Celtic ‘Living Wage’ Poll Results.

Celtic ‘Living Wage’ Poll – Results.

First of all thank you to all who took the time to vote, it’s appreciated. All in all 292 people voted which is quite good for an online poll that only ran for under 10 hours.

The reason for this snap poll was that a resolution has been tabled by The Celtic Trust to be considered at the upcoming AGM. The resolution reads “The board take steps to make Celtic a Living Wage employer”. The Celtic board have asked shareholders to vote against this resolution , that means they have the proxy votes to sink the resolution. That does not mean to say this is the end of the matter, far from it.

Of course this is just a snap poll of nearly 300 supporters but looking at the results, I will bet that if you polled all around the globe the yes vote would still win by a country mile. I’m also sure that the founding fathers of our club would urge the current board to introduce a living wage. Morally it is the right thing to do. The estimated £120,000 pa cost could be easily covered regardless of fluctuations in annual turnover. Someone actually suggested adding £3 to the cost of a season ticket and I’m sure our support would be happy with that. However that is only one way and I’m sure our board could find 100 ways of covering the cost. With that in mind the question is. Why do the current board ask shareholders to reject this ?

Celtic should grasp this opportunity to lead by example and contribute to improving the lives of their employees. Being paid a living wage is not giving people money for nothing. It’s about helping the working poor and making employees feel valued and appreciated. The current board would do well to ask one question. What would Brother Walfrid do ?

Hail, Hail

Final Result

Should Celtic Pay Its Employees No Less Than The ‘Living Wage’ ?
Yes = 277 94.9%
No = 13 4.5%
Undecided = 2 0.7%

living wage poll results

3 thoughts on “Celtic ‘Living Wage’ Poll Results.

  1. What I want to know is this. What is it that makes the Celtic Board think they can ask shareholders to vote against any issue? As far as I can see they are supposed to be sitting down with fans/shareholders and LISTENING to what issues are important to them, and taking action accordingly.

    If they can provide a good reason, backed by facts and figures, as to WHY they feel the Living Wage is something they can’t engage with, fair enough. But do not tell fans not to raise the issue, any issue, otherwise you make a complete mockery of the word ‘democracy’. The club is supposed to be democratic, right?

    1. No business run by Peter Lawwell will ever be a democracy. Don’t get me wrong he is Celtic to the core but when it comes to running the company then it’s Peters way or the highway.

      1. yes and he runs it very well,who’s alive and thriving in the current climate, and who is dead and buried but still walking the govan roads screaming brains!!!!!!!!!!!!

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