Kris Commons – How much do we depend on him?

commons_2363064bWe signed this lad and he started brilliantly, and from the start he has been superb for us, I don’t think there is a player at Celtic just now that has the vision he does or can hit a shot as well as he does, when we counter attack Commons is at the heart of what we do

We all have opinions on players, I think I could blog on any player to be fair, but Commons for me is Mr Consistent, the big games he comes alive, but also in front of 4,000 people in the SPL he still comes good, some of his goals have been unreal and some really important, he is a big game player and his vision, the way he plays with his head up I think will only help strikers we play as we move on with this squad. With question marks hanging over Stokes who looks like he may sign a pre-contract in January or maybe leave for a small fee, we do need another striker, but we needed one anyway

I sometimes think how good would Larsson and Commons have been together, Commons vision and Larsson’s movement would have been a joy to watch. Hooper got a lot of goals and looking back Commons played him in a lot and was in and around Stokes and Hooper when they were on fire

Commons had a bad season prior to Alan Thompson leaving and the rumour I heard was Commons said something along the lines of “No coach should be half drunk at training” or words to that effect, I have no idea if that is true, but when Thompson left the staff, Commons came back into the side almost right away

Kris Commons is a very important player, I think we all agree, he had a little dig at the board just before we got into the Group stages of the Champions League saying “We need more quality and more help” We signed Pukki a few days later

I think we have several players who are big games players but when it comes to consistency we know Commons will give his all in every match


**EDIT**  Not that they make sense, but from STV Commons is top of the Power Rankings..

Power Rankings – Week nine

STV 9 October 2013 13:26 BST

1. Kris Commons – 6.45 😀
2. John Sutton – 6.30
3. Billy McKay – 6.13
4. Stevie May – 5.18
5. Georgios Samaras – 4.8
6. Anthony Stokes – 4.6
7. Peter Pawlett – 4.50
8. Steven Maclean – 4.10
9 = Melvin de Leeuw – 3.79
9 = Lionel Ainsworth – 3.79

5 thoughts on “Kris Commons – How much do we depend on him?

  1. Hi Shaun and everybody!

    I have been laid low by the same bug that hits the MSM on a daily basis. The only difference is mine was coming out the natural way at my rear end. I am closing in on solidarity but can give no guarantees that I might not need to do a runner especially if I get into fast flow mode in my comments.

    I am devastated I missed making a contribution to the Neil Lennon article and especially for being unable to join the Open to All debate. On the latter I would merely comment that terminology can be a destructive spoke in the wheel of any argument. I found that the use of religion and especially of Catholicism as generic terms gave foundation to how individuals interpreted the role of each in the formation and development of Celtic FC. Once I have sealed my current fate and I am able to sit still on a chair for a significant length of time I will expand on my very personal theory.

    As for today’s item, Shaun. I am not as won over by Kris Commons as most. Can I just qualify anything I say by admitting I only see games on CTV and that is a far cry from what happens in reality. However, the real thing is merely a fleeting impression and one can very easily misconstrue what one sees. This has been more than adequately highlighted by instant replay on our TV screens. I would need to be a fifty fingered octopus to count the number of times I have made a judgement only to have a frying pan full of egg on my face. On the other hand, the lens of a camera places massive limitations on the eye. So what I have to say is inevitably warped one way or another.

    One day I will certainly do an in depth analysis of Kris’ contribution to games for I have never been able to recognise his part in many of them as described by the opinions of others, very often including CTV commentators – not that that is anything to go by. I do not deny his unquestionable ability to read the game and to instigate and orchestrate movement. Even less so would I question his ability to shoot with a decent element of accuracy and with tremendous power at times. But to constantly claim that he is the man behind the team is for me an unfounded attribution. I have seen on many, many occasions movement actually breaking down time after time when Kris either loses the ball or makes a very poor or questionable pass. I have witnessed more than once when the latter actually ended a potentially productive attack by the team or even gave impetus to counter-attack to the other side, Celtic having been caught out. Yes, there have been occasions when Kris’ movement, his beating men and passing the ball has been outstanding but I am not convinced he does this consistently, as you maintain. In fact, I would argue the contrary viz. that he is very inconsistent and that causes us harm because we look to do so much through him in games. I also note he spends many games “floating”. I have said before, it is not what a player does on the ball, not even with the ball, it is what he does off the ball that contributes most to team-play. Kris Commons can be out of the team-play for ages in games simply because he is not looking to be a participant. He often watches and waits rather than look for space to receive.

