Brought it all on themselves !

‘Brought it all on themselves’.

Celtic played Ajax of Amsterdam over two legs..

Celtic won the home game but then lost in Amsterdam.

Right that’s enough about football……..more importantly the Celtic fans themselves took a beating at both.

Not to worry though, it’s said the cameras caught it all.

At least it’s a good job the fans cameras did, although that didn’t for a second stop the Scottish media from firing poison tipped harpoons before they even attached a proper line.

Yes, suddenly usually silent reporters, pundits, press heroes or whatever they’re called nowadays who have been reported missing time and again on other pressing issues such as Sevcogate, sprung into action to make sure the Celtic support were painted in as bad a light as possible, all before a fact had been gathered and with no consideration whatsoever for the glowing reputation of the best behaved fans the World over.

In my own opinion they couldn’t wait to put another kind of boot in as if these fine supporters hadn’t taken enough of a kicking already.

It appeared to me an even up the scores type of reporting.

You see according to them, poor Sevco well documented as the bad guys of Scottish football have wallowed in abject misery for far too long whilst Celtic progress on to enjoy the juicy fruits of that old firm freedom.

It was simply a reminder of the old, ‘Your as bad as each other’ diatribe, it sells, it pays, to them it makes sense.

The old firm package must remain, after all it’s vital to the Scottish economy, vital to the press industry & vital to advance old rivalries as still relevant at every turn.

It is clear though thanks to more reliable sources, the fans themselves, that extreme provocation of Celtic fans within a two-week Champions league period was allowed to continue and then spill over in Amsterdoom.

Sarcastic shock horror at this point is not acceptable if then a few Celtic fans might have reacted in defence of themselves or other victims, especially when you consider the people tasked with their protection actually waded in in the fashion of the casual hooligans they are meant to seek out, by indulging in a piece of the boot swinging action themselves.

Yes fortunately for the rest of us cameras did capture events, fortunately not only the official ones either.

It seems it’s favourable now to allow actions or dastardly deeds to take place.

The camera is now the science fiction version of the street bobby but as yet it can’t dismount the walls and actually prevent stuff in a robocop fashion.

Too bad for the victims at the scene or the time isn’t it.

Rest assured we are told, cameras will make sure they (the assailants) are held to account at a later date.

‘That’s a comfort eh, better late than never I suppose, unless of course one is so much of a victim one might already be dead’.

Filming scenes as they happen then making arrests many weeks or months later is apparently preferable to taking action at the time as a crime prevention method one might assume.

Does serve come before protect ?

Unless of course it’s a roll of honour song, a law-abiding peaceful walk/march/demonstration to a game or some other alleged and particularly Celtic infringement.

An offensive behavior bill was recently designed in Scotland to focus on what .?

It has to be asked and answered, for most Celtic fans at least, see it as proof of a long-standing double standard and that is why the early review is being called & demanded.

These (requests / demands) are indeed predominantly from Celtic fans and there are reasons why that should be.

They see it as and have a fair argument that it is, unfairly targeting them.

Fans against criminalisation is about all fans but it seems that all fans are not feeling the brunt of the new laws anywhere near the same as those of Celtic.

The Scottish media of course have a huge part to play in all of this, on this occasion in Amsterdam they were already having a field day even as a clearer, truer picture was taking shape.

Celtic fans were already being posted as villains of the piece rather than victims, as differing facts poured in by the minute from those at that moment hiding in doorways to escape baton wielding assaults, vicious dog attacks or physical assaults from casually dressed officers as confused about their role it seems as the victims where of who was actually attacking them.

Pictures never lie they say, but don’t tell the Scottish main stream media that for if they waited on facts the scoop or exclusive fantasy opportunity might be gone. ‘There goes a promising career in a puff of blue smoke’.

The worrying thing is that the media reporting on these Amsterdam events, wrongly reported so many times, might have a strong bearing on the offensive behaviour bill review recently postponed for a fortnight for comments, opinions and statements from those that invented it to begin with.

I’m no expert or system analyst, but I could have a right good guess on those coming replies.

The media reporting, the Scottish media especially, desperately trying to paint Celtic fans as villains of the piece, a perception that could well be used by those with a mind to, as a tool or device to resist an early review. A timely and handy excuse in other words.

I’m now waiting on the ‘Let’s leave it for the scheduled two years’ referendum passing, reply.

In Scotland Celtic fans over many years have become used to such selective reporting, they know it’s nothing new.

We all remember ‘lest we forget# Neil Lennon’s fairly recent treatment, after all ‘he like the rest of us, brought it on himself’.

I guess it’s thought that all connected to Celtic do ‘bring it on themselves’ or would that opinion simply be seen as our old friend ‘paranoia’ getting in the way of another good media story. It’s the blatant bias now on show that’s the most galling thing about it for me.

