Help Us Build ‘timbook’

Help Us Build ‘timbook’

The new version of this site has been running for a few months now. I think by now all of you are roughly familiar with the new setup. I would now like you all to help move the social side of TCN onto the next level.

I’d like you all to join in and help us build ‘timbook’ as a Celtic fans alternative to facebook and other such corporate entities.

You may be thinking ” What can I do on ‘timbook that I can’t do on facebook”? The answer to that is NOTHING and EVERYTHING. 🙂 tHE BENEFIT OF ‘timbook’ is that you won’t get pestered by adverts or requests to join daft games 🙂 (showing my age here).

Basically using our social network tools you can;

  • Start a group
  • add friends
  • communicate via personal massages
  • Add multimedia albums
  • upload and share video
  • upload and share mp3
  • upload and share images
  • create a private group
  • create a public group
  • control invites to your group or groups
  • write blogs

I’m really keen to take this forward and reinforce The Celtic Network as a community. Your groups can be dedicated to any topic you like or nothing at all, you might just want a general group where you can chat and share stuff.

I also feel this is a great time to be pushing on with this as it coincides with 3g wireless being launched at Celtic Park. I think this could be a great way to share match pictures etc with fellow Celtic fans.

So if you’re interested  check out the video tutorials here If you have any questions just Contact Me

I’m really looking forward to seeing you give it a go.



4 thoughts on “Help Us Build ‘timbook’

  1. Wullie, that is superb. I will have a go at the video over the weekend. Tomorrow I am up to eyeballs with the voluntary stuff almost all day but should be free for most of Sunday. I am really looking forward to developing existing friendships and extending my acquaintances.

    H H

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