Axe The Act – Govan By Election

Axe The Act – Govan By Election

Vote and Support Thomas Rannachan

The Celtic Network supports Thomas Rannachan in the upcoming Govan By Election

thomasThomas Rannachan, is a 36 year old who is standing as an Independent candidate in the Govan by-election on Thursday 10th October 2013, under the Axe the Act banner. 

As an Independent, he isn’t tied down by party politics nor does he have a political agenda to pursue either. Instead, he is standing on one particular issue, the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. A Bill forced through by the SNP when there wasn’t a need for such legislation as everything it covers, was already in force in Scots law anyway. 

Instead, Thomas believes this to be a blatant attack on freedom of speech and punishing certain people for expressing their heritage and culture, which simply shouldn’t be allowed in a democratic society. His campaign is to highlight the injustices of this Bill and the cloak and dagger approach adopted by the authorities. 

An experienced civil servant with a wealth of experience of youth work behind him, it’s the younger football fans he is worried for and believes that they are the ones more often than not, caught up by this Bill and wrongly punished. If elected, Thomas hopes to be a voice of reason and open up a dialogue with the Police to get more transparency on this Bill and their approach to enforcing it. And, to also take up anyone’s case who should fall foul of the Bill to offer support and fight for fairness in the ensuing process.

At the very least he believes the Bill must be reviewed and would work with serving councillors and politicians in combining their support against the Bill and showing, as confirmed by many of the country’s leading legal experts that it simply doesn’t work. In his campaign so far he has had plenty of support from the aforementioned and is in a good position to utilise this political support in fighting the illiberal law. So far in his campaign, he has managed to get the SNP candidate to admit that she would have to have the Bill looked at if its found not fit for purpose after besting her on a local radio show on the issue. And his Labour opponent has agreed to canvass their voters to give him their second preference vote on election day.

Clearly his argument is winning if his rivals are backing him!

You can follow Thomas on twitter @AXEACTGovan

Please download and display this leaflet.


6 thoughts on “Axe The Act – Govan By Election

  1. Wullie

    Politically disillusioned for several years now and Thomas would be the perfect out for salving my voting conscience. You have no idea how much I wish I was in Govan right now just to lend my vote to getting that detestable piece of corrupt legislation cast into the pit of oblivion.

    H H

    1. PB, I wish more up here where as passionate. So far this article has had 185 reads. If I had wrote an article on Sevco that would have had 1,500 reads by now. We need to get our priorities right because this act won’t just disappear of it’s own accord.


      1. I just peeped in to say goodnight, as the song goes, Wullie, but feared I would not sleep lest I had a rant.

        I find it frustrating that people can not get their priorities right. Hey, I am as bonkers about Celtic and football as any man and I am gravely concerned about the probable negative impact and the potential destructiveness of Sevcoism on the Scottish game. But there are moral principles that simply surpass any affiliation to or fervour for the trivia of life. And the laws of the land that we are forced to adhere to, constitute a normally essential and definitely substantial portion of those principles. Law and how it is designed and administered is the very core of a common social structure. It determines social interaction and is the foundation upon which an ordered society develops. Without law there is chaos. But bad laws can in themselves be the cause of that chaos and while on the one hand the law must be upheld by all without fear nor favour, on the other, insidious or misguided laws must be challenged with every means at one’s disposal. For the strength of the law is in its attainment of justice not in the suppression of contradiction or the establishment of notion. It is intended to enhance not curtail freedom and true democracy.

        It is, then, a sad day when people put football before the essentials in life. I experienced a similar scenario down this way when I first arrived. For those that remember, Andy Cap was a cartoon character in the paper, based on a stereo-typical Geordie working class husband. Well that is exactly how I found many of the male folk in the North east, lovable yes, but give a man a fag, a pint and a woman to run after him and he was perfectly content with his lot. You would hear every moan possible about how neglected the North East was but ask him what he intended to do about it and you got a blank disinterested stare that asked the unspoken question, “What?” That is why much of the area appears at least a decade behind even the most decimated parts of central Scotland. No fight, at least not for the genuinely important things in life.

        In the North East it was political apathy and reliance on others. In the case of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, there could be justice apathy, to coin a phrase, and let others do the opposing in Scotland, especially with the passage of time. I know you try hard and regularly, Wullie, to focus the minds and consciences of those who visit your site on this important subject. If there is no response then, in my opinion, people badly need to wake up to the threat that such unfounded law-brokerage holds in reality. Similar unnecessary and unjustifiable laws could easily be introduced into any area of daily life that a government “fancied”, not just a relatively unessential pastime such as football. In the battle to ensure just and sensible law making, there has to be, not just a concerted and constructive challenge, but a continuous one. Otherwise, the people of Scotland, especially if independence gives a free hand to the knee-jerkers and the controllers, will be downtrodden by power hungry politicians seeking to keep the wee man in his silent place by strangling his right to free expression and protest with superfluous legal junk. Ideally, to create a Flo (Andy’s long suffering wife) out of each one. To those who are disinterested or unconcerned can I, from afar, urge you to act now, react now in whatever way you can oppose or protest against this abhorrent legislation. If you follow the Geordie apathy tack, you will only have yourselves to blame when the jackboot of legality stamps you into submissiveness.

        I think I might be ready for a sleep, Wullie. Good night, mate.

        H H

        1. We’re on a slippery slope PB. It’s like people are sleepwalking into an Orwellian future. Fortunately after some pestering on social media the article was read by over 1,000 people. Hopefully that will help raise awareness.



          1. Have had a long day, Wullie, but have to say you are spot on. We are certainly in, if not actually beyond the dark forecasts of 1984 but I dread to think what could come if we do not stop this political free for all with peoples lives. Glad readership improved. Like you, I wish this kind of topic could get people’s immediate reaction.

            H H

  2. Wanted: Please come to Govan on Saturday from 10:30am untill 1pm, or whatever time you can spare to canvas against this bill.

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