One’s Mourn is No One’s But One’s Own.

One’s Mourn is No One’s But One’s Own.

Tears flow.

Inner thoughts at war with outward expression, expressions of palpable anguish laid visible for all to see.

Dignified moments of personal sorrow give way to triumphant gait and financial gain.

This is now no fair remembrance but instead a celebration, chest out staunch defiance with little sign of deep regret.

A solemn statement, people treading emotions down deep inside a red carpet of notice, for it is hard not to notice such a force which must insist.

Melancholy itself drifts off in constant hypnotic flows across the news station & air-wave channel, to sell anew each full-page spread.

History now displayed in glorified grief, servant only to the full pomp of ceremony with a fanfare sound to blare in celebration such harrowing memory.

As exhibitionist’s takes centre stage, for many in quieter reflection, what truly matters is one’s own emotion.

It is all it means to self that matters, one’s personal grief.

Lost to spirit in a swift search of private moments is now the personal touch of chance celebrity.

Those few minutes to fame or shame with ‘look at me look at me’ for my tears are more real than real itself.

Indeed we all have lost, some much more than others, some prefer immersed a silent unseen observation.

Remembering one’s enemy has such losses too, without so much to show.

There is no need for spectacle or outward expression.

One’s inner thoughts are peace with self, no bigger show required nor seek demanded.

Sour memories of conflict creates new conflict with styles of forced respect is what remembrance is now become.

A pained expression will not suffice.

Respects for dead, hijacked by a living vibrant ego alleviate no pains of loss.

One’s mourn is no one’s but one’s own.


Contentious Pest

6 thoughts on “One’s Mourn is No One’s But One’s Own.

  1. Feel.a.bit embarrassed at time to my own lack of emotion. How could.i possibly respect a day that was orchestrated in the first place 11/11 @ 11 ?? The millions killed in a stupid pridefull war by upper class morons.Good men murdered in their millions by remarks of the ruling class. Now hijacked By at best the uncaring , and in parts of The UK by the dangerous . No longer about showing respect more about showing ones position.ethically .
    Remember all the dead from all the wars . HH

  2. An excellent blog.Our family were lucky enough to bring everyone home safe (although not mentally) from the two World Wars.My Great Grandfather came home from France to discover his wife had perished from Spanish flu.My family does”Remember”our own who lost their innocence due to War.Sadly fools have hijacked the true meaning of “Remembrance Day”and now use it as their own.
    I will still remember my family members who fought in the World Wars.
    We have no connection to other “conflicts”

  3. CP

    I am very moved. A beautiful tribute to those who died. No matter the cause, they died. And an exposure of the banality of the modern remembrance day. I have ever maintained thoughts, prayers and energies would be better employed in seeking peace, the real wish of all those ordinary folk whose lives were stolen either in the field or as “collaterals”. It is an annual embarrassment to witness the sham that is the glorification of violence under the guise of remembrance.

    “This is now no fair remembrance but instead a celebration, chest out staunch defiance with little sign of deep regret.”

    As powerful as anything I have read in Owen. Wonderful words.

    H H

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