‘Why don’t you go home !!!’. By The Rebel

‘Why don’t you go home !!!’.


So organised they came, swarming and massing in an angry seethe of spewing bile. 
Mothers covered younger ears in protection from disgust, children trembled from shock and fear. the booming banging drum protest they must over loathe of hate filled voice. a bawling reaching out in constant repetition. 
Then it echoed distant no more. as growing louder and louder still, until but feet away. Onto one’s doorstep. 
Adult citizen stands pitifully with shaking head an acknowledgment of gross stupidity, yet still furious fevered foam froths forward from empty heads unite. 
Wave after wave obscenity hurls directly, the call for resident to go home, but not to nearby abode. 
Wave after wave obscenity hurls directly, reminding gleefully of forced starvation but not by way of health kick diet, for t’was unfriendly call such menacing advice. 
Twisted faces contorting happily the ill fitting air. 
Legions of brazen bullish brethren blasting belligerent abuse, no regard for human kind, freely embedding ill will upon kind streets that once felt safe. 
Authority at a loss to muster slight resentment less containment of pulsating scourge, capitulating at ease to deepest dark intent. Descent resent.
Smoke screened street awash with snaking body as hand strewn missiles rain down a chaotic scene. 
Control a novel plan laid waste all thought of democratic will through weight of number in search of hate filled thrill. A sickly bitter pill.
Pulsing vein unmasks much gritting teeth as widened eye roars despise again into a clear blue sky.
‘Why don’t you go home !!!’……..

 By The Rebel.

We appologise in advance for offensive behaviour, racism and sectarianism in this video.Please do not watch if easily offended.The Celtic Network accepts no responsibility for the content of this video.

15 thoughts on “‘Why don’t you go home !!!’. By The Rebel

  1. Glasgow 2013,people seeing that video must ask,why would they give a city full of right wing racists the commonwealth games…one Scotland ..one sided…dark age stuff

  2. Rebel

    Those who hate demean only themselves. But to give them attention demeans ourselves. Love is in each man’s heart. Not to show and share it is to defy humanity. To not even recognise it is living death.

    H H

  3. Pensioner bhoy the more these pictures are seen around the world the more these people are seen for what they really are animals!.
    So for the poster who apologises for the video content in advance,don’t.


    1. keith

      I know what you are saying, I think. But, as pointed out by others, it simply looked like a football rabble giving it to one another. I am not sure the image of Celtic and Rangers fans having a go is new to the world. Rather than apologise for any of it, I am pointing out that I do not believe we gain support for ourselves or contribute anything to challenging their behaviour by giving them ANY publicity and we perhaps only do ourselves harm being part of it. My point is that being the opposite is the way forward not tit for tat. What is the old adage, any publicity is good publicity even when it is bad?

      H H

      1. Dont get me wrong pb,I hear what you are saying,and I agree with nearly it all.
        But didn’t see any evidence of police kettling or the sound of helicopters buzzing overhead.
        These vermin seem to be able marc and parade around our streets with impunity,spouting their bile.
        the more we can highlight this to the rest of the world the better.(imo).



        1. keith

          That is an area where my love flies out the window with the dove of peace, I am afraid. Double standards is a worn out phrase over the last twelve months and not a sign of change. I confess to having overlooked the point because I was distracted by the CFC protesters. Perhaps I should not be so circumspect in future. As for the kettling farce, I know whom I would boil out of those in that lot.

      2. For me it isn’t so much the spectacle but the sounds being heard.
        The biggest visual insult is the view of those charged with keeping that peace performing openly a double standard in favour yet again of the obvious aggressor.

        It matters not a jot if residents wear celtic scarfs or not, the numbers advancing and their tone is the important factor.

        There are plenty of big public parks could be attained to abuse squirrel life or growing grass if anti sectarian policy had a mind to actually follow through.

        Worryingly In an Independent Scotland do you imagine these scenes and sounds will advance or diminish ?.

        I fear the former..

        1. Lorenzo

          “Worryingly In an Independent Scotland do you imagine these scenes and sounds will advance or diminish ?”

          Just been reading a quite lengthy piece on this very subject. I live in England now but really worry that going home could become like visiting N.I. in the worst of times (yes I did – bomb alerts and all though no actual bombings). I am also concerned about the impact on family and friends. It was bad enough hearing about the bias from my parents and living through the bigotry in my younger days without it spiralling in the future. Fingers crossed that the voice of reason has gathered sufficient strength in spite of current impressions.

          Comments on here have just reminded me of the infamous video showing Celtic Park toilets being trashed while the long arm remained tight in police pockets. And I know I do harp a bit about it, but Celtic were far more vociferous about our own and the damage they caused than about the behaviour of outsiders. Perhaps the double standards are both internal and external.

          H H

          1. Apologies, L. I think the piece was actually by you – No? You folk that go on tour! 🙂

            H H

    1. I agree. It’s a pity that the protesters are wearing Celtic scarfs. It takes away from the protest and reduces it to a football thing rather than a society thing.

  4. there is no hope for the catholic community when the labour led city council does a deal with the orange order to stay in power and my feeling is that all the bigots will show glasgow up for what it is

  5. Appreciate all comments and discussion.

    If only he who would be King will bring such issue to fore before referendum, that we might know precisely of that future for which we may vote & never return.

    Thank you all for fair minded & proper input posted in such a mature fashion.

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