to be average in all of those departments. (great keeper eh).

    Have to say, I’m a bag a nerves every time he plays, can only imagine how those playing in front of him feel. I’m at a loss as to why we chased his signature for me he’s rank rotten and I fully expect he will cost us dearly.

    I thought Rab Douglas was bad, this guy takes the biscuit, the weak link in the side for me.

    Think I’m being too harsh ?.

    1. Lorenzo

      He makes tremendous saves at times and for that he deserves credit. However, like you, I hate being nervous about a keeper and I agree he simply does instils confidence. For me, the essential elements of good goalkeeping are consistency and dominance. Big Fraser is neither even though he can be exceptional on occasion. However, even though the best can blunder, that is their exception.

      H H

    2. Lorenzo, hope you are well pal,.

      I think you are being too harsh mate.
      He made 3 saves before they scored, he could do nothing with the 1st goal. He is 8ft 13″ and sometimes he needs to learn to come for crosses. BUT..I think he has been told not to as we have defenders who can win headers. Maybe a tactical thing buddy? I wouldn’t blame ANY of the players for last night.
      Here is my take sleeping on it, Hooper, had we had Hooper, he takes the ball in, gives it wide or ahead, and gets his arse into the box, cross comes in, Hooper was deadly! Stokes is a good player, he can score, but last night when he took the ball in, he took it wide, when he gave it to Mathews or Izzy, whoever we had nobody in the box, I think we lacked a natural goal scorer. This is why I would have started with Pukki, he is very similar in he is in the box mostly

      This game is all about opinions, nobody is right, nobody is wrong, we all have our own thinking or a way of looking at things. I remember a few used to blame Forster for the Worlds economic collapse and wars the lot lol, He isn’t getting a shout for England if he hasn’t got something there. He is young, he will learn, I do really think Lenny doesn’t think he is ready to be coming for crosses, so Lenny buys centre halves who can head the ball.

      I have no idea why I didn’t write all that in the report 😀

      I think we will get out this group, be it 2nd or 3rd place. Milan are not great, Ajax are not great. Barca are. Like last year we can get 2nd.. I thought the team with the ball were very clever, that is honestly the 1st time I have seen a Celtic team go to a BIG away game and control the ball the way they did, we kept it!! So we build on last night.

      Truly hope you are well L


  6. According to the pundits, big Fraser made a great save from the Balotelli free kick that led to Milans second goal. I take the opposite view – he made a cod of it. A great save would have seen the ball diverted over that bar, round the post or anywhere away from the danger zone. FF slapped the ball back across an unguarded goal presenting a sitter to the onrushing attackers.

    That said, Celtic acquitted themselves very well against what was admittedly a Milan second string. I thought Broonie bossed the midfield and the Lustig / Matthews partnership on the right flank shows tremendous promise. Big Efe will lose his “bombscare” tag if he continues in this vein and seems to be developing an understanding with van Dijk which bodes well for the future.

    Milan will be stronger in the return match and very difficult to beat. We know how good Barca are, taking anything from them would be a bonus. Four points off Ajax may well see us in European competition beyond Christmas which would be a laudable achievement in my opinion. However, before the dust settles on the “Group of Champions” we have another 5 matches against Europes elite to look forward to at the very least. It doesn’t get any better than that. Certainly beats participating in the Fish & Chips cup.

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