1st November 1986 – Celtic 1-1 Aberdeen – My first ever game

Image Credit: http://www.thecelticwiki.com/
Image Credit: http://www.thecelticwiki.com/


My first game and I have a few memories, I was 13 years old, it was near Christmas and I remember my reaction when I walked into the stadium, this massive football ground with things I had only seen on TV, I remember being awe struck by its sheer size, I remember the players coming out to warm up and each player got  their song sung to them, then they would applaud the fans, every player  got a song, loved it I did.  I DO remember the reason I wanted to go and a big thing I was looking forward to so much was to sing “Mo Mo, Super Mo, super Maurice Johnston” I had seen him on TV and heard the fans idolised the now turncoat “Insert bad swear word here” I sang with joy, looking at people like we had just won the European Cup, BIG DEAL HERE!, I did realise I had made all my dreams come true, singing the Mo Johnston song in the jungle, WOW!

Don’t ask me how I got from the Edinburgh to Glasgow, I have no idea, I am guessing through my Dads mate, I can’t even remember his name. My dad was NEVER into football, my big brother, 9 years my senior was into football, he was a Hearts fan, I had been to maybe 20 Hearts games up till that point, but never really a fan, my heart wasn’t it, I remember being bored by people I knew, it was all too familiar and well, Edinburgh, I knew Edinburgh, it was same old, same old, just lot’s of us in the same place, was never a Hearts fan, no point telling silly lies, sure, easy to say, for obvious reasons, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that, first thing that came to my mind writing it 😀 I did enjoy the football, I loved football, but the fans were all people I knew and all pissed off and me trying to understand why they paid to be so unhappy

Anyway, I remember being like 8 years old, we had a VHS Video player, wow the technology, we probably thought at the time, no idea. My brother taped all the football back then, he had a collection of Hearts videos, the 5 of them were ok lol, I grabbed a tape one day “Mum can I watch this” I said, as she read the label that said football, wondering what was in it, I remember her telling me to go up the stairs for something saying “I will put the video in” obviously a porn video from my big brothers video collection check going on here, but it was clean, if I remember the video had both Scottish and English football I think, I remember watching this video, I remember watching Kevin Keagan and thinking WOW and other worthy thoughts from a child. Would Keegan be at Newcastle? I could Google to check, but I am writing freely here, detail is not really important; it is just my mind looking back. I remember Celtic came on, must have been against Hearts, don’t ask me the score I just remember the green and white hoops, you guessed right, we had a colour TV, I am told they were rare back then? I watched and remember thinking, I like them, I think it was the hoops or and the green. I was 8 years old, all anyone who is 30 years old or over today did, was play football back then, all day, all night, and we watched every game, Saturday night with the volume down so a parent wouldn’t turn it off, as I say, not a football family. It was as important to me then football, at 8 years old, as my kids are to me today as a 40 year old, what they call an adult, don’t know who started this myth I am clearly a man child refusing to give in to age.

I remember I wanted to go to a Celtic game and almost remember by Dad saying ok one day after me asking every day, I must have known someone who went?, and off I went, I felt like I was going to Spain for a fortnight, I was one excited kid when I was told I could go, I even remember being excited and the big day coming, I remember being in the Jungle, “WOW I AM IN THE JUNGLE” is probably what I was thinking, looking back I was a kid I was in the middle of that many people I couldn’t see half the pitch, I couldn’t move, every 5 seconds I would get a flash on the guy I was with and him looking down to make sure I hadn’t been stolen or crushed to death or ran away because there were too many people, also the accents, being from the West/ outskirts, where I am now with my family here in Edinburgh I had family from Livingston, Bathgate, and all around, so I knew the Glasgow accent, almost, I remember the thick accent from the west and also Irish people, I felt so proud or honoured I remember looking at them and trying to imagine what it was like in Ireland, remember I have never left main land UK in my life, I am afraid to fly, even boats I throw up, one day I might go through the channel tunnel? Back the game, these men shouting and screaming and people doing a wee pee all over the place, yeah people were having a piss, big cocks in face everywhere I looked 😀 I thought I was going to get peed on. I really have small memories here and there, but this was my first game, the celebration for the goal, it says 19 minutes to me it was an hour or so, I must have been too scared of the people I thought were going to stampede then piss on my wee self

