The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals

agressive police
No it’s not the Police protecting us from Ajax hooligans…

The SNP Government & Police Acting Like Criminals

From the start let me make this perfectly clear. I am not writing this on behalf of FAC, The Celtic Trust or any other fan body. This is my personal view.

The email campaign ran over the past two weeks calling for an early review of the  Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012, seems to have caused a bit of a stir., in a positive manner. It is clear from MSP’s replies that all except the SNP are in favour of an early review and I would go as far to say getting it scrapped.

Unfortunately the SNP government seem to be totally against the wishes of the majority of people in this country. They are now the ones who appear to be acting like criminals along with the Police, determined to undermine democracy and the wish of the people. On this matter they are acting like a tin pot dictatorship.

Below is what appears to be part of the’party’ reply to emails from SNP MSP’s

There is a statutory obligation on the Scottish Government to report to Parliament on the operation of the Act’s offences over two full football seasons. The Scottish Government fully intends to fulfil that obligation and steps are already underway to collect the evidence necessary to inform that report to Parliament.

So this SNP government are prepared to wait for 2 full seasons before a review while in the mean time young football fans are being subject to police harassment and operations that the East German Stasi would have been proud of ! Young people and adults who for the most part are not involved in any criminal activity are being criminalised by a law and a Police force who appear to be relishing and abusing theses new powers.

Dawn raids, camera’s stuck in peoples faces, families upset, jobs put on the line, court appearances, covert and overt surveillance, fans intercepted at airports while returning from family holidays. These things are happening right now. It is wholly unacceptable for this SNP government to let this continue.

In fighting against an early review of this act it is the SNP government who are behaving like criminals by undermining freedom of expression and the democratic will of the people. Keep up the pressure for an early review of this draconian act and remind the SNP government that sectarianism does not begin and end at football matches.

Rant over !

Below is an edited video of the Justice Committee discussing an early review.

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