Use Your Vote At The AGM

Use Your Vote At The AGM

On behalf of the Celtic Trust. We would like to ask our members and visitors who own shares to make sure you use your vote at the AGM. It is vitally importantceltic trust that you exercise your vote.

If you can not attend in person or have trouble postal or electronic voting you can give The Celtic Trust your proxy to vote on your behalf.

For more information or to make contact please visit The Celtic Trust website

Your vote gives you a voice….please use it

Hail, Hail

2 thoughts on “Use Your Vote At The AGM

  1. Hi Wullie

    Been on a wee break in Donegal and have been playing catch up. I have the jist of the voting issues and would agree that a yes is a must. On the one issue, Celtic have been unjustifiably silent and that is no longer acceptable, not just, as you have said, for Celtic but for the whole game. As for the wages issue, I personally find it disgusting that a club with our ethos, with a fundamental commitment to justice and decency, should act so discriminately and unfairly. In essence it contradicts everything that Bro. Walfrid stood for and what is meant to be at the very heart of why Celtic were formed. It has the potential to contribute to the very evils of poverty and inequality that were the reasons for bringing it into existence in the first place. I am heartily disgusted, especially since I went to Ballymote to see the the Bro. Walfrid memorial plaque. Had I known these things then, I would have hung my head in shame. This must be changed.

    Nice to be back and will do my catching up over the next few days.

    H H

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