Sevco – Fear And Alarm !

Sevco – Fear And Alarm !

Oh the irony…

Yesterday I sent an email to our bloggers suggesting that we should concentrate on Celtic matters for the next few months. There was however a proviso. We would do Sevco stuff if it was new breaking news. Guess what happened tonight ?? lol

So there has been a hullabaloo in blue (sorry I thought I was a poet like Lorenzo there). Basically civil war has broken out in public but there is one thing that I think we should really concentrate on. It’s this statement from the sevco website tonight..

RANGERS FC have tonight informed Police Scotland of deeply offensive and threatening comments that have been made on the Follow Follow website. These remarks have placed a director and his family in a state of fear and alarm.

What a cheek ! These peepil never showed any concern for the people and their families who were “placedΒ in a state of fear and alarm” After Comedy Ally’s demands for the people to be named who imposed sanctions on a crooked football club. They never gave a hoot about other people being threatened because of Charlie Green and Craig Mathers rants designed to sell season tickets. I myself had to call in the Police last November after more threats from the peepil.

If anyone in Scotland was in any doubt before tonights carry on that this club and it’s support are poison then they should not be in doubt anymore.

Rangers,Sevco, whatever they are called are two cheeks of one poisonous arse. A poisonous arse that this country could live without.

21 thoughts on “Sevco – Fear And Alarm !

  1. treating the board like jim spence

    whit they all aboot

    didnae hear a peep out of the board then

    but hey what goes around comes around

  2. This is not laughable if people need police from the peepil, but I am failing. I’m laughing like a drain.

  3. “we should concentrate on Celtic matters”.

    The true Identity of our opponents or any SFA refusal to properly address that identity, are actually a matter for Celtic as with all other clubs some of whom may also face or have faced the threat of liquidation previously IMO.

    There cannot be one rule for one but different for all others and that is what I believe we are being asked to accept.

    I have no doubt where it Celtic in the present Sevco position, there would be no doubt about it, it would be beyond dispute.

    Celtic would be dead and reborn different and those that deny similar on the Rangers/Sevco, Alive/Dead issue would be screaming it from the roof tops in every possible format. I believe this.

    Concentrating on Sevco, the media & the SFA, is or will be very relevant to Celtic matters, perhaps more important than any other.

    That old firm coin has so very many dependent on it, but that is not good enough reason to turn another cheek, a cheek of wrongful acceptance.

    Wider point: If Liquidation is not then an end of Rangers as we knew them, then serious revisits to previously liquidated clubs/companies and the like with a view to reigniting their previous positions, surely should be granted ?. In other words no such timeline ended, no such business collapsed and no such death occurred. There could well be many upset campers out there digging back out their sympathy cards from the attic trunk.

    Many have went to the wall assuming liquidation was an end, those then had no need too if Rangers liquidation is somehow miraculously different.


    1. Being honest Lorenzo I don’t see the relevance in your reply to the article I have posted. This article has nothing to do with the ‘liquidation of Rangers’. As far as I’m concerned if our own club’s board are not concerned with pursuing Rangers and the SFA then I’m not publishing anything else about it unless I feel it advances the cause.

      I chose to do this article because I wanted to flag up something else the media won’t deal with and that is the double standards and hypocrisy of tonights statement.

      Lorenzo, I love you #HH

      1. I get that and agree, Not meaning to take anything away from piece, I was just placing an observation that both are linked and difficult to separate for any length of time.

        For normality to resume and then a sound concentration on writing about what we all love, then I just maKe the point that their identity so often identified with ours for profit, must be properly & officially explained and then disclosed profit be damned..

        Love you too.. HH.

        1. To clarify: Love as a brotherhood term of endearment only .

          Before any rascals fly into a jealous strop !.. (cretebhoy) πŸ™‚

    2. Lorenzo, hope you are doing ok

      I will just ask, this is for anyone really.
      Does anyone think by blogging/doing articles, radio, whatever is going to change this?
      It has been 2 years now and they won today heavily. They will go back into Administration again, but I bet you Β£2.93 that they will be re-born again and it will be the same cheating.