I remember the goal, well I don’t I see from above who scored but I never seen the goal, I was too busy staying alive and dodging the piss, but I remember the celebration well, yeah I almost died, I ended up about 20 feet away from this poor man who I could see, in complete panic wondering what the hell was going on. I knew it was a goal of course, I am messing, but looking back, I think this was how I felt. Just a stampede of jumping and cocks and did I mention the piss? Bovril and pies, people flying sideways past me and going head first over me, I think I though war had broken out perhaps, ha-ha

Yeah I was a frightened wee bhoy 50 miles from home in a foreign land, it was to me at the time, aged 13 and never been to Glasgow. It was a brilliant experience when I almost remember bits here and there as I am typing and looking back, I had no idea how this blog would go or how long it would be, I am telling a story from when I can hardly remember, who does looking back 25 or so years?

Anyway, that was my first Celtic Game, I hadn’t even seen them play Hearts in Edinburgh, my Dad didn’t allow me to go to games HE thought there would be trouble. He just hated football, he casual scene he hated, he would smack them about not because of football, just because they were a pain in the arse, but remind me, that is for another blog one day that. I enjoyed writing that, there will be spelling mistakes, it is 7am, and I am hazy on detail and I really just opened the page and typed, no research apart from the pictures thanks to the Celtic Wiki page. My 2nd game I remember was quieter, and we won, no idea who or when…

….When was your first game? I hope to travel down memory lane more, this was great fun remembering my dreams come true as a kid, and a pleasure to share them with Celtic fans. I would be delighted if anyone shared their story, who were we playing, how old were you, how did you feel, did you have a non-football family, are you from Glasgow, did you travel far. Any detail at all. I would like to thank the Celtic Wiki for the pictures also, brilliant story to share, for me anyway with the Celtic family

HH and enjoy the weekend people. Keep it clean, keep it green

4 thoughts on “1st November 1986 – Celtic 1-1 Aberdeen – My first ever game

  1. Shaun

    That was a great story that brought back some, for me, recent memories. I find myself thinking that the most interesting element was the feelings and reactions of someone who did not come from a footballing and Celtic crazy environment. It is also intriguing to hear of someone from a “Hearts” background (I acknowledge you would not have regarded yourself as a “fan”) ending up supporting Celtic. I am not absolutely sure why, though many questionable reasons have been given, but, in my hay-day, Celtic and Hearts rivalry was second only in intensity and sectarianism to that of Celtic and Rangers. I can recall not a few games between both clubs that put more fear in me than any Celtic v Rangers match. Whether with friends or family, I gave as wide a berth to Hearts fans as I did to Rangers. Perhaps, once again, fear, distrust and hatred may be the spawn of ignorance more than of reality. Anyway, Shaun, I will give thanks for your conversion or should that be salvation lol. It is easy to see the divine grace has worked wonders upon your football soul. Paradise is assured now 🙂

    I have to go out for the afternoon on some voluntary business – flu jab time and I am involved with patient support. A great occupation for an auld guy with a dicky heart, eh! – but I am sure I will find something else to say when I have more time. If I don’t, call an ambulance ’cause there has to be a real emergency :).

    My final word, I promise. “I am telling a story from when I can hardly remember, who does looking back 25 or so years?” Have mercy on my memory, then. 25 is only about 1/3rd of the way for me! I’ll be back, as somebody said.

