Why we must never forget what Lenny went through

He did it for us and himself
He did it for us and himself

When we sit and think about Neil Lennon and we judge him as a manger after every game, as we do, its football, part and parcel of what comes with the territory, we can’t ever forget what Neil Lennon came through to get Celtic to where they are today, a good European side

Back in the bad days for Lennon when officials seemed to be cheating him, when the packages where arriving and PLEASE I don’t want to open a debate on what happened I want to create a debate on what is without doubt a remarkable man with strength I don’t think any manager in the WORLD has

He worked past it, he had to go to bed at night the same as the rest of us worried for his family, yet he never stopped working for Celtic, I would go as far as say as what happened to Lenny made him the manager he is today. He wants it more now, he is a very strong minded guy and 2nd place is not good enough for him, he takes defeat badly, but we all know how he likes to win, he takes no prisoners now, he let go if his mate in his staff because he knows what it takes to win, he is learning

Demanding his players give what we the fans expect
Demanding his players give what we the fans expect

To be a good, sorry, a GREAT football manager your players must respect you as well as being good at what you do, and it is without doubt Lennon has the dressing room; people can argue with me all day on this one, I don’t think there is a manager in world football, ok Europe who shows as much passion as Lenny does. He came in a very raw manage but he had something, as a player he only knew winning under a very good manager who brought him here, he knows how to win and knows what it takes to win, but he gets close to his players, the players know the line, but he does it, and that is a hard line to cross, he does it

Hard act to get this close to your players, but he does it
Hard act to get this close to your players, but he does it

I see the side improving every year and I see Lennon improve every year, the question we all worry about is “How long till a GIANT in World football comes knocking” Celtic are a Giant in World Football, but I mean a club that can spend £20M on one player, how long till Lenny wants this? I only hope if we get into the Champions League again next year the board step it up to the next level, Wullie did a blog on just this subject the other day  where he asks “Have we out grown our current business model” and a good  blog it was, no argument a debate that had to be had, we need to keep Lenny here, by doing so, we MUST give him money for players, players for the Champions League http://thecelticnetwork.com/2013/10/01/outgrown-business-model/

For any man to come through what Lenny did and stand here today with a terrific side with a terrific mentality about them speaks volumes for the man. In my eyes he is one of the best in the UK right now and for sure getting noticed in Europe. But I believe he knows where he is, he knows what Celtic are all about, I don’t think he will leave to spend bigger, I really believe he wants to win the Champions League with Celtic, I am certain he believes he can do it. I can see it in him, who can’t, when we got into the Champions League this year, we all seen what this means to him

This is what it means to us, and Lenny
This is what it means to us, and Lenny

Next time you see anyone have a go at OUR MANAGER remind them what he sacrificed, what he had to endure, what pain he must have been in to get himself and the club to where they are today, he had a NATION against him, now he smiles at them, he is the king of the palace now, he owns the media, he is brilliant with them, he doesn’t take their crap and he is a lot more clever not just as a manger but also with what it takes to be the Celtic Manger. Gordon Strachan said “If you can manage Celtic you can be the Prime Minister” He said it in half jest, but he made a good point, the expectations from us the fans are huge

But the person putting all the pressure on Lenny now, is Lenny himself, he demands it, he expects it, and deep down I think he knows how good he is. Let’s get behind this man for as long as he is here, I think we could be looking at a major Celtic Icon for generation to come with Lenny, I really think he is shaping this club to be something that is almost like a beast being let out a cage, he wants it badly, and he wants it as bad as we do, this is where the fans meet Lenny in the middle, we know our club, Lenny knows it also

The future is good, the future is green at a remarkable football club

We are one of a kind, nobody can match us
We are one of a kind, nobody can match us

HH And this video has been posted a million times, let’s not forget what Lenny has done to get himself and our club here

6 thoughts on “Why we must never forget what Lenny went through

  1. The supporters who no longer come to the games at Parkhead should read this piece and watch this video and remember what Neil Lennon has had to live with not just as a manager but also as a player.
    I Honestly believe Celtic will get stronger and better under Lennon and make our way further and further into the Champions League.God Bless Neil Lennon

    1. Yeah, when we had a what? 10,000 waiting list? where did everyone go? This was Larsson time. Where did 30,000 fans go? Good shout to be fair ..

    1. It’s cool we don’t have to agree. Opinion are allowed however. We are better than “Them” we can debate, Celtic fans are the best in the World, as I said in the blog. We don’t argue, we have opinions…

      I look at 2 years in the CL and churning out good young players from nowhere…And making enough money to give players like Ambrose better contracts. People think we can spend £5M, We simply can’t! add wages to a £5M Players over a contract and signing on fee’s and agent’s fees. there is at least £10M on one player. We simply can’t do that just now.
      That is my opinion, t’is all..

      So you think the Mowbrey years were better? That is your opinion I respect that..
      But we have improved over the last three years since him. But hey, opinions are why we use Twitter and do blogs etc. Without opinions it would be like everyone was on drugs (Say no to drugs kids) and all best friends :D.


  2. Absolutely fantastic piece there Shaun! I live in Melbourne these days and although it is a pain in the backside I get up at 4.30 am ever CL game before going into the office for a full days work! Lenny is a huge factor in me doing so! The guy is made of tough stuff for sure, we can all sit and say how much we love Celtic (Not doubting anyone) but to stay the course after all the nonsense that Lenny has had to endure in both his playing and managerial career really shows how much the club means to him! I love seeing his press conference’s as he is very much streets ahead in the intelligence stakes to any of the SMSM churnalists trying to interview him.

    On a side note, everytime I meet someone new down here they always ask the same or similar questions and one that is always asked is “Oh you must miss your family so much?” I always tell them me being here gives the family an excuse to come to Melbourne but the only thing I really miss is Celtic 😉 (Oh and square slice, but I’m only human 😉 )

    We are all Neil Lennon!!

    Hail Hail,


    1. I miss square sausage and I live on the East Coast of Edinburgh 😀
      Can’t get enough…
      And cheers, just thought I would do a write up on how Amazing it is we are where we are under Lenny whilst he was going through what he went through. I should have added his mate died also, forgive me for forgetting his name, the lawyer chap who was doing good, Died in Pakistan? India…Sorry again..had a late night.
      Take all that into account, I think we can all be proud of the man..

      We are all Neil Lennon

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