TCN Movember Appeal

TCN Movember Appealjohn hartson foundation

For The John Hartson Foundation

Welcome to this years TCN Movember Appeal for the John Hartson Foundation. Last year you helped us raise over £300 for the Oscar Knox Appeal. This year with your help we would like to try and raise that sort of money again for the John Hartson Foundation.

As you all know the ‘movember’ challenge is to grow a moustache but we would like to make it a wee bit different this year. Instead of simply growing a mouser I will be growing the lot. On October 31st I will shave my entire facial hair off including my head ,so on 1st of November I will be totally bald. Everyday on the front page of the site I will publish a picture of it all growing back in. From mid November that should give you a good laugh because my hair grows in like a vase of flowers 🙂 . Also I can’t wait to see the look on peoples faces on Saturday at Paul Larkin’s Glasgow book launch 🙂 .

So basically on the first of November I shall resemble an egg with eyebrows ! If I’m scary looking enough I might rent myself out for house haunting 🙂 .

So if you would like to sponsor me as well as having a good laugh please visit my page on Just Giving.


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