    H H

    1. I was a child back then with not much choice in the matter Arthur 😀 I was not allowed to go to Hearts V Celtic, Hearts V Hibs, and any game my Dad who knew nothing about the shape of a football would allow. I was never a fan of Hearts as I never paid a penny and never wore clothing, Once free will and my mind kicked in, I knew where I wanted to be on a Saturday. I know Celtic fans from Aberdeen, Dundee etc who went to games up there to watch Aberdeen, or the Dundee teams..
      Truth be told if I had supported another team it would have been Hibs, no question. All my best mates were Hibs boys and Hibs didn’t (Not that I can remember, apart from WE STARTED YOUS/CELTIC, I got that every 10 minutes) have any songs or issues that we see today STILL against Catholics and Celtic. A lot of my Hibs mates to this Day come to the boozer or here at my Home to watch Celtic and celebrate with me. I guess over time I developed a friends group who were Hibs fans and liked Celtic. I stood in the old Hibs stand (Opposite the main stand) several times, under the old TV camera area and support Celtic (like a mouse) amounts all my mates praying they wouldn’t 😀 Once they did but I lived and even went back to the Hibs Club on Sunnyside Place. Many times Celtic fans, friends and strangers would come back to the club, some cracking nights.

      Here are a few of my buddies from back in the day, all good lads and Hibs boys. This is Princess Street about 20 years ago? Lad with the forehead was some lad 😀 Good memories, but I am from Edinburgh, 95% of my Mates were Maroon or Green. It was awful back then with pavement dancing whilst wearing £200 socks, but we were all young once ..


      So if I was anything, I had Hibs leanings. But I am from Muirhouse then Leith. Surely there are Celtic fans still around who were in the Hibs Club where Charlie and Craig sang Sunshine on Leith before it was even recorded to a tape or record. Couple of ugly bast@rds close up, Famous still in Australia for some reason. In my house STILL I play Proclaimers songs and it’s all banter, hatred through football was never in my baggage really. Good fun was though 😀 Only issue I can remember was this one here:
      http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_ewG4dtKAYgw/SSFilO1_mzI/AAAAAAAAANQ/Z_lLSrWpar8/s1600-h/2w1xjz6.jpg I was in the old famous 5 stand when it was just a big dugout was crazy watching it, I should have kept that for a #TCNMemoryLane blog.. Drat!

      The story I told was just a few memories Arthur, I remember being excites and I remember almost filling my drawers when Celtic scored. I was one scared lad. I was used to small crappy crowds in Leith or Gorgie, Seeing a full stadium, away from my City was a big step for a kid. Certainly was for me. It got easier. But the Jungle just got better as I got older and taller to see the game helped..I can still say I never peed in the Jungle…
      True story, I was working in Gorgie, just out of School and John Robertson, yeah the Hibs fan/Hearts striker, told me Mo Johnston had signed for Rangers “Shurrup, I laughed” – “Seriously pal” he said. I got the evening news and cried on the bus on the way home. I must have been 16/17, so 23 years ago. After being paraded in a Celtic Top… I was devastated, the anger soon followed …

      Ahhh who needs all the memories anyway 😀


    1. No, thank you mate, being able to write Celtic for the biggest site in the land is like getting paid for playing football (I know there is no money, lol) But that is how I look at it buddy, Being able to open a page and talk about my 1st love. Corny? yes.. true? oh yes 😀
      The thanks are from me to you Wullie. I am just glad the past is the past and it won’t return. I don’t want to write about other teams, that is SO 2011/2012, seriously, what else can we blog about them? I came back after 9 months out on a spiritual journey, came back a brand new me and seen the same kind of blogs. I know people want to stick the boot in. But let me tell you, WHEN we play them again in whatever form they are in, and we beat them, I only hope I am still allowed to do THAT match report, then you will see boots being stuck in 🙂 On the park, 11 v 11, Then I will blog about us destroying them.
      Sorry went on a tangent there 😀 But it’s allowed. We write as we think, and think as we we write some of us, we just find it hard to stop. I just try and keep my articles short as possible so someone opens it up and can see a blog they can read and not spend an hour reading..

      I am the lucky one here, and I know it…You are a good man Wullie, respect comes easy to good people who are honest and also man enough to just forget any past crap a year ago 😀

      Pleasure all here, thanks for letting me write, still got a LONG way to go as a writer, But I think, therfor I blog or something like that … lol


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