Celtic snatch a point against United as we head to Holland (Mulgrew Goal Video)


Last gasp Mulgrew claws a point back for Celtic
Last gasp Mulgrew claws a point back for Celtic

Today we were missing several players and playing with a few players injured or unfit, with Ajax up next Lenny made few changes for this, if any, they were forced changes

The match started slowly back and forward from goalkeeper to goalkeeper was the bore fest that was the first 20 minutes. United did well in possession, our tactics early on seemed to be long ball to Balde or over the top to Balde, to be fair it never worked, Balde can score and he has pace, but he needs a lot of work done on his first touch.

I wouldn’t give a man of the match to anyone today, I don’t think anyone deserves one, Van Dijk again saved us a few times, Lustig when he came on added some fire power and width of the right, Mulgrew did ok, but Brown and Ledley were very poor today, missing 5 yard passes, running with the ball and miss-controlling it, we never got going in the first half till United scored on 38 minutes when Stuart Armstrong scored, driving at the Celtic defence and rolling the ball past Fraser Forster.

At half time I am gathering the general thinking was “We could only get better” Lennon tried a few different tactics in the second half, bringing on Pukki for Balde, Pukki started his Celtic career like a dream, but now seems to be struggling with the pace and strength of the Scottish game.  He got a shot away with 20 minutes to go, but way past the post, Derk Boerrigter came on for Ledley also, but perhaps with a view to midweek, he did little, but never really had the time or chances to do so

A big thing I noticed today was when we had the ball wide, neither Stokes or Pukki were busting their backside to get into the box, the wingers with Mulgrew and Izzy in the left and Lustig and Forrest on the right got into some good crossing areas, but when they looked up there were no strikers in the box, at times nobody in the box, this is a HUGE issue just not for Lenny and the side, I don’t know if this is how the players are being told to play, but if you have a striker who is a 6 yard box player, you play him there, this is what Pukki is, today we huffed and puffed, we should have been 2-0 down when a United player missed an open goal, so a point we take, was it good to the eye? Not really, but we are Celtic supporters, we remain faithful

In the end, with 2 and a half minutes of the added 3 played and looking like a 1-0 defeat, our never say die attitude came to us again, why do we leave it late? Mulgrew got on the end of a brilliant cross and headed the ball to the goalkeepers left for 1-1 and a draw in the end was fair. We know we can do better. But we look at the positives today, we were missing a ton of players, we are still unbeaten, we are still in the Champions League, we have Ajax to look forward in midweek

We don’t lose faith with our team, we support and although today was disappointing, we take it and we move on, every side gets injuries, sadly for us we have a few. Do we have enough strength and depth within the squad? Well that is a blog for another day.

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Mulgrew Goal:

2 thoughts on “Celtic snatch a point against United as we head to Holland (Mulgrew Goal Video)

  1. Hi Shaun

    Thanks again for the comprehensive summary. I have not seen the game yet but listening on CTV I felt we had a bad day at the office. I am not quite sure why or how but it sounded like one of those games when nothing goes for you and you seem unable to do anything to change it. My worry, and I guess in the end we were lucky for it not to be so, was we would not score in a thousand years even if, like the Utd. player, we had an open goal. As you say, it is one of those occasions when you count the few or perhaps even one blessing that you get and move on. I have no additional concerns about Ajax because of this game. Just as Europe is never an indicator for domestic performances, so today tells us little or nothing about how we will play on Wednesday. The result could act as a spur just as much as a downer.

    Thanks a lot, again. I am away to take another look at my reflection on Wullie’s shiny napper 🙂

    H H

    1. PMSL @ I am away to take another look at my reflection on Wullie’s shiny napper 😀

      Yeah it was an odd game, we huffed and puffed, we really do miss Commons for games like this. This was a game Commons would have added something between the midfield and very strange forward 2 set-up, they are both hardly in the box. Pukki, all the video’s I have watched is a poacher, with us, he is 30 yards from goal, plays it wide, cross comes in, he is not in the box. That is a worry.
      We missed host of players today. “fingers crossed” the defence don’t get any more injuries.

      And I agree, this will have no bearing on the Ajax game. This is different game, different mindset, and I think we will be stronger on the night, player wise…

      Hope your weekend is good Arthur

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