Thoughts on how the Celtic are doing 126 years on

What league would you rather be playing in?
What league would you rather be playing in?

What we have become in 3 seasons under Lennon. Like everyone I go through Celtic forums and sites and sometimes I get confused with people. I know this is rich coming from me, but read on, let me explain where I am coming from. I aim to offend nobody, unless of course you want to be offended, in that case, there is not a lot I can do.  I am a Celtic man through and through; my love for this club is as high on my list of things I love at the same level as my family that is what being a Celtic fan means to me. We are all a big family

We have become a massive global brand, and it’s getting bigger


So Family can be honest yeah? We can fight, argue, but in the end we remain part of a unique set of fans who have been awarded by UEFA for being some of the best fans in the WORLD, I think this speaks volumes for us as fans, we just want to enjoy the unique experience being a Celtic fan brings, it is a rollercoaster existence, but ask yourself, would you have it any other way? The answer is, depends what you see as success on the park, this is all this blog is about, the team and how we are as a team on the park

I am seeing Celtic fans question Neil Lennon, where we are as a club, certain players, and some are even angry at certain things. This is allowed opinions are what make the football World go round. Without opinions, brilliant places like TCN and the like would not exist, so opinions are a great thing

For what it matters mine is one of thoughtfulness right now. I don’t get some fans views on where we are right now. We are punching high above our weight. Sure bad days come, but good days are here also, we beat Barcelona, and we just beat Ajax! What exactly are we moaning for 😀

Look where we are, I can see this last years, we are now a BIG club

I see a team FULL of brilliance right now. Forster in goals is a young lad, he makes mistakes, but he seems to get a hard time for a small mistake, but does he get the credit he deserves for saving us? I don’t know. Our defence right now you can almost pick with ease. In Lustig we have a Swedish International player who is not fazed by big games like Ajax tonight, for players of his standard and experience, this really is the norm for Lustig. Ambrose just played in and won the African Nations Cup with his Country, again, tonight won’t bother him, I mean nervous, he won’t be. Izzy also, a proven international player who plays all over the World, these lads won’t go into tonight’s game  scared or put off. We as  fans MUST be thankful we have this. Now Van Dijk! We have a player here, he is young, he is Dutch, but this kid can play, we have a superb player here. So that is the defence, we have to, as a support be happy Lennon and the club pay these big wages to this breed of player, calm and assured, who are human and make mistakes. Look back to Tony Watt’s goal against Barcelona, who made the mistake leading to the Watt’s goal? Yeah, a WORLD CLASS PLAYER!

This is exactly where we are today

The midfield, Ledley a Welsh international player, a young lad who will and is improving, a big game player in the making, remember his header against Rangers, there is proof what he can do. Kayal, this is a player we had a good look at, then Wanyama came along and we seen little, now we are seeing his best again, remember the last Ajax game, his last gasp challenge to stop the player going 1 on 1 with Forster, that challenge was as good to us as a goal would be, then he gets a bit of luck and scores, he is coming back to the Kayal we all loved. Captain Scott Brown, he has matured into a VERY good player.

imagesUnder Lenny and is a good Celtic captain. He showed he still needs to learn with his sending off in the Champions League, he said himself it was stupid, but is improving, and when he plays, we are better with him. Forrest, now many give this kid a hard time. Look at how he handled the penalty he scored against Ajax after the wait, very mature, and not to forget his winning goal got us to the Champions League, he is playing injured, but this kid will be something. Samaras, now look back three years, booed a lot and a player nobody bothered much about if he wasn’t in the starting 11, look now, a HUGE player for us now. Again a vastly experienced player who plays at a high level for club and country, his confidence these days is just something. Keep in mind the best players in the World are not brilliant every game. Sammy even has his own shampoo advert on TV back in Greece, this is how his country views him, a big player. Commons is a favourite of mine, he has it all, his best position is a free role just behind the striker, he links play up all over the park, left , right, back and forwards and is capable of scoring, this lad, for me is one of our best players. He plays with his head up and is just a superb player. Stokes just signed a new 3 year deal, his attitude is night and day to what it was and I think Lenny has had a massive influence on Stokes. Stokes is like all the players below, he isn’t fazed by big nights for club or country. He will improve,  again like the rest he is young and hitting his prime.

Pukki I like, but I think he is struggling with league football here in Scotland, he said it himself, it is far more physical that the German league were he did very well in. Derkarticle-2382417-19B9CF43000005DC-191_634x416 Boerrigter, there is a player in there somewhere, he just needs games and I think he will come good, like Pukki, both have played on the biggest stages in world football, they are good experienced players, I believe both will come good, it can take a while to get used to a new club and team and how it plays, and also to a new Country and culture. Some players do it quicker than others. Even the world’s best players can take a while to get going

So that is my take on the squad we have. I missed a lot of fringe players out like Balde who we can all see is coming along well, he can score, but one Lenny is working on well. Rogic who we can all see can be decent. Bison we have seen in small parts but the early signs are good, he is a good international player, again playing at a high level at 21’s level for his country, he is just a young man at 22, these players need time to adjust and also work to get into the side.

1840682_w2So what do some fans see as the problem? Sure we need a striker still, but Lenny knows this, he also said as much. But he also said “There were no players we seen who we thought were good enough and the ones we did see and like did not want to come to Scotland to play” So he is realistic about dealing in the transfer market. I am glad that as a club we take our time and get the right players, Lenny I think has learnt players like Bangura are too much of a financial gamble for us. And also keep in mind we don’t have the finances people think we do. We can afford good wages for players like Lustig and afford to give players like Ambrose new contracts. All in we are doing brilliant for a huge club who are at a disadvantage financially when it comes to the real TOP level, but we STILL manage to beat and compete against sides from the very highest level, and we can all see the team Lenny is building here, he isn’t finished yet, he knows we need an attacking midfielder and a striker BADLY, but 10/10 Lennon for getting us to where we are now with the finances he has and injuries he has had to cope with. As a club, from the boardroom, to our chief scout to Lenny and his team and the players, we are in brilliant shape. Sure we need to improve, but we will. We need to give Lenny and the club time to find the right players. Many don’t want to come to Scotland, so as a club we fight against this.

As a club, I personally think we are in a fantastic place and in wonderful shape, let’s rejoice and be happy we have what we have, others don’t have this 😀 Some will talkCeltic-Pre-Season-Schedule-2013-2014 about off-field issues and rightly so, some will want to write about another club, fair enough. I just want to write about my team. Others are doing hard writing about things they feel are unjust, and I say well done and keep it going. As long as we stay one, we will go forward quicker as a unit



Lets be happy at where we are headed. Least we are heading somewhere ;-)
Lets be happy at where we are headed. Least we are heading somewhere 😉

Lenny as a manger we all say “In Lennon we trust” We all must trust the man for real. Many will say “He should have played this player or that player” Lenny will know what players can handle the big time and what players can’t, all good manager at big clubs, managers who actually know what they are doing, Lenny will know who he can trust to be playing for a World Giant. We are that kind of club and only special players with a good attitude will make it here. We also have a lot of youth coming through. The future is bright, the future is green………



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