Efe Ambrose agreed a new four-year deal

Happy with the hoops
Happy with the hoops

Great news today when Efe Ambrose agreed a new four-year deal with the Club, it seems obvious now Celtic are buying these players and the ones who are doing well are getting a new contract. I hope Ledley signs a new one along with Stokes. I am hoping this is Celtic sitting down with players that Lennon really wants to see hang around.

With the players Lenny has brought in, Matthews would be up for a better deal if indeed this is what is happening. I think Ambrose is as good a player we can attract just now, his country and the player won the Africa Cup of Nations this year, so he is in a good national side with world class players and this can only be good for other players in the side

Sometimes when Ambrose is playing and he runs with the ball into midfield I get palpitations, he is VERY comfortable on the ball, even against Barcelona there he was awesome; he was just ghosting past players. With Lennon hoping Wilson had stayed, I think he had Ambrose filling the Wanyama role, but Efe and Dijk are getting a good understanding together, it will still take time, but the signs are we have a really good back 2 in-front of goal, when he scored I have real heart attacks, I think “You are going to break your neck pal” 😀

This is good news


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