For example, that ‘Fenian bastards’ banner shown at the stadium the other night, a banner that should be as offensive as any racist chant, only became newsworthy after Celtic fans using bampottery refused to let it go unanswered and so they flooded social media with it.

They forced it to the forefront, prodding an uninterested media into action then forcing an all but impotent Uefa, into removing blindfolds and pulling well manicured fingers from their ears.

It surely has to be asked why In Scotland, ‘show Racism the red card’ admirable though it is, is seen as the biggest issue to be addressed, yet Sectarianism hardly warrants any official mention ?.

In my experience in Scotland sectarianism is by far the bigger issue.

Sectarianism should have a special card passed around and held aloft too, don’t you think ?.

What about a media campaign given the same coverage ?

Of course I also think that both Sectarianism & Racism could be one and the same, depending on which minority or ethnicity one might hail from.

It amazes me that there are still some Celtic fans who purchase and read these propaganda filled Scottish rags, scour over fantasy columns or listen to one-sided radio waffle or indeed watch television news channels which time and again appear completely missing fair balance.

Perhaps though hopefully, not for too much longer .

Bampottery on social media is now telling all one needs to know on a whole variety of issues, not just what someone else wants you to believe.

The constraints on people knowing what is really happening are slowly being removed. Social media are that information freedom.

It also has to said that Uefa as a governing body seem most proficient only at stumbling from one issue to another with no sense of direction at all.

As far as Scottish football is and has been concerned, they are an abject failure.

Two weeks ago at Celtic park official camera’s caught all the dastardly deeds as seats were ripped up and urine and missiles were thrown causing injury, but as yet they, the camera’s (robocops) have still to climb down off the walls and do something about it.

Proper policing and stewarding in modern-day Scotland it seems is completely reliant on technology rather than a swift hands on action at the time of an event. Not in the Amsterdam fashion though I have to add.

We are told there’s an ongoing investigation and a review still happening.

Well anybody else think that all these inquiries, investigations, reviews etc etc etc are just buck passes ?

The popular response to everything and anything questioned nowadays from the politician and the rest is..

Investigation, survey, poll, inquiry,  blah blah blah.. All at plenty cost.

Perhaps if they did act as things happened and as they witness them, especially back then at Celtic park, the wee escort to the airport and the ‘your just a naughty boy’ hand of friendship, might have been refused to those tearing up the place in favour of making sure the same louts didn’t have the possibility of recreating similar or worse scenes on their own patch.

There are some Celtic fans charged and still held in Amsterdam and that seems to me atrocious and utterly damning to the wheels of justice, considering notice was served by the thugs that tore up Celtic’s stadium and shat on our authorities.

Any reasonable person taking that into account could not possibly fail to see that they ‘Celtic fans’ are the victims of inaction and of a missing legal protection.

The chances I would say are very good that the same thugs who visited Celtic park enjoyed a second leg match up, free to cause what ever happened part two.

It’s those that should have been locked up not allowed home with a fond farewell to carry on where they had left off.

Celtic supporters are now the casualties of those inaction’s. The robocop camera’s that captured it all on film, the subsequent inquiries reviews and the rest, can’t help those now facing jail in a place where banners have shown their bias towards them.  Very rough sense of justice indeed.

Celtic fans were allowed to visit that return leg believing the Celtic park scenes to be a one-off as arrests were not made. It all seemed and was portrayed by our own media as much ado about nothing, only then to be beaten once again and probably by some of those same characters but with the added bonus of some casually dressed friends to assist them for good measure.

You see these Amsterdummies managed to invade Celtic park, trash it, damage supporters & stewards and then hoist the middle finger to an entire nation.

But in the Scottish blame game fronted by a Scottish media agenda, those victimised Celtic fans, just like Neil Lennon, ‘brought it all on themselves’.



Contentious Pest

7 thoughts on “Brought it all on themselves !

  1. Brilliant read mate, I am also sick of this “Brought it on themselves” shit, Lennon got it also as you say. WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA, So it is up to EVERY Celtic media platform to tell the truth. I say fuck the Main Stream Media, they won’t change. Let Celtic Media take over and truth be told there. Shit it has to be that way, but the Media and Political puppets are Anti-Catholic/Celtic. It may change one day, but for now, WE have a duty to report it. Without anger, without dropping our ways to HUN ways. We are better than that. Let us tell our stories and sing our songs in peace.

    Brilliant Wullie

  2. Great article but unfortunately it’s preaching to the converted. The media and anti Celtic attitude isn’t going to change sometime soon. In relation to the banner incident, it’s shocking how it was ignored by UEFA, had it been a banner slogan with deformation of the Muslim or Jewish faiths you can be rest assured this would be printed all over the media and UEFA would looking for heads to roll. So is it ok to have a pop at the “Fenian” brigade, in UEFAs eyes sure it was only a joke.

