Celtic 0-1 Morton, Morton shock Celtic with freak win



Dougie Imrie’s 96th minute’s penalty stunned Celtic and knocked us out of the League Cup. Celtic had a strong side out for the last hour of this match, we had 32 chances at goal, Van Dijk had about 10 headers in the last 10 minutes of extra time, but it wasn’t to be

Lennon was screaming at players, he demanded more; sadly this is a cup that Lennon still can’t win. But like always we pick ourselves up and look forward to the Barcelona game a week tomorrow and we know the stadium will be filled to the rafters and the players up for the game, we need to be up for games like this however. It is games like this that have undone us over the last few seasons, we just didn’t show

The last 50 minutes of this game Celtic must have had 20 chances maybe more, we couldn’t score. While down South Gary Hooper was scoring for Norwich. We miss him, no argument, and if we look back to the AC Milan game it is clear we never replaced him, Pukki needs time, but we need someone to start scoring soon or this season will be worse than last, last season was really good, we lacked the League Cup but got to the last 16 of the Champions League, anything less this season would be a worse season

Lennon will be furious and rightly so, Celtic should have had this to bed early on, chance after chance, I lost count

Heads up, and let’s get going at the weekend away to Kilmarnock and then Barcelona at home

Disappointing night for the 14,000 who turned up, the last 5 minutes Lustig hit the post, it was just unreal, we couldn’t get the ball in the net, Stokes slid into a back post pass and missed. We move on


21 thoughts on “Celtic 0-1 Morton, Morton shock Celtic with freak win

  1. Well done to Morton.Again CELTIC players not respecting the opotion they get payed far to mutch the same ball into the box.What happened to the ball on the ground with more passing.Wee need A goal scorer thier must be some one from the pool off players from the young team to the first team .Owell needs sorted for satarday then the big ONE .HH KTF ON WORDS & UP WORDS god bless all.

    1. joseph

      Aaaa! Bisto. Thanks for helping cool me down – well till Saturday at least. “then the big one”. I hope for God’s sake you’re not referring to the score “then”!

      H H

    2. We seemed to be throwing the ball from defence to attack tonight, these are the Managers tactics.
      Well done Morton, double and a good Euro run now.

  2. Hi Sean

    Did you not expect it. I did. It was in my water from this afternoon and when I listened to Tom Boyd on CTV talking about playing across the park, I knew the writing was on the wall. I have said umpteen times that I am totally baffled with this boring, monotonous and ultimately non-productive excuse for football, pasing across the back line. And it never changes. 14 automatons simply cannot tell Lennon to get tae…. and do their own thing. I am afraid Lenny is only skilled at beating the big drum to create thunder. But if you keep hitting it the wrong way, the sound soon dies a death. As far as football goes, he has been beating it to death for a long time now. We have lost far too many games that we should not have with the excuse of fatigue. Fatigue against a team of part-timers. Our youth squad would be fitter and we could do NOTHING in 120+ minutes. Disgraceful and cheating fans who were there. I am not angry at the principle of losing tonight. These things happen, have happened and will continue to happen to every team in any league throughout the world. What is annoying is the insult to fans and the humiliation from small time clubs. It is the seeming presumptioon of players that they will get the result. The cross country system that we have played far too often under Lennon certainly has not given us the results our domination should achieve. If we are honest, it has cost us in almost every game and only the luck of the devil has saved us from other defeats (St. Johnstone, ICT to name two). No tonight was score waiting to happen. If we had played extra time til Barcelona arrived, we would still never have score. The goals are at each end of the pitch. If Lenny cannot understand that then perhaps a short spell, for that is what it would be, at Sunderland would open his eyes. The fascist got 6 months. The Irish redhead might not even be given that. Mind you, I have no hope he will go. If I was a “genuine” Morton supporter and I am sure their will be some, even in Greenock, I would be rubbing it into Celtic fans so hard tomorrow, they would get scurvy. Finally, well done Greenock Morton you showed Celtic up for what they are by simply STOPPING them. Not that it was hard, by the sounds of it. And don’t let them use the dodgy penalty excuse. It simply does not hold water this time.

    H H
    Arthur – not angry but pissed!!

    PS About to post a wee story that might help distract attention from the horrors of our football. I will give your blog a chance to get some comments first.

    1. Look forward to that PB.

      Also have one primed and ready to go with some fine musical attachments to boot.

      I am sure you guys will certainly enjoy.

      I hope you all like Elvis, but it’s Elvis with a difference..

      It’s Sevco Elvis, apparently he’s neither dead nor alive .

