Celtic FC – Open To All ?

Celtic FC – Open To All ?

Well that’s the way it is but it’s not always the way it is portrayed by the media and some of our own fans.

We all know the origins of the Club so there is no need to go over that. Celtic were formed in 1887 but this is now 2013. We should always celebrate why the club was formed and it’s association with the RC Church and Ireland. However time moves on.

It really annoys me when our club is hijacked by people who want to label us as a Roman Catholic club. We are a Catholic club in the true sense of the meaning. Catholic means Universal. I’m also running out of patience with the section of our support who feel we have to sing songs about the troubles in Ireland to underpin our Irish credentials. Here’s a wee question. When Celtic played Liverpool in Dublin recently, who did the Irish fans turn out and support ? So you can sing as many ‘rebs’ as you want but the Irish people mainly support EPL clubs.

If we are genuinely ‘open to all’ we have to rethink how we project ourselves in the modern world. Celtic are an apolitical football club. That means the club don’t do politics, we do football. Before anyone gets the wrong idea this is not a dig at the Green Brigade, it’s not a dig at our Irish heritage. If we have to sing political songs lets make them about the SNP government and FoCUS.

Are we open to all ? If we are then we should leave the troubles and religion to those on the south side. It’s time to concentrate on Celtic and that means as well as the good stuff we should also be questioning our board in relation to The Act and the cheats from the south side. If we as a support want to be political then it must be relevant to the society we live in, not Ireland’s past.

I’m from Irish stock, I don’t need to sing about Ireland at the game to be comfortable with that.

PS. The atmosphere against Barca was electric and 90% of the singing was Celtic songs. #JustSayin

22 thoughts on “Celtic FC – Open To All ?

  1. Good blog mate..Really..
    Many you know will read this and take what you said the wrong way. I get it 100%. be proud of our heritage, why we were formed, our history and remember why we came to be. There are a few songs just rejoicing in the club as it is with tradition also..Not a bad thing. It is who we are..
    But there are songs I think we need to leave behind to help become a REAL big clever club. We have the best fans in the world, I just blogged it below your blog. But you are right, we need to move on and leave the sectarian stuff and all that comes with the religious/political stuff in the past. All this made us who we are, and what we are. But me personally, I am just a Celtic fan who wants us to win games of football and do well in Europe. When I was a kid I sung some songs I wouldn’t now or whatever.

    Good writing here, I think we need to leave it behind us. But others will have strong opinions on why we must keep singing other songs we maybe shouldn’t. The club are in public asking fans to act in a different way. For me if you support the club you don’t have to agree with everything, and you can have opinions that differ, but acting in a way that will get us fined or worse we need to cut out.

    2013, lets go win tons of trophies and look forward always, but never forget in our minds where we are from and why we became.Some still rightly or wrongly get angry at past events, and that is up to every person on their own to move on from it or keep angry about it. For me the history is gone, we can’t and never will change it. So look to the future and make new memories we can sing about.
    Blogging is all about opinions, so this should be interesting when it gets going.


    1. Utter trip, and totally contradictory. . Pandering to a thought process that wants to deny the Celtic ethos. . .Its cool tho. . . No cunt on any blog will ever change the facts. The fact is this. Without the Catholic Church. There would be no Celtic. Accept it.

      1. I’ve got news for you pal if it was not for the Catholic Church there would be no Celtic…..now you can accept it or you can move along..

      2. You’re right Paul “No cunt on any blog will ever change the facts” . It’s an opinion piece, it’s my opinion and I’m not trying to ram it down anybodys throat.

        Firstly I’m not denying any facts and secondly like you I’m allowed an opinion. If you can convince me that the PIRA have anything to do with Celtic FC then fair enough. I just can’t see it.


  2. Nice comment buddy. But, anyway, If I could understand your idea (don´t forget that I speak spanish, not english as well) I guess you´re quite wrong. Why? Because everybody can sing everything in everywhere stadium. Beside that, all the people who love football know “the celtic´story” and believe, most of fan feel very good senses with Ireland and Celtic. I don´t like name our opposite version (who have the blue t-shirt) but -as you well know- they do the same, but with protestant song and thay ussually use “the UK flags”. That is the main difference between CELTIC and all the other clubs in world. Only you bhoy, only you can say “I ´m catholic, I could run away the british and I love football. All these words can resume in just one: CELTIC.
    I wish you can realize my idea.
    Greetings from Argentina!!!!!!

    ps: If you listen “the wolfe tones” you´ll see that I´m right!!!
    Hail Hail!!!!!

    1. Everyone should know, why is it even a debate 😀

      Just saying boss
      I have spent the last several Months debating ALL REALIGIONS from all over the world with every religion, even ones I had not heard. I DETEST religion. But religion is not the problem. People are.
      Religion has had a few hundred thousands years to work and made a mess of the World. The West of Scotland’s troubles are like a handbag fight compared to what goes on in North Africa and parts of he Middle East. I believe in God, pray every day, but my own personal God. Arguing about Religion put me off….”I am a Christian and I hate Islam” and more…does my head in..

      So this is why Religion is not the issue, it’s ARSEHOLES who don’t know how to respect others religions..That is why we have religious tension all over the world..

      Just saying..

      HH again

  3. Why does religion and churches and God always have to come into. The blog was about “Moving away from that” But not forgetting…You know, 2013, lets not live with 4,000 year old values…
    I think the meaning of the blog was “It’s about Football” and it is…
    If we drag religion into the debate, we are as bad as a stinking hun…
    We are better than that….
    …Best fans in the World!

    That was a joke by the way..
    If this lad can do it, I am sure I am good to go




  4. One can honor one’s heritage while still being open to all. Along these lines, a great quote:

    “The study of Irish history does not excite political animosity but leads to the very opposite result. Thoroughly to appreciate the history of this or any country it is necessary to sympathise with all parties…” (AG Richey, ‘A Short History of the Irish People’, 1869)

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