      What I am saying is, how do we stop this cheating? The SFA, Hollyrood, are on side, they won’t let them die. The Media are shit scared to report on it. I think we ALL know now this why the lack of reporting. Alex Thompson (My pal πŸ˜€ ) Got a threat and in the end buggered off. Mark Daly had to move house after his BBC TV Programme and did Jim Spence not just get a whack in the teeth? I think it is very safe to say the Media are scared to report. Because whenever the Pie man opens his mouth and blames someone threats happen. They ARE untouchable because this fucking country is as they are, corrupt to the bone.

      I am only asking. I gave up, there is NOTHING we can do about it. We can blog all day every day about how unfair it all was and how they cheated, the media KNOW they cheated. Alex @CH4 called it “The Biggest Tax Scam in the history of British Sport” the day the Administration team came in when he interviewed them. We now know they were onside with “Who-ever” to make Rangers stay alive.

      When they were in Administration Craig Whyte/White whatever was talking to people about investing, that was illegal. I have the emails. I showed them to 2 journalists at the time. Neither was interested. Fear was the reason. Even CH4 were not interested. They hinted it but never came out and said it buddy.
      And this Charlotte Fakes stuff, hmm.. Could this have all been to deflect what is happening now inside boardroom level at the bastards? I am just asking. I left this story and am playing catch-up.

      Are people wasting their time trying to STILL expose what even my dog knows was a Tax Scam?
      Just asking out loud here buddy. Don’t hit me now…


      1. I get that, probably nothing will happen to get to the bottom of it or change any of it.

        One thing is certain though, staying silent on it or your concept of it, will guarantee that.

        I look at it like people registering their complaint change or not, it’s then a matter of historical record should a different system be in place some time into the future for the archaeological dig and a correction of fact.

        Many things have been corrected in life many years after the event, I suspect given time and perseverance for truth, this will be another. (so do keep at it)

        Cheers Shaun.

        1. Yeah put like that Lorenzo I guess so..
          I was just looking at it as, bloggers who are blogging and it’s not getting read where it should be. I agree now a bit more, ok try another approach here, I do feel it needs to be a BIG EVENT to happen for History to remember it. You know, a 100,000 people at Hampden, calling them Crooks, with signs etc..History would remember that…
          ….Will they remember this and other blogs..

          See where I am coming from?
          Talking to the media won’t help.

          And Cheers..

  4. IT’S the same old thing talking about the scum that are rotten through & through why are the still in existance broke all laws in the land allegedly establishment deep involvled reason nothing gettig done about it .THEY are still playing &cheating on the park ,off the park even worse masonics must rule as again allegedly establiment now law is broken &bissness goes on & on ALL teams not getting a fair playing field.WEE could talk for years nobody cares as the servco still operating sneaking inthe back door.CELTIC have all the evedance they require but nothing done WHY is the QUESTION. HH KTF GODBLESS ALL

  5. Wullie

    I honestly had not taken the huff with your email – not that you would have given a ……! I have just been a bit tied up helping out at our surgeries with the flu jab clinics. I know, imagine an auld wreck like me helping in a surgery. It is an annual event that our patient support group assists with. It is a nice way to say thanks for all the NHS did for me, sorry, tried to do for me. There are many parts still beyond saving, or worth it.

    Anyway, back to your post before I get a similar knuckle rap to Lorenzo’s. It is interesting how fundamentalism, and that is basically what the Sevco ethos is, often responds to challenge with vicious vengeance rather than reasoned argument. In the early stages of this tactic, casualties are inevitably found in the ranks of the challengers. Of course, as with all conflict, there is guaranteed collateral damage. But when fundamentalism turns its violent attitude inward towards itself, then the arena of war has no restrictions. Consequently, there may be casualties in every sphere of conflict both internally and externally. As the potentially nuclear internal unrest develops at Sevco there are no signs of it being the exception and we are witnessing increasing numbers of victims within its own ranks as well as outside. It would appear there is internal revolt among the footsoldiers and mutiny by sections of the high command as well as the troops. But, as I said above, such violent turmoil can never be contained within the ramparts of the perpetrators. It absolutely always impacts on everybody and everything within its influence. That is why it is so important to Celtic supporters to be au fait with any activities relating to Ibrox. No matter how safely we protect ourselves from the fallout, no matter how strongly we resist the onslaught and no matter how vigorously we attempt to avoid it, Celtic and Scottish football in general will inevitably be adversely caught up in the strife. Today their own, tomorrow the world.

