Review the Act Now!

Review the Act Now!

Published on Tuesday 29th October, 2013 by Celtic Trust 

Let’s make it an issue for them

Despite the Offensive Behaviour Act being supported only by the governing party members, there has been a marked absence, with a few honourable exceptions, of MSPs of other parties pushing to have this legislation reviewed and hopefully repealed.  The legislation had, when passed, a review period built in.  It is due to be repealed at the end of the 2014-15 season.  With a marked acceleration of young people being arrested in the past few weeks we simply cannot wait that long.  We need to have this illiberal and unworkable Act reviewed and repealed at the earliest opportunity.

Today, Fans Against Criminalisation is launching a new campaign (via the Celtic Trust website) to ask our elected representatives to make a concerted effort to push for an early review.

This is a call for fans of all clubs, who we know have been subjected to the unjust type of policing engendered by this Act and for people who are not football fans but who don’t want otherwise law-abiding young people victimised and criminalised as they have been over the past two years.

The set-up is very simple.  Just put in your postcode and the system will generate an email to all your MSPs calling on them to push for a review of the Act.  There is also an extra part function which allows you to email Alex Salmond, Roseanna Cunningham, Kenny McAskill and Christine Grahame from wherever you are in the country and, indeed, the world.

Let your representatives know today and in the coming weeks – Kill the Bill!

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