Virgil van Dijk – What a player we have here

1997557_w2With so many years not having the best central defence in the World, we now have so many options, Lustig, Ambrose, Mulgrew, Mouyokolo when he is fit and Virgil Van Dijk

A lot of credit must be given to Lennon on what he has done here, from day one he seen we were leaking goals and any good manager does the right thing with his team, he makes them hard to score against. I don’t think Lennon felt Wilson would leave and probably would have pushed Ambrose into a defending midfield position, but as a pair they are doing well, Ambrose is very comfortable on the ball, very relaxed, too relaxed for me sometimes, but he is a top player who just helped his national side wide a major trophy

But Virgil Van Dijk, WOW, this is the best defender I have seen since the likes of Myallby and Balde, he is a class player who we signed from FC Groningen for £2.6 Million, that is a steal, we should have just stolen the boy. This lad is 23 years old, very young for a centre half and it looks like he may be going to Brazil with Holland, his displays in the Champions League have been superb and for such a young kid, we know he is only going to get better. He is cultures, he can play with the ball at his feet, he can beat a few men and get forward, superb in the air, reads the game well, like any player he has things to improve on, but what Lennon has bought here through help from his head scout is pure talent and potential

All we need now is a striker of equal quality. I can see where Lenny is going with this squad, and every year we are improving a bit more. There will idiots who want to have a go and not see this, but step back and ask if Lenny hasn’t done a better job each season he has been here than the previous manager. What Lenny is doing here is building a fantastic squad, and if he keeps signing players like Van Dijk, we won’t be going too far wrong.

Lennon and his signing policy has worked well, not every player has came in and done well, but no manager will sign the best player every time. Lenny’s average is as good as anyone’s

Virgil Van Dijk I gave man of the match to at the final whistle in my live commentary against Ajax and my match report, the kid is impressing more and more, this lad is going to be something else. If he can get international football while at Celtic, he may stay for a very long time, here is hoping


4 thoughts on “Virgil van Dijk – What a player we have here

  1. As much as I agree Van Dijk has been impressive of late, don’t hype the lad up too much and make the mistake the English media make all too often. Good young player with great potential but a few champions league appearances doesn’t make you a world beater. Give him time to develop. As for Mouyokolo, pish in my opinion.

    1. Exactly what I said in the blog Paddy

      “what Lennon has bought here through help from his head scout is pure talent and potential”

      That is all he is just now, BUT, if he keeps getting better, we will have a World Class CB on our hands.

      Time will tell I guess

      Cheers for the comment


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