Stand With The Banned Bhoys – Axe The Act

Stand With The Banned Bhoys – Axe The Act

The Banned Bhoys
Guilty until proven innocent

This morning another seven Celtic fans joined the ‘Banned Bhoys’. At this point they have been served with football banning orders even though they have not yet been found guilty of any offence. The now familiar story of early morning raids, the sort of things normally reserved for drug dealers and serious criminals continues. God only knows how this affects the families of these supporters but FoCUS and the SNP don’t care. They just want to justify the millions of ponds they spending to curb freedom of expression.

Our fellow fans have been dragged out their homes for singing Roll of Honour. The song celebrates Irish political prisoners who gave their lives during the hunger strike of 81. Now you all know by now that I would prefer that we just sung Celtic songs but it’s not my place to lecture people on what to sing at a football match. Myself and this site will not sit idly by while our fellow supporters are targeted by an institutionally racist and sectarian police force and the SNP.

I have been involved with Fans Against Criminalisation for 2 years now. I am asking all my fellow supporters of all clubs to now get involved with fighting against this unworkable discriminating act. Whether you agree with these songs being sung or not is not the point. This act is curtailing freedom of speech and expression. In a civilised society civil liberties must be preserved and fought for. If there is such a thing as the ‘Celtic Family’ then it is time for it to unite and make a stand.

If you’re in Govan tomorrow please show support for @AXEACTGovan End this fascist bill and say YES to civil liberties.

You can follow FAC here and also the Celtic Trust here

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