Fans Deserve Clarity

Fans Deserve Clarity

I’m going to try and write this not just as a Celtic Supporter but also as a supporter of Scottish football. For over forty years now I have attended football games in this country and abroad but never have I seen such a disconnect between supporters, Clubs and the football authorities.

On Celtic PLC

I use the title Celtic PLC (the company) as they are named in shareholders documents to differentiate between that entity and Celtic FC. To me Celtic FC is the football manager, coaching , playing staff and most importantly my fellow Celtic supporters. My love for Celtic Fc and my fellow supporters will never die until the minute my body along with my Celtic scarf is rolled into a furnace.

As for Celtic PLC I don’t have much time for that entity. However I won’t make any accusations of wrongdoing in regards to RFC obtaining a UEFA licence for season 2011/12 nor will I accuse them of being involved in corruption and collusion in reference to the shenanigans that brought about the death of RFC, the reanimation of the tribute act and their unlawful injection into SFL division three at the expense of well run clubs like Spartans. However that does not mean I’m happy with what has transpired.

So why won’t I accuse Celtic PLC of being involved in these shenanigans ? The answer is quite simple. I have no hard evidence. Why do I not have hard evidence ? Again the answer is quite simple. There has been a total lack of transparency from Celtic PLC and footballs governing bodies since this whole stain on our game began.

There has been, as far as I’m concerned a conspiracy of secret meetings, lies, half truths, bullying, red herrings and a general muddying of the waters that makes it almost impossible for the ordinary fan to find any form of clarity in this whole sordid affair.

All I ask as a supporter and a stakeholder in Celtic Fc is that the PLC Board provide clarity on important matters like;

  1. Where you happy at the time to let Newco Rangers straight back into the SPL for season 2012/13?
  2. Where you party to the ‘five way agreement’ and also if so where you happy to go forward with that agreement.
  3. Why did you not seek compensation or legal redress for shareholders who’s investments and dividends may have been damaged by the EBT years and the UEFA licence granted to RFC (in liquidation) to allow them to compete in the UEFA Champions League in 2011.
  4. Why did you not vote against compromised SFA President Campbell Ogilvie’s re-election ?
  5. Why did you not challenge Lord Nimmo Smith’s decision that RFC (in liquidation) gained no sporting advantage through the use of EBT’s, when in fact a blind man could see that they did ?
  6. Are you happy with the immoral precedent that has been set by allowing a newco to claim titles and history of a dead club but shirk it’s responsibility to HMRC and other creditors ?

I’m sure people will think of more questions but an answer to each of the above would do for me at this moment in time. I am also sure that answers to these questions would provide clarity and reassurance to many in our support that the PLC are interested in a fair game and not just turning a profit. So come on Peter and co, open up and let us get back to supporting Celtic FC.

On Supporting Scottish Football

I’m positive that supporters of other clubs could ask the same questions that I have directed to our board of directors. Most importantly the games governing bodies have serious questions to answer pertaining to this shambles. After all it happened on the current incumbents watch.

Every fan of Scottish football deserves answers an clarity on these matters. Supporters are the lifeblood of the game. The TV money handed out to the vast majority of clubs is a joke. Therefore they survive on punters paying at the gate. We supporters have a right to know that we a paying into a ‘clean’ game. The clubs and the football authorities have a duty of care to make sure that is the case. However they have all failed us badly.

Where Scottish football goes from here I don’t know but sadly with each passing day I care less.

8 thoughts on “Fans Deserve Clarity

  1. We really should stop making a distinction between the “PLC” and the “FC”.
    This only supports the myth / scam that Rangers fans are getting away with.
    Whilst we all have different opinions on certain aspects of the club, various departments etc,
    Celtic Football Club PLC is the company & the club and vice versa.

    1. Peter They are different entities. Celtic PLC are the parent company of Celtic FC,Celtic football and athletic co ltd, Protectevent and East Glasgow regeneration co.(or a similar named company. The difference is that you and I agree with scots law that the football club once incorporated into the parent company becomes indistinguishable. If the PLC dies dies they all die.

  2. excellent piece wullie.especially the gaining no advantage part.iv said it many times.look at the players they had on the e.b.t.if they hadf all played for annan athletic.they would have been qualifying for the champions league and winning spls.i heard the decision with disbelief.which does make you wonder what can be done when even the people in power.(for whatever reason).take no action .they believe they are untouchable and up to now .who can blame them .

  3. WB
    Great post…very thought provoking and well worth reviving. We’ve all let this drift from our minds.
    From my perspective the Celtic board lacked the guts to question or protest against any of the dysfunctional decisions made by the SFA.
    They are simply running scared and have adorned the ‘politically correct’ shell suit. Hear no evil, certainly speak no evil and if you see evil…ignore it!!!
    Now I have actually met Peter Lawwell and found him to be a pleasant enough man however there is definitely a disconnect between him and the fans…that is obvious. He runs a company that is controlled by the non executive directors most of whom are significant shareholders. So we know where their bread is buttered. Isnt it interesting that the board got out of their prams about the GB but didnt bat an eyelid at what was happening to the moral fibre of the game in Scotland?
    Spineless, self seeking and detached.

    1. Thanks for the reply, it’s good to hear from you. Personally I can’t see this carry on ending well for any party.That saddens me.

      Hope yer well

      Wullie 🙂

  4. Great piece Wullie. They have tried the old smoke and mirrors trick in the hope that we will all believe that everytnhing is above board. Nothing is further from the truth. Newco should not be in the leagues at all. They lied, cheated and ran roughshod over any rules that we had to adhere to. All of this with impunity and the so-called authorities selective blindness to it. Your questions shoukd be getting asked by everyone. Bombard them until they have to listen. hh

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