    I think I am guessing right, Wullie, that your issue is that, in spite of the danger to Celtic and Scottish football, there is an absence of reaction from Scottish Football, the media and, sadly our own club, regarding protection, punitive action and control which leaves our game open to destruction by the behaviour of one dubious member. I read what you say as taking the football authorities and our club to task for doing nothing (the media are more or less a foregone conclusion, I guess). It is not a question of broadcasting or gloating over the affairs of a club not worth the bother, it is guarding against and reacting to the fallout and the complacency.
    “As far as I’m concerned if our own club’s board are not concerned with pursuing Rangers and the SFA then I’m not publishing anything else about it unless I feel it advances the cause.”

    If I have misunderstood your piece, I am on guard for your fallout – the book is doon the troosers :).

    H H

    1. “it is guarding against and reacting to the fallout and the complacency.”

      On second thought, I think your salient pint may be more the highlighting of the complacency or downright disregard of the Celtic board and not so much the need for guarding against others.

      H H

      1. “salient point”, of course. I am sure your beer tastes a lot better than my sour grapes πŸ™‚

        H H

          1. Cheers PB πŸ™‚ I might ramble a bit here but forgive me I’ve had a very long day.

            Firstly I’ll say publicly that I’m absolutely delighted that yourself, Lorenzo, Shaun ,Craig and others write on this site. As a group you all add massive credibility to the site and I’m grateful. The only issue I had with Lorenzo’s reply was (as I said) it was off topic. The email I sent on Thursday was open for reply, suggestion and argument. However I’m not going to edit or censor anything. I have only ever done that on one occasion in over 2 years.

            As for the Celtic Board, yes I’m really angry at their lack of action over the RFC years of financial doping and cheating. Also the governing bodies part in supporting it. That cost us millions and also dragged Scottish football through the gutter. As if our games credibility had not suffered enough they and the authorities between them totally destroyed any chance of promoting our game in a positive light for a long time. I say that as a Scottish fitbaw fan. At least Turnbul Hutton of Raith Rovers had the integrity to proclaim on the steps of Hampden “They’re all corrupt in there”.

            Now I have good contacts within Celtic Park and Scottish football but what I don’t have is access to the private communications between the CEO and the majority shareholder. I would like to think they have a long term plan for ultimate payback but I have as yet seen no evidence of that.

            I’m happy for us to write stuff about RFC/SEVCO/SFA etc but it should be current and new. I decided to write last nights piece because I knew that the press would not ask the question ‘When did RFC/Sevco become interested in people being caused ‘Fear and Alarm’. That was a new and current story. I’m not interested in their internal power struggles. The truth be told I’m not interested in them. I could not even tell you what the score was in their game yesterday.

            The slogan and the very reason that this site exists is “Promoting Celtic Fans Independent media” and of course promoting Celtic FC. In stating that we should also question Celtic FC. I just feel that we should be embracing those ideas more that writing about the circus. However as I have said I won’t stop anyone writing or commenting on what they feel needs to be said.



  6. I still don’t give a fuck about them. 5-2 today, BRING ON BARCA on Tuesday.. Just MY opinion. Many were FOOLED BADLY BY RANGERS FANS (YEAH THEM) PRETENDING TO BE TIMS!! I said it on Twitter nobody wanted to listen. I could prove it in one blog, but I don’t CARE! πŸ˜€
    If people are stupid enough to be-friend one of them stinking fucks, then go ahead, don’t ask me. This story will go to the fucking grave with me. Nocunt was interested, so it remains that way.
    A BIG NAME in Twitter land is Helping the Huns… FACT.
    Don’t ask me who, I am not interested, go do your own homework. I sat for MONTHS like a dick believing a HUN in a Celtic Top…and people still do.

    HH And with all due respect.
    Many of you have been tricked BADLY…Reason I deleted many and fucked off.
    Dead story, I don’t care…..

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