  3. hi guys the media are a shower of arseholes. we know what they are like always have been always will be.. when i started to follow the celts i was a mere 5 year old taken by my brother to pardise for the first time and that was 61 years ago.. i can remember the poils jumping into the crowd a taking the irish flags from supporters and even arresting some.. so nothing has changed over the years although we can be proud that Sir Robert Kelly stood up to the powers that be when threatened to close down Celtic Park if He did not remove the Tricolour.. He more or less said GIRUPU SFA..but i agree social media is great to get the message across.. i for the life of me cannot understand why Celtic minded people but the rags on sale.. they would not make good fish paper.. i certainly dont buy them since the newcastle headlines in the rectum..

    1. Well said James, I think our own media should be shouting this as loud as possible. The CORRECT voices on the correct sites. And don’t drop it. We should pressure the board (Not in a bad way) We are a peaceful people. I think we should never show anger, it puts us in a bad light (Not that it matters for the main stream media) But if we keep carrying ourselves as we are and up the media on this from our own support and our sites. If anything we know the truth. As said, very little chance things will change. the Celtic supporters in the Media have had their voice taken away to our injustices and all we have are BITTER, ANGRY MEN who want to stick the boot in. We smile back and report it ourselves. Our social media is expanding, let it expand more, shout it from the rooftops.

      Just my 2 pence, lol
      Hope everyone had a good weekend


  4. As u have all said nothing diffrent i’m 56 my self & all the hate for CELTIC people is rong it’s suppose to be agaist the law to be anti-CATHOLIC prejudge everyone as Catholic accordind to the Establishment but as wee all know CELTIC SUPPORT comes from every walk of life & are more than wecome Regards. The well name DAM as foreners thier should be somthing done about the lies assaults from the esatablishment what were our police doing over thier The moderen day shows how bad the bios is all the evadnce thier but noting done about it .Wish CELTIC would Move out off Scotland all the Prove is thier HH KTF

  5. CP

    Sorry to be reading this article so late. It is a fine summation of the whole media come political propaganda programme, one that the champion of underhandedness, Churchill himself, would have been jealous of.

    I might just add that the behaviour of the Ajax fans should have been no surprise unless you ignore history and the quite deafeningly mute criticisms of UEFA. These fans have been reported along with not a few from other countries for their disturbing actions both at home and abroad for quite some time now with little or no reaction from the relevant governing bodies nor the highly primed, on their toes media hacks. Parkhead should have been the flashing light that signalled what was in store in Amsterdam where red lights should not have been simply indicators of places to have a good night out. I know it is almost impossible to ask folk to stay away and not to give in to these thugs as it seems like submission on the one hand and curtailing of liberty on the other. However, sometimes sacrifice is the wisest and certainly is usually the safest way of avoidance. It was definitely no surprise to me that the events of last Wednesday took place and were instigated by hoodlums both inside and outside law enforcement. History does have a habit of repeating itself. This sort of violent war mongering by supporters and brutal policing by suspiciously spurious representatives of law enforcement has existed in Dutch football for a long unreported time and it is guaranteed it would have remained so if the media, and in particular the Scottish media (if that is a true description of that insidious propaganda machine), had not skydived at the chance to “lay into” Celtic fans. For too long, the MSM has been unable, in its multiple “seek-to-slur-by-any-means” searchlights, to reveal even the slightest tarnish because Celtic fans are internationally respected for their impeccable behaviour. No, there were no surprises last Wednesday and there have been even less since.

    “Great article but unfortunately it’s preaching to the converted” K says. Very much so, K, but that must not mean we sit idly by and let it go unchallenged. As Shaun says in his comment, “for now, WE have a duty to report it.” It was the inability to do so in the past left us bereft of equality and justice; that left us downtrodden and second class for decades. Now we must all be Sir Robert Kellys. We must stand up for our good name and our coveted reputation at whatever cost and use every means at our disposal to debunk the drivel that is reported in the propaganda press. james mcgillin tells us how when he says, “i agree social media is great to get the message across”. This is so, so true, james, but when you say “for the life of me cannot understand why Celtic minded people but (buy) the rags on sale”, consider that to do battle one must know one’s enemy and understand his tactics. Unfortunately, that can entail much study of enemy drivel.

    Finally, I can but agree with vaticanbhoy when he states, “Wish CELTIC would Move out off Scotland all the Prove is thier HH KTF”. That looks like a distant dream for the moment. What I would wish for in the more immediate future is for the Celtic board to take a real and solid stance against the propagandists. It is time for directors to stand up for the fans. It is time for all of them to be Sir Robert.

    I thoroughly endorse all the positive comments about your article, CP. It is a quality piece of writing and a delight to read.

    H H

  6. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to post comments in reply, I do appreciate each and every one.

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