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Something is Not Right Here

Walking through the streets I see starving children ,homeless people,you might think I was in a third world country…but no this is Glasgow 2013,the home of the 2014 Commonwealth games,with new stadia,athletes village and down the road football fans are bringing various assortments of food to foodbanks,now I am no political genius but something is not right here.

How much will the Commonwealth games cost? How much will the district council make?

How much will go back into the city to rid ourselves of the poor,hungry and homeless,I would like to think it would be a great amount,but my gut feeling is that very little of the profits will help these people,come 2015 the situation will still be the same if not worse.

Then there is the energy charges situation,people being forced whether to eat or heat…the word humanity seems to have left our vocabulary,what happened to people looking out for each other,now it seems to be…I’m alright,I’m 55 and fortunate enough to be in work at this time,but if you are a pensioner or on benefits,you have to make a choice about eating or keeping yourself and your children warm and safe.

I finish this short blog asking you to think of other people not as well off as yourself,do you know the difference a nod or a hello can make to a persons day,even week,take care everyone.

Dermot      @Dermo67

18 thoughts on “Something is Not Right Here – By @Dermo67

  1. I agree with your sentiments. I,m working but am struggling to make ends meet. Price of oil has went through the roof, how can anyone afford to keep warm let alone keep up with the price of food. My heart goes out to people caught up in poverty while the rich keep getting richer. Let’s hope it’s a mild winter.

  2. Like you I am 55 and in employment but so many are not as lucky. As a nation we have, mostly, become insular selfish in some cases. it’s hard to help outwith our own families because a lot of them are struggling too. We need to stand up and be counted. We need to challenge goverment practices. We need to learn to care again. For too long we have been downtrodden and have eventually allowed it to happen. They advertise the use of fodbanks as a great thing. I am so disgusted and embarrassed that in this day and age that they are a necessity. It shows how far down we have been kicked. We are meant to be grateful for crumbs from the rich mans garbage. Time to take some control back. HH x

    1. Your response is spot on,insular is a great description,wish I had used it..damn lol. Thanks for the response.

  3. I live in Falkirk and as long as I can remember I haven’t seen any homeless people but now the’re are about 3 its very sad that in this day n age where they can spend fortunes On parks roundabouts kelpies and other pish but leave people On the streets sad

  4. Well said Dermo mate…
    Humility takes but a second, anger and hatred take time and practice.
    I will give a homeless person a few quid if I can. We all should if we can. Real homeless people
    I had a chat about this the other night with a brilliant Edinburgh Tim you all know and we spoke about this. So great blog.
    Sadly nothing will change, it will be shitty propaganda and the young and old families will suffer as the men in suits make a few quid.
    On my personal blog I call this Corporate Greed. The only thing that will change this is if we all stopped paying and didn’t buy tickets for the Commonwealth games. The way I see it is there is ALWAYS a way to challenge injustice, sadly not enough people stand up at the same time..
    People moan but do nothing. Anyone with a blog has a platform to speak. So we must use our platform the best we can do get the message as many as we can. I was unaware of all this, hadn’t crossed my mind till I have a chat a few nights back.
    This is your platform, keep going, and lets see if you can get more that 3 comments (I am being serious here) to a story that thousands will be unhappy about, as I say, nobody stands up or speaks up, well not enough anyway, you started this blog. This is a place anyone who feels like we do that it is unjust can come into this blog and vent a little. This is what blogging is yeah? Opinions..

    Smashing read Sir

  5. I can’t see how games. Commonwealth or Olympics makes money. But C/wealth especially. Stack outgoings v Incoming. I think the real balance sheet against previous years would show its a PR exercise. And a shameful waste.

  6. Your right,it a disgrace that we have homeless and starving yet the millionaire MPs tell people to put an extra jumper on if you are cold.

  7. Short and to the point Dermot. A wonderful first blog. Knowing you as I do, your social and humanitarian concerns come as no surprise.Sadly society has in many ways become very “self-centered” We have become judgemental of the less fortunate in our midst rather than sympathetic and helpful to them.Good Government would be trying to eradicate poverty and homelessness.I suppose when you’re feathering your own nest,objectives like that become secondary.
    People like you Dermot are needed to help get us back on line.
    It might be your first blog mate,don’t let it be your last.
    Well done.

  8. Dermot

    I am playing catch up and have just now read your blog and comments.

    Boy, you take the human spirit to a level of discomfort so doggedly resisted by so many in today’s selfish world. How easily we have learned to shut our eyes to the deprivation around us. How readily we shut off from the cries for help. How comfortably we excuse ourselves by placing the blame firmly on the victims themselves or on someone else. The truth is, we all have and do play our part in creating the poverty of today. How many of us have NOT shared enough with those less fortunate? How many have chucked a copper or two into a poor box when a we could afford a few quid? How many can say they have NOT purchased goods processed by underpaid workers or those who do not earn a LIVING wage. Our own damned club have been asked to look at themselves on this score, for God’s sake. How many of us pass by the beggar or avoid the tramp with a string of excuses? I remember a story in the Big Issue many years ago. A female office worker told of a time she was walking along Clyde Street as she regularly did at lunchtime. As she passed a doorway, she saw the young man in his early twenties who had sat on the step every day for about a month or so. Each day he asked her for a few bob for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. Her reaction was always the same, to ignore him as she was convinced he would just spend any money she gave him on drink. Why? Well, she could simply tell by looking at him. He was unkempt, dirty and looked “rough”, an obvious drunkard, if not alcoholic. This particular day, once she had gone on a hundred yards or so from the young man, she stopped. Something made her give some thought to her actions through the weeks she had passed him. It came to her first of all she was judging this young man without any knowledge of him or his situation. Secondly, she decided that perhaps for this young man, the thing he needed most was a drink of beer and who was she to judge or deny him. So she turned around, went up to him and gave him a pound. He thanked her profusely and she left determined to give him the same each day from then on. As it turned out, he was not there the next day and, in fact, she never saw him again. That is a true story as told by the woman herself.

    The story stuck with me all through the years. Never judge either by looks or certainly without knowledge. Instead, have understanding and compassion and above all see others as you see yourself. I always imagined that one day I might be in that doorway. But the greatest impact it had on me was to make me more aware of the poverty and deprivation around me and the obligation to fight for fair distribution of wealth whenever and however I could. We Celtic supporters have opportunities galore right on our doorstep to help alleviate the plight of some of the needy through the multitude of charities associated both with the club and its supporters. My plea would be that where you can take your commitment a step further and challenge those whose waste, greed and selfishness are the cause of such inequality in our so called civilised, affluent society.

    H H

  9. More power to your pen Sir, Walfrid saw it all in 1887 and the welfare state has not yet eradicated poverty. I look forward to reading more of your writing. God Bless Tirnaog09

  10. I know where your coming from build big fancy velodrome and a new village for a new community but they got rid of the old community why ? had to make some profit and figure out how to spend the corruption money gave there friends the developers the tip of to buy the land and gave the ordinary buisness and working class familys nothing i was forced from my owned home of 35 years with nothing and im still fighting for justice why were we forced out our owned home for the commonwealth games and a legacy

  11. I completely agree with your comments and opinion. I have no problem giving aid to other countries, providing we do all we can for our own. Celtic do help and are expanding charitable work. It’s a start.
    Hail Hail.

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