Christine Grahame MSP – Everything That’s Wrong With Politics

Christine Grahame MSP – Everything That’s Wrong With Politics

As you know the Celtic Trust and FAC have been active in asking people to email their MSP’s to call for an early review of the Offensive Behavior At Football and Threatening Communications ACT. If you don’t know about it or have not yet sent an email then go HERE. It will take you around 30 seconds to complete the process.

Christine Grahame MSP Convener of the ‘Justice’ Committee and flag waver of this appalling act sent the following email to an individual who was following legitimate democratic procedure by raising their concerns about the act.

christine grahame email
Christine Grahame would prefer football fans to just shut up and know their place.

I think that any ‘reasonably minded’ person would find this reply both patronising and offensive. Myself and everyone else who have emailed their MSP’s are doing so for a reason. We feel on the whole that not only is this act not fit for purpose if it is meant to tackle sectarianism but as we have seen recently it is an attack on freedom of speech. If freedom of speech is to be sacrificed at football matches how long will it be until it is curtailed in society as a whole. Grahame uses ‘desperate constituents who need housing’ as a stick to beat the individual who emailed her. Without freedom of speech how are people in Scotland going to stand up for people who are desperate for housing, the NHS and fight the Bedroom Tax ?

If allowed self centered career politicians like Christine Grahame will drive a coach and horses through the democratic process to create thier own little fiefdom. If you need any proof of that then just think about how this act was railroaded into law. It would appear from Grahame’s reply that in her and her parties view is that football supporters have less democratic rights than people looking for housing or whichever social need she want to champion tomorrow. This is an utter disgrace and smacks of everything that is wrong in politics. Football supporters are not asking to be treated preferentially over anyone else in societ. We just want our voice and opposition to this crass act heard.


Rant Over !

By the way, check oot our shaved wullie  🙂

2 thoughts on “Christine Grahame MSP – Everything That’s Wrong With Politics

  1. Wullie

    If she is an example of the standard of government Scotland can expect from independence, there is a strong argument for sticking with the idiots you know even if one leaves his kid in a pub and another is a simply a blond big-mouth. I hope this crazy law and those who are behind it get their comeuppance as quickly as possible.

    H H

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