    Finally, if you can shoot, if you can score goals, if you can place balls with accuracy, then do it and do it regularly. Kris does not. If he played in the Bundesliga, for example, he would be shooting every time he caught a glimpse of the goals and, in my opinion, scoring much more frequently. That is what “good shots” do time and again in this sort of league. It is the same in France. We are too much deceived into trying to be a poor version of Barcelona and walk everything into the net and Kris is part of that illusion. That may be as much Lennon’s fault as anyone but it still impacts on the value of Kris’ contribution. Last season the Bundesliga showed Barcelona that they can walk from here to eternity if they wish. Meantime, they will shoot from afar. Kris has the undoubted ability for successful long range shooting. But it is of little use to the team, if he decides to do so only once in a while.

    As I said above, I probably have a very distorted picture of what Kris Commons actually puts into a game. But I can only call it as I see it and that is with all the flaws of CTV. After all, I do have the advantage of playback to confirm or contest my impressions. Watching live does not allow me this advantage. What it does give me and what is denied by any television coverage, is the overall picture, the wide screen as it were of the whole pitch. Many things can go on outside the range of the camera and if Kris is performing heroics there that I miss then I am totally wrong in my assessment of him. If, however, what I see is what we get, then others value his contribution way in excess of what I consider its worth.

    Be gentle. I am not sure if I have the energy to have a full scale battle tonight. But if you want a go, I am in a weak place right now so take advantage. After all, none of you had sympathy with Barcelona when Messi was injured so why now?

    H H

    1. Sorry you are under the Weather Arthur, I hope you are back feeling ok soon. Been a bit crap myself lately but today is better. My illness is slowly taking it’s toll on my body, but acceptance has helped..

      As for Commons, I think we all see different things, I have been to a few games and also like you watch from CTV. Being a Celtic player just now means nobody is of a standard to go and play at the very highest level, but from what I have seen from Commons since his arrival is what I said in the blog.
      We all see different things and opinions vary, and that is healthy.

      The reason I, or anyone does any blog is to stimulate debate and get other opinions, if we all agreed, blogging would be like watching the 3rd Division 😀

      Hope you get well soon mate..


      1. Cheers Shaun

        Hope you improve. I have little to complain about in comparison. Mine was just one of those pesky bug things that creates a lot of additional loo time to complete more crosswords. At least I hope it was as I am off to Ireland next week for a wee break with my grandson and do not need two reasons for hanging over the railings of the ferry. I am nearly back to normal – now there IS a laugh!

        As for the debating, that is what I loved at the games. Seconds after something happens and there are forty thousand opinions. That is what makes football what it is. That is what gets into our blood and makes us just crackers about the game and our team. I doubt anybody will ever fathom the reasoning behind it, if there be any, but that is of no matter for it is actually the passion and the emotion that is at the heart of it. That is why people can go into a state of denial about how their club is faring, whether at the top, in the middle or down below in the depths. It is still in the blood even when your club is dead, one might say.

        Perhaps, to go back to Wullie’s article, this explains why Celtic is different; is more, if not all, inclusive. There IS another dimension, another emotional attachment that relates to a concoction of history, faith, charity, brotherhood and unity, a bond created from oppression, disadvantage and alienation. That is what transcends the norm of football achievement and takes Celtic Football Club to a higher plain, provides a social dimension born out of a unique ethos. Celtic is in spirit open to all, even if, and it is impossible to claim this is not the case, the stance and conduct of selective individuals or minority groups buck the system, so to speak, and make some people feel alienated.

        H H

        1. Thanks mate, sadly mine is for life..
          And well said, we are unique as a club, no argument there.
          I don’ think any TRUE Celtic fan can ever be alienated at all..
          I caught a few games early in the season and I felt as much a part of the club as the manager and players., We are all one..

          Cheers Arthur

          1. Sorry Shaun! Someday I will write what I mean.
            “I don’ think any TRUE Celtic fan can ever be alienated at all”
            I was referring to someone who has no previous affiliations and is perhaps left unsure by some conduct. I think you are perfectly correct in principle about an already committed supporter.

            By the way, I have never quite known what to say to someone in your situation. All I can do is offer my support and prayers and be there for you in whatever way I can. At least for the moment we can share a common interest.

            Can I just say to Wullie that being on the run has curtailed any efforts to advance my contribution to “timbook”. I am off to Ireland for a week next week but I promise, honest to God, to get at it when I come back 🙂

            Every best wish

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