      1. Rebel

        Here goes with mine and I am an Elvis nut. As far as I am concerned, he’s still on the loo 🙂

        H H

    2. With games like this, small crowd, few fringe players playing, we are always on edge, but really we could have won this 5-0, our lack of goal scoring I hope gets solved soon. If anything we have always had a good forward, right now, I am not so sure, just an opinion. Pikku got the whole game, Balde never got a sniff again. Why did Lenny pay what we did for Balde to not at least give the kid a chance on nights like this? We missed 15+ headers, he might (I know all guess work) have got onto one.

      And yeah, we just were not scoring tonight, when we hit the post with 3 minutes to go, I think we all knew, Stokes should have buried that one at the end,But Lenny should have played a different team and the lad serving pies should have not been, lol

      All if’s and But’s

      A week tomorrow, different beast altogether, and we will be up for that one. But we need to start scoring. I hope the clubs refusal to pay big money on a good/proven striker isn’t coming back to bite us here. We will see

      ps: Look forward to your blog

  3. Oh well, that’s the yearly shock out of the way, my blood pressure is still fine,prawns still fresh, pants are still dry & yes, my unshiftable support is still un-wavered.

    There is not a fibre of my mind or body that is un-supportive of Celtic at any time ever.

    I refuse and reject any and all OTT reaction, in fact I repulse at them.

    Appreciate the logical & calm assessment Sir. (haven’t we seen it all before)

    P.S. I’d consider a fair crack at the nut that is Europa in which I think we would more than match any, as a chance of the better season. (just a thought).

    P.P.S. anybody else think the cards are marked for a Sevco v Celtic set up at the debt dome to balance the fitba apple cart ?

    I think with my suspiciously paranoid and cynical mind Yes.

    Going further into the realms of the prophet, I anticipate a tsunami of media hails that R…. are still alive after winning by the odd honest mistake too in that game…

    Thought I’d get it down as I might be saying ‘Told you so’ soon enough.. 🙁

    1. Would love to play that new team away, A game we would be well up for. Tonight there was no sign of us not being up for it, we had too many shots and too much possession. It was as you say “the yearly shock” People somewhere will be taking the game to bits and showing anger. Not me, pissed off, but a week tomorrow is what it’s about. These results happen all over the World.

  4. I like PB thought that there was a good chance of a slip up and think like Rebel that we would have a better kick at the ball in the Europa.
    I missed the game entirely, but on the assumption that your report is as good as usual, I think this result is a bad sign for the next few games. I can’t see us emulating last season, we had to rely on luck on too many occasions on the park last season in the CL.
    As for Hooper, Lenny and staff had had plenty of warning they needed a replacement. They knew we had three qualifiers in the CL this season. They knew there was a very good chance of him leaving since at least the winter transfer window, a bit of an own goal considering the money the club earned last season. A case of suck it and see which has no doubt jeopordised the club generating a bit extra cash.
    I will be overjoyed if we do as well as last season. As long as there are no real embarrassments, I will be happy to get to the Europa and win the Scottish Premiership League or whatever it’s new name is. But sadly I had hoped for more this season and can’t see us achieving it, maybe the Scottish Cup.
    Anyway we won the Scottish League Cup forever in 1957 when we beat Deadco 7-1, hahaha.

    Hail, Hail.

    1. lol @ Deadco 😀
      Yeah the expectation levels have risen, the bar has been raised, no doubt.
      In the end we support the team and club no matter, it is what we do. I just hope we havn’t fucked up due to a million or 2 quid that we DO have, we have £3+M in the bank at the last check yesterday and have not added in the Wanyama sale, Hooper sale and last seasons CL Run into these figures. I know Lenny or the club have changed the stance on signings, we go for younger players with potential. But Ambrose, Lustig etc all experienced. I think we need that up top still. We are ok at the back, we compete in midfield, sadly I think we are going to relay on Commons too much this season, he opens teams up and scores. Pukki had a good start, but he’s been with the squad 10 days, so still adjusting.
      I hope Stokes and Pukki can develop some kind of partnership over time. It is still VERY early days. Tonight, fuck, it happens to the best. When we beat Barca, it sent shockwaves around the World. We beat the BIG team, this was Morton doing to us, what we did to Barca.

      Hope someone starts scoring, or this Argentinian we have on trial is good, or we get a trialist. or a free agent who has what we need up top, experience and calmness you need when the crowd is on your back.

      Hope you are keeping well Bud

  5. Well, that was about as bad a result as I can remember. Fortunately, I drink a lot and can’t remember much. It’s a diddy cup anyway.

    Well done Morton.

    A victory against the Ayrshire huns on Saturday will set us up for Barca and after last night, nothing less will do.

    Hail Hail

  6. Don´t worry Celtic fans! You must be pride for your club, for your team. And you should know that your fans are WARRIORS! I´m an argentinian boy (who is learning english)and I catholic too. So, I MUST like Celtic…….not rangers ´cause they prefer be British. God Bless Celtic, Ireland and Argentina!!!!

    1. Meant to say, Welcome to TCN Luc..
      May I ask, what is your team to support in Argentina?
      And who is their best player?
      I love South American Football. Know a bit about it.

      Pleasure is mine to meet you Luc


      1. Dear Shaun: Thanks for your words. I always have “good feeling” about Scotland and Ireland (I don´t know your nationality). About our football, let me tell you: I live in Santa fe, Argentina. This is a little town in the north of Buenos Aires (but it´s another “provincia” or state if you preffer). There, in Santa fe city, I am a very fan of UNION de Santa fe (United is the name in english). But, beside that, I sopport Velez Sarsfield too, a big club from Buenos Aires.
        Nowadays, Union (united) is in the second division (unfortunatily) so I´m sure you don´t know it. Velez sarsfield is in the firs one. Its well-know (or best player) is Fabien Cubero and Lucas Pratto.
        Don´t worry, maybe you don´t know them. Probably you know River Plate and Boca juniors, isn´t?
        I ´ll hope for more questions…..i need to practice my english!!!!!

        PS: Excuse for my bad grammar…..

        1. You said “PS: Excuse for my bad grammar”
          Trust me Luc, it is better than mine. The Spelling police are idiots, never give into them 😉

          I am Scottish Born with half my Family being Irish, but I am 100% Scottish and proud of my Irish roots and the Clubs Irish roots also, My family coming from Ireland to Liverpool (England) then worked their way to Edinburgh and Glasgow. and in-between.
          Sadly I don’t know the players from today, but Celtic played Flamengo FC at Hampden Park around season 1994/95. So the first and last time I seen a South American side play. This is the Match programme from the game. Ended 2-2

          http://www.celticprogrammesonline.com/PROGRAMME%20COVERS/9495/flamengo9495/flamengo9495h.htm Manager: Isaias Tinoco, Scorers: Savio 25, Baiano 80.

          Do you remember this or are you too young? And was it “Thee” Savio?

          Good chat Luc, again don’t worry about spelling or grammar, only idiots call you on that, and you won’t find anyone sad to call you on of or off here, Celtic Fans stick together, one big happy family of loving, forgiving, highly religious people who are not like the Blue half of Glasgow who are Evil people who pretend to go to church but don’t and don’t know soap or hot water. The Great Unwashed Luc. You will find Celtic fans care and will be helpful and kind and honest. We pride ourselves on being one big family where each link in the support chain holds the next. The 12th man on big game days. I love every Celtic fan like a Brother or Sister and I know the felling is mutual. Best fans in the World Luc, so I know I am correct

          HH 😀

  7. Hi Shaun. Can I ank you a question? I´d like to know what is the meaning od Hail Hail. You´ll see, I´m argentinian and I´d like Glasgow Celtic (actually I hat Ranger….or Ranger FC is the the same, thay don´t exist). Well, I hope for your answer buddy….and excuse for my english grammar….as you know, we speak spanish, I´m learning english right now.
    See you!

    1. When Celtic won the European Cup in 1967, the captain of the “Lisbon Lions” The name given to the team for winning it in “Lisbon” …Billy McNeill went up to life the European Cup. for some reason (I am working from memory here and if I am wrong I will be called a Hun, so thanks for the question 😀 )
      Billy was said to look like Julius Caesar, the Roman empire. And during these Roman times people would say “Hail Caesar” So over time “Hail Hail” came to be…. Good Question.

      ps: Welcome all the way for Argentina, you are not the new trial player we have are you?

      TAL – “tiocfaidh ár lá” = Our day will come

      Give you a Scottish one 😀
      Saorsa don Alba = Freedom for Scotland

      Confused yet?
      Of course not 😀

  8. luc

    I meant to say welcome to the site. You will enjoy the debates on here. Wullie and Sean will take care of you the same as they have with this old man. I look forward to reading more of your comments on Celtic and Scottish football, especially the new team in our league 🙂

    hasta la proxima


    H H

    1. Hi Arthur! I´m glad to see your comment. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is Lucas. I´m 32 y.o. and I from Argentina. My grandparents were italian…so, I have italian blood. As you can guess, I´m catholic and I love football.
      Some years ago, when I was more young, I began to feel pride and admiration towards Ireland and Scotland. I ´ve ever refused english politics. They stole us our Islas Malvinas. It is not my intention to start a political talk, but that is the true. All of these feeling formed in my heart a special love to Ireland and Scotland. I can sure you that we know your story fully.
      Of course, If I feel all that things I can´t support another club except CELTIC. By the way, I´ve heard -twice years ago- thay we (celtic) and rangers (I hate them) could join in the english premier league, as Swansea FC -from Wales- but ….why it doesn´t happen? Could you tell me?
      Another thing, Can you speak spanish…?
      Excuse me if you find some mistakes in my english grammar…..I´m learning it…..
      Bye buddy